The main killer of the Russian Federation released on bail in Austria

The European bureaucracy helped the crime boss.
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Aslan Gagiev relieved by the decision of the Land Court of Vienna from prison "Josefstadt" on bail of € 100 thousand. He was ordered not to leave the capital of Austria, and at the first request to come to court and prosecutor's office.

If the "authority" would violate the court's decision, the deposit will be converted to the state, and he was arrested again. However, do not rule out in Russian law enforcement agencies, which came out to freedom, Jacko went into hiding, writes "Kommersant".

In Russia, Georgia native Gagiev face life imprisonment. The investigation revealed that in the 2000s, previously convicted graduate of the IISH, used if documents Sergey Morozov name, organized crime, specialized in contract killings. First, a series of serious and very serious crimes were committed by militants Jacko in North Ossetia, where the community was based. The victims of killers became Deputy Prime Minister of the republic Kazbek Pagiev, Vladikavkaz Mayor Vitaly Karaev, a dozen local crime bosses, and MVD and the prosecutor's office, investigating crimes committed by members of the group.

Later hoursst militants relocated to Odintsovo. There, according to investigators, was organized by the most resonant of imputed Jaco crimes - murder in Moscow in September 2011, the first deputy general director of JSC "Finance Leasing Company" and the chairman of the board of directors of the shipbuilding group Wadan Yards Andrey Burlakov.

Headquarters groups Jacko in Odintsovo, law enforcement officers found the summer of 2014. It had been detained several participants killerskogo community, as well as a large arsenal of weapons. Once in jail, some members of the group began to cooperate with the investigation. Now only through killings, alleged henchmen Gagieva, passed for six decades.

Jacko was arrested the evening of January 17, 2015 near Vienna Central Station. For information on its intended location in the Austrian Federal Criminal Police transferred to the National Central Bureau of Interpol in Russia.

Earlier, Austrian courts decided to extradite him to Russia, and then - in Bulgaria, because when the arrest was found Gagieva false claimasport citizen of this country. As a result, the hearing was delayed more than a year, which allowed the "authority" to leave prison.

Russian Prosecutor General's Office will continue to seek the extradition of Jaco. In Vienna, additional documents on the case can be sent. Initially RF sought his extradition for the organization of six murders, and as they walked the extradition process, the number of alleged victims has grown Jaco exactly ten times.