The Moscow government will impose developers a natural tax on renovation

Private developers will give at a cost of Moscow to 600 thousand square meters of housing, which will be used in the capital's "renovation". The real benefit for commercial developers is to obtain a guaranteed financial flow.
At the disposal of investors there are 119 sites that can be involved in the renovation program of the Moscow housing stock, a representative of Moskomstroiinvest told Vedomosti. We are talking about territories where the city does not have its own land to build houses for resettlement of residents of five-story buildings. In total, according to the interlocutor of "Vedomosti", at the meetings of the town-planning and land commission (GZK) decisions on 25 projects of investors have already been made, according to which construction of apartments with an area of ​​586,000 sq. M. m.

Renovation is one of the large-scale programs of the mayor Sergei Sobyanin. Its approval was received from President Vladimir Putin in February 2017. The city administration plans to resettle about 1 million Muscovites under this program, all of their officials promised to move to the same areas where they live now. While the mayor's office picked up 242 launch sites, where it is possible to build 3.6 million square meters. m. These are mostly urban plots occupied by parking lots and wastelands. However, there are areas where the city does not have its own land or the launch pad is very small, officials admitted. If there are a number of investment sites, the mayor's office will negotiate with investors about the transfer of apartments or land plots, they said.

As the Vedomosti has learned, the renovation projects already include the projects of MIT, Capital Group, RG-Development, Barkli, Ingrad, Coalco, PIK, Pioneer Group of Companies and GK " Inteko.

"Today, any residential project in Moscow begins with the fact whether the investor is ready to transfer part of the area for renovation to the city," the large developer comments. There is no single formula by which their projects will be involved in the renovation program, the Moscow official points out. There may be several options: land purchase, exchange of land for another, and in some cases, investors are ready to transfer land and free of charge. Any settlements with investors will be based on the cost of construction, said a senior official of the mayor's office: the city will not buy apartments at market prices. That is why the city builds houses for resettlement at its own expense. According to Maria Litinetska, managing partner of Metrium, the difference between the cost price and the sales price is 20-40%.

At least two companies transfer the city sites - GC "MITS" and "RG-development". MIC, according to its representative, will give the city 2.6 hectares along the highway, where it will be possible to build 78,200 square meters. m of housing and a kindergarten for 275 people. A plot of 0.45 hectares for the construction of one of the starting houses under the renovation program is highlighted in the project on the street. Freely, the representative of the "RG-development" points out, now the company is releasing the site from dilapidated buildings to hand over to the city. Details of the agreement with the city of the company were not disclosed.

 "Ingra" and "Inteko" are still discussing agreements with the city on the transfer of areas for renovation, their representatives said. "In the portfolio of" Ingrad "there are land plots in the areas where the city needs the starting platforms for renovation. But it is too early to say that clear conditions for cooperation have been defined, "the representative of the company said. Terms of transfer of areas for renovation are registered, the representative of Inteko said. According to him, at the intersection of the Aminevskoye highway with the Kiev direction of the Moscow Railway, the company is building a complex with a total area of ​​about 230,000 square meters. m; part of residential areas is planned to be used as a launching pad for resettlement of residents from five-story buildings.

The most active in the renovation will be the "Capital Group" (Mikhalkovskaya, Institutskaya and Lublinskaya streets, industrial zone No. 15) and the PIK group (Lobnenskaya street, Izmaylovsky proezd and Borovskoye highway). In the records of the GZK it is indicated, for example, that in the project on Lublin Street the investor will transfer to the city 105,000 sq. M. m, and on the territory of the industrial zone (the intersection of Ryazan Avenue, Institutskaya and Zaraisk streets) - 80,000 square meters. m. Apartments in houses along Lublin Street can cost on the market about 120 000 rubles. for 1 square. m, and on Ryazansky Prospekt - 130 000-135 000 rubles, indicates Litinetskaya. Representatives of the "Capital Group", the group PIK, "Barkley", "Pioneer" declined to comment; to receive comments "Коалько" it was not possible.