The Moscow authorities will spend 136 billion rubles on road construction in 2017

The capital has had 29% more road tenders as compared to the last year.
At the end of December 2016 conducted 58 procedures for public tenders for the construction of the road network of the initial value of 104 billion rubles., Told "Vedomosti" representative of the Department of Construction of Moscow. The results of several trades will be announced in late December, he said. But even these investments almost a third higher than last year's figures - in 2015 the city authorities have signed contracts worth a total 80.6 billion rubles. Among the objects played out - a site Northeast chord on Schelkovo to open highway, street and road inside the plant to them. Likhachev, and so on. D.

Investments in road construction have increased by several times, indicating the head of the Department of Construction of Moscow Andrey Bochkarev, for example, in 2010 the city invested about 40 billion rubles. According to him, at the end, the city plans to introduce more than 100 km of roads - a record figure.

The following year, the Moscow government will increase investment and begin to build more facilities, says Bochkarev. This, according to him, is due to including the unfreezing of large infrastructure projects, which the Moscow city government suspended in 2015 due to the uncertain economic situation. Among the major facilities that are scheduled to play in 2017 - areas of the North-East of the chord from the opening to the Yaroslavl highway, and from Yaroslavl to Dmitrov highway a total value of 20 billion rubles .; Road network in the territory of the floodplain Mnevnikovskoy (11.2 bln.); Presnensky quay reconstruction (8,7 bln.) and others.

 The lion's share of capital expenditure is the City Hall on the program "Development of Transport System of Moscow": its implementation will send 1.27 trillion rubles in the coming years. - More than two-thirds of all targeted investment program. More than half of these funds will go to the construction of the subway - 654 billion rubles, on the road -. 517.5 billion rubles. At the same time on the road costs are increasing:. If in 2016 investments budget for road construction accounted for 108.3 billion rubles, in the future - is 136 billion rubles.

"The volume of road construction in Moscow today remain among the highest in the world, second only to China's mega-cities", - told "Vedomosti" deputy mayor of Moscow, Marat Khusnullin. He recalled that six years built and commissioned 500 km of roads. This is 13% of all roads, a quarter of all man-made structures (bridges, interchanges, tunnels and overpasses), and a third of all above-ground and underground pedestrian crossings, which were before 2010. "We completed the reconstruction of the main intersections on the Ring Road and vyletnyh highways", - notes Khusnullin. It 'very important for such a large metropolis like ours, "he says. "This greatly improved the traffic situation in Moscow - in different parts of the bandwidth has increased from 20 to 40%", - explains Khusnullin.

 Now the city authorities greater focus on the formation of new connections between areas of the city - it's North West and North East of the chord, South belt road, he explains.

Moscow remains the country's largest customer of road construction. Earlier this year, the head of the Federal Road Agency (Rosavtodor) Roman Starovoit reported that Rosavtodor (in contrast to Moscow -. "Vedomosti") refuses new construction of road projects in 2016. The draft federal budget for the current year provided 553 billion rubles. the financing of the Federal Road Agency. But in the end expenses were reduced by 8.6% - to 505 billion rubles. In particular, 97.2 billion rubles. They were to be spent on construction of federal roads, and 248.5 billion rubles. - On their repairs and maintenance. The continuous decline in the volume of construction has been going on for 3.5 years in a row in the year-to-year comparable prices. This is a reflection of negative processes in the industry, says CEO RASCOM Nikolay Alekseenko.

Leaders in road construction are still "Mostotrest" ARKS "Horizon". The largest contractor in Moscow - "Mostotrest" - building of the North-East of the chord, chord Northwest, Solntsevo track - Butovo - prominent in the new Moscow, and others.

The budget deficit is growing

Moscow dramatically increases the budget deficit in 2017 - he could reach 218 billion rubles. (11% of revenues). The previous law was planned much more modest 34 billion rubles. (2%). The deficit increased due to the increase in capital expenditures. Experts do not exclude that Moscow overstated expenses including to protect its budget from the claims of the federal government. The decision to increase the share of federal income tax from 2 to 3 p. P. From 20% to reallocate this money to support poor regions, depriving Moscow of about 30 billion rubles.