The main defendant appears in the "helium case"

The Investigative Committee accuses the former head of the KRIOR Plant Vadim Udut of selling the helium production.
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Investigative Committee in Moscow was formally charged with abuse of power Udut Vadim - former head of Russia's largest producer of helium and Europe - "KRIOR" plant in Orenburg. According to investigators, he had in 2011 a secret from the other co-owners of the enterprise sold controlled company to his wife range of liquefaction of helium, which brought the main income "KRIOR", and then took it in her rent. The investigation has left Udut free under house arrest. The businessman pleaded not guilty.

A criminal case under Part. 1, Art. 201 of the Criminal Code ( "abuse of power") about the machinations around the helium complex was opened in October of 2013. Since then, the ex-CEO "KRIOR" Vadim Udut, who held the post from 1992 to 2011, was it the status of a suspect. April 14 TFR in Moscow showed him the official charges and elected a measure of restraint in the form of a subscription on his own recognizance.

Investigators believe that Udut illegally sold the plant for liquefying helium, brings "KRIOR" more than 80% of annual profits, Ltd. "Technology technical gas "(TSH), whose director was his wife, Marina Stashkevich. The deal amounted to 18.1 million rubles. According to investigators, the transaction Udut spoke on behalf of the enterprise, but it is not agreed with other shareholders.

The deal was for "KRIOR" serious operational and financial implications, because the company has lost ownership of three of the four existing plants for the production of helium.

The businessman believes the accusations unfounded.

- All relationships in the transaction are purely civil in nature, and no harm was caused not - told "Izvestia" lawyer Udut of the law office "Shabarin and partners" Denis Krasnov. - We believe that the purpose of the institution of proceedings is to destabilize the activity led them to enterprises and to put pressure on his position on the criminal case against members of an organized group under the leadership of chairman of the board of directors of JSC "Investment company" Magma "Vladimir Kurbatov, according to which" KRIOR "was recognized as the injured Sidedtion.

The criminal case of fraud on ten counts against including "KRIOR" against Vladimir Kurbatov and his other alleged accomplices are now already in the Preobrazhensky District Court of Moscow.

Udut Colleagues bound him in trouble with the internal corporate conflict in affiliated company "Geliymash". After a change of ownership in the company in 2011, disagreements arose between the old and the new top management, which represents the interests of the company "Magma".

NGO "Geliymash" is considered to be a major manufacturer of cryogenic equipment - air conditioners, chillers, cooling systems. "KRIOR" - its only supplier. It is known that for the first time in the history of Russia organized a large-scale commercial production of helium for the needs of the chemical industry. This inert gas after treatment can be used among other things in the industry, food industry, and nuclear power geology. The products are supplied to various enterprises in Russia and Europe. Thus, helium & LAQuo; KRIOR "is used in the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

According to SPARC, as in 2013. "KRIOR" owns 19.79% of the assets' Geliymash ". Vadim Udut holds a 18.97% stake, and his wife Marina Stashkevich - 9.7%. Thus, the aggregate assets, they are the largest shareholders of the corporation "Geliymash". "Geliymash" also has other attractive assets - real estate and land plots in Moscow. Since, according to the interlocutor of "Izvestia", Vadim Udut refuses to sell his share of the new shareholders, allegedly very interested in land plots in Moscow, a criminal case against intractable co-owner may be willing to buy into the hands of its partners to share.