The mayor of Makhachkala turned out to be terrorist

Said Amirov was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Today, the North Caucasus District Military Court issued a guilty verdict in the case of the former mayor of Makhachkala Said Amirov and his nephew ousted deputy head Kaspiysk Yusup Dzhaparov. They were convicted of preparing a terrorist attack using MANPADS against the head of department of Russian Pension Fund in Dagestan Sagid Murtazalieva and sentenced to long prison terms.

The Court followed the TFR admitted Said Amirov and Yusup Dzhaparov guilty of preparing to commit a terrorist act (Art. 1, Art. 30, para. "A" h. 2, Art. 205 of the Criminal Code), the organization of illicit trafficking of weapons and their storage (h. 3 Art. 33, ch. 2, Art. 222 of the Criminal Code) and complicity in illicit arms trafficking, committed by a group of persons by prior agreement (Art. 5, Art. 33, ch. 2, Art. 222 of the Criminal Code). Passed on the same episode as a suspect, former assistant prosecutor of Khasavyurt Magomed Abdulgalimov (collective farmer) in connection with the voluntary delivery of weapons from criminal responsibility has been released for another investigation.

According to the testimony of the collective farmers, who headed on to the investigators, the gang of killers, Said Amirov, in the presence of his nephew led negotiations with him in his office on the elimination of his political rival People's Assembly of Dagestan deputy branch manager of the Pension Fund of the Republic Sagid Murtazalieva. This policy, according to the investigation, could "prevent" Said Amirov "in influencing decisions of the authorities of Dagestan." In addition, a terrorist attack was not only to eliminate the "political opponents" Amirov and "influence the authorities in the country in decisions in which the mayor of Makhachkala was interested."

To get rid of a competitor, according to the testimony of Magomed Abdulgalimova, it was decided, by shooting down a plane with the deputy and the other passengers using a portable anti-aircraft missile system "Strela-2" and then write off the attack on the militants.

MANPADS, according to the case file, farmers bought for their own $ 150 thousand. Have not installed a consequence face, and then put it in a hiding place in a specially equipped Karabudakhkent district of Dagestan. Then he showed the "Arrow" YusupDjaparov, which brought to the place where hidden weapons.

Collective farmer was arrested for organizing a series of attacks and murders. After six months of detention, he told investigators about the impending attack, voluntarily surrendering cache with the "Arrow".

During the debate on the case of Said Amirov and his relative Dzhaparov state prosecution has requested for their 13 and 11 years penal colony respectively. The Court, noting that the ex-mayor of Makhachkala, a wheelchair (during one of the attacks, he was shot in the spine), and also has state awards, nominated him for ten years, and the former vice-mayor of the Caspian - eight and a half years in prison. Protection of convicts is going to appeal the verdict.

In turn, the official representative of the TFR Vladimir Markin said that in addition to preparing for a terrorist attack, Said Amirov accused of committing a number of other serious and very serious crimes, including the murder investigator Arsen Hajibeyov, who led one of the investigative department TFR Makhachkala. According to him, the reason for the murder was that Arsene Hajibeyov investigated the criminaltion case of misconduct of employees Makhachkala administration headed Amirov. The order for the killing, former mayor did gang farmers. The investigation revealed that the services of the group's Mayor Amirov resorted repeatedly. The criminal case of the murder of Arsene Hajibeyov is already at the final stage.

Why Said Amirov has claimed "Arrow"

Speaking in court, Said Amirov, went through the charges, noting first that does not consider himself or Yusup Dzhaparov involved in terrorism. "Bullshit! - Said the former mer.- I can not charge the nephew to buy MANPADS. I'm still conscious, why should I 60-year-old man to spoil the life of young people? Investigators were unable to come up with something poizyaschnee? ".

As a former mayor supported the rally

Rally in support of the dismissed mayor of Makhachkala Said Amirov accused of preparing terrorist attack and murder organization, which his supporters have tried to spend a Saturday in April 2012, was broken up by law enforcement officials. 22 people were dpresented to the police, they made administrative reports.