The Ministry of Agriculture has chosen three suppliers for cafes of Mikhalkov and Konchalovsky

Companies of restaurateur Arkady Novikov and the owner of the car dealer Avilon Alexander Varshavsky may become the suppliers of vegetables and greenery for a network of Russian fast food "Yedim doma!".
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Department of Agriculture (USDA) began to form lists of Russian producers, who could become providers of pilot cafe network "eat at home! "Nikita Mikhalkov and Andrei Konchalovsky in the Kaluga and Moscow regions. The participants of the group, which is working on a project, sent a letter with a list of agricultural companies, which the Ministry considers suitable for the supply of greens and vegetables for the new network.

While the list of only three companies: LLC "Agro-Invest" (Kaluga region, SEZ "Lyudinovo."), LLC "Agronomist" (Moscow Region, Gorki-10.) And CJSC "Matveevskoe" (Moscow region, village Vyrubova.. ). Deputy Director of the Ministry of Agriculture Ilya Ananiev RBC confirmed that these companies offered the group working on the project. It includes representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Economic Development, Industry and Trade, and Andrei Konchalovsky.

Three brave

At least two companies, proposed by the Ministry of Agriculture, are well known in the market, as well as their owners - a restaurateur Arkady Novikov and Alexander Varshavsky largest car dealer.

NovikovI began to develop their own agricultural project in 2002. His hothouse "agronomist", which the businessman is very proud of, is in Rublev village Gorki-10. Restaurateur became farmers bought greenhouses farm "Greenhouse complex", which is specialized in the cultivation of flowers. According to Novikov, the initial investment in the project amounted to $ 5 million, "If I knew from the beginning how much I like this idea would cost, I would have thought, it is necessary for it to undertake," -. Said the businessman, "Gazete.Ru" in 2005 year. - In principle, I consider the greenhouse in Gorki as a personal hobby, which should become a profitable business. " In greenhouses Novikov grown tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, eggplant, greens, and even melons. Initially, products intended for Novikov Group restaurants, but in 2005 a restaurateur has begun shipping to retailers in the metropolitan area.

The existence of the company "Agro-Invest" became known in April 2014. Then the "Vedomosti" newspaper learned that a major Russian car dealer - the company "Avilon" (owner of the groupMedia called Alexander Warsaw) is recruiting staff for its own agricultural project in the SEZ "Lyudinovo" in the Kaluga region. A month later, the solemn ceremony of launch of the project - the governor of the Kaluga region Anatoly Artamonov, laid the first stone in the construction of Russia's largest year-round greenhouse complex. Announced investments in the project amount to 13 billion rubles, the design capacity of the complex -. 70 thousand tons of vegetables a year.. The first products should arrive in stores in the first half of 2015. This year, the "Agro-Invest" planned to collect 10 thousand. Tons of vegetables.

This is now owned by "Matveevskoe" - is unclear. In 2004, more than 80% of the same name JSC bought Millhouse Capital, which manages assets of Roman Abramovich. This is the newspaper "Vedomosti", with reference to the disclosure of the most Millhouse, Abramovich's representatives did not deny the transaction. But now a businessman structures are not related to the former state farm, according to his spokesman John Mann. "It's not our company. Many years ago, we just bought the "Matveevskoe" 8 hectares of land adjacent to ourareas ", - he said. The database SPARK owners "Matveevskoe" appear on Russian citizens. The secretary general director of the company Valentina Kozlenkova Friday associate RBC correspondent with the management failed. Now, according to the company, "Matveevskoe" produces 3650 tons of clean vegetables in a year - a total of 22 species, including cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and greens.

But Novikov says that he is ready to supply its products to the needs of the new network. "I do not mind, I do not need to hold any negotiations", - said the founder of the Novikov Group in conversation with RBC. However, in such cooperation, he doubts the economy: "As long as guys do not do this project is three-dimensional, there is no economy, either for them or for me, nor for other manufacturers." "The smallest of my company daily produces 3-4 tons of cucumbers. How much they will take away? 20-30 kg? Just the logistics will be more expensive than the cost of production ", - says the businessman.

The representative of "Avilon" weekend found it difficult to comment on the part of the Warsaw project. Contact "AgRo-Invest "has failed.

Substitution McDonald's

The idea of ​​Honored Artist of Russia to create a Russian equivalent of the American network of fast food restaurants McDonald's has received state support recently. In April it was reported that Mikhalkov Konchalovsky wrote to Russian President Vladimir Putin a letter in which he outlined a plan for the creation of a federal network of the domestic fast food "eat at home!". Artists asked the president to provide project support at the highest state level. The project proposes to build two factories-kitchens, open 41 cafes and 91 point of sales of finished products. Network recoup the authors ideas count for less than five years. Estimated investment in the project - 971.8 million rubles.

Putin instructed to study the issue. In early April, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich held a meeting on this project. The meeting was attended Konchalovsky. Following the discussions, it was decided to fund a project to support the program of small and medium-sized businesses. This means that 30% of the initial cost of the project investorsp must find their own, the remaining amount will be given credit under Agency safeguards loan guarantees.

After the meeting, the recommendation to develop mechanisms to support future network were sent to the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Economic Development, as well as the authorities of the Moscow and Kaluga regions, where the pilot point will be launched. Ministry of Agriculture, in particular, has been instructed to study Russian agricultural production and to draw up lists of recommended suppliers.

Lists will still grow, said Ananiev. The Ministry has already prepared a list of Russian producers of meat, dairy and other products, which could also deliver it in "eat at home!". To get the list of ministries, manufacturers must meet a number of criteria. The main parameters - the geographical location of production, product range, which is required network capacity and appropriate. Of course, themselves supply - issue negotiations between the parties, the Ministry of Agriculture emphasizes.

"We are interested in this project, and we will support it", - says Ananiev. The new minister of agricultureCTBA Alexander Tkachev said that the project could create "a huge sales channel for the Russian manufacturers and our activities are focused on the fact that the Russian agriculture becomes profitable," - he explains.

The first agricultural producer, announced its readiness to become a supplier of "eat at home!", Was the former mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, to develop its own economy in the Kaliningrad region. "I am ready, if need be environmentally friendly products, deliver them at bargain prices for the network" eat at home ", in particular lamb, cereals - buckwheat, oats and wheat," - Luzhkov "Izvestia" newspaper said.

General Director of "Andrei Konchalovsky Production Centre", which is headed by the company and "eat at home! "Yevgeny Stepanov said that the proposal of the Ministry of Agriculture for the suppliers it has not yet received. "But now it is too early to talk about supply, while we are engaged in the collection of the financial package, negotiating with banks about lending," - he says. Negotiations are conducted on the financing of the five banks whose names Mr. Stepanovcover has refused.

The company "eat at home!" Manages projects wife of Andrei Konchalovsky - Julia Vysotsky. Vysotsky is the same name of a TV program on NTV, in her company includes cooking studio, online shop and two restaurants: "Julia's Kitchen" and Food Embassy. According to SPARC, Vysotskaya owns 51% shares of CJSC "We eat at home!", 39% owned by Andrei Mikhalkov, the remaining 10% of the producer and former director Andrei Konchalovsky Foundation Rima Shulgina. The company's revenue in 2013 amounted to 58.5 million rubles, net loss -. 32 thousand rubles..