The map of Maria Slezkina was beaten by Tuzov

Announced for bribery, the investigator of the TFR wants to return home.
As it became known to “Kommersant”, Maria Slezkina, an ex-investigator on particularly important cases of the management of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) in the Central District of Moscow, who fled to Ukraine, is trying to negotiate her return to her homeland. Mrs. Slezkina was arrested in absentia for extorting € 2 million from Murmansk fishery producer Yuri Tuzov, accused of kidnapping. The already completed investigation into the case of Mr. Tuzov himself was recently resumed at the request of his lawyers.

The Presnensky District Court of Moscow considered the petition of the metropolitan State Investigative Committee of the TFR about the arrest in absentia of the former investigator for particularly important cases of Maria Slezkina. According to investigators, the lieutenant of justice, having worked at her position for a little more than six months, arriving for questioning by investigating officer Yuri Tuzov in the Butyrka SIZO, demanded of him € 2 million. She promised to transfer the accused under house arrest, and in case of refusal threatened with new charges, as well as "put" his son for a long time. Through proxies, Mr. Tuzov was able to bring this information to the FSB. When trying to get a "doll" imitating a bribe, several people were detained. They were accused of fraud and arrested, and in relation to Ms. Slezkina herself, who managed to write a letter of resignation on her own will, a pre-investigation investigation began. Later, a criminal case was initiated against her about accepting a bribe on a large scale (part 6 of article 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), and the cases of her alleged accomplices retrained from fraud to mediation in giving a bribe (Article 291.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

The former investigator, as reported by “Kommersant”, was quickly able to obtain the status of a lawyer in North Ossetia, whom she, however, just as quickly lost, considering the best escape abroad, and is now in Kiev.

At the meeting of the Presnensky Court, lawyer Maria Slezkina opposed her arrest, insisting that the former investigator simply did not receive summons for an interrogation. However, the court did not have this influence. Especially since the girl was previously put on the federal and international wanted list.

Meanwhile, recently, Mrs. Slezkina, through her relatives, entered into negotiations with the investigators of the SSU SKR and FSB operatives, during which possible conditions for her return were discussed. To do this, according to some sources, she must admit her guilt and help the investigation uncover the entire corruption scheme. The FSB has evidence that the young investigator could act in the interests of their leaders. The latter, by the way, after the start of the internal check, refused to pass a polygraph examination.

In the meantime, the case of Yuri Tuzov himself could not reach the court. On the day of the correspondence arrest of the ex-investigator, Yuri Tuzov, who is under house arrest, and his lawyers were invited to the TFR SSU to sign a protocol on the end of familiarization with the criminal case materials, according to which he is accused of organizing the abduction of businessman Pavel Surin and extortion of him million rubles (Art. 126 and Art. 163 of the Criminal Code). However, the investigator announced that the investigation was resumed. It turned out that the GUS did decide to check the version of the defense about the possible staging of the abduction. Thus, the transfer of the criminal case to the prosecutor’s office for approval is postponed indefinitely.