The Moscow Metro is looking for the advertising contractor

The new operator will have to pay 17.9 billion rubles for 10 years for the right of advertising.
Moscow Metro on Saturday, January 30 announced a tender to find a contractor advertising. According to the tender documentation the auction winner will have to pay more than 17.9 billion rubles. Metro within ten years. In the first year the company will have to pay 5% of the total value of the contract, in the second - 7%, and the rest - to pay 11%. Also in the contract spelled out that Metro has the right to index the cost of the agreement to the level of inflation. If the company does not agree with the proposed level of indexation, the contract will be terminated. Applications Metro will take a month and decide on a new underground contractor will have until 9 March.

Moscow Metro incorporates advertising contractors via auction since 2011 engaged in the operator "Olympus" Prior to this placement advertising in the subway. In 2010, it paid 730 million rubles Metro. for the year, and all revenues from the placement of billboards and posters in the subway in the year amounted to, according to his own data, about 2.5 billion rubles.

In 2011, the "Auto Sell" outdoor advertising operator "daughter" auto holding "Gema"leksandra Geller, won the competition for advertising in the Moscow metro. By the time the company had no experience in the outdoor advertising, but also the underground conditions were different: the metropolitan subway require 14 billion rubles. five years for the right to use the advertising space in the subway. Rivals "Auto Sell" on the auction indicate that the operator will be difficult to recover such payments. However, about 11 billion rubles. the company still managed to pay the subway.

After winning the contract, "Auto Sell" raised prices, but remained empty for long boards. At the end of 2014 the company announced the subway, which is experiencing difficulties with the regular payments. Metropolitan has made concessions and agreed to change the schedule of payments quarterly to monthly. Now Metro prescribed in the contract, the new contractor will have to pay monthly.

In April 2015, "Auto Sell" has ceased to pay out money to the subway, and in August, Metro filed a lawsuit against his statement, demanding to compensate the outstanding amount under the contract in the amount of 728.693 million rubles. and 396.75 million rubles. penalties. After three mthe month, on November 26, "Auto Sell" filed a counterclaim to the subway to subway compensation 1.78 billion rubles. In December last year, the Moscow Arbitration Court granted the petition of the Moscow Metro to the operator of outdoor advertising "Auto Sell" on recovery of 1.13 billion rubles.

On the one hand, the underground considerably reduced the cost of the contract, but on the other - he ordered the operator to install in cars and high-tech screens in the stations, which will require additional investment by the company, told "Vedomosti" CEO "Espar-Analytic" Andrew Berezkin. "Who in the current conditions in a falling market will agree to participate in the auction, is unknown. I doubt that the major operators will take part in the auction, as the company recently paid under the contract with the department of media and advertising, taking loans, "- he says. But at the same time in the auction may be interested and advertising Railway Agency "Laith", which last year fell transaction a stake in the operator Russ Outdoor. In addition, interest in the auction can show and companiesNot related to outdoor advertising market believes Berezkin.

Another GUPu - Mosgortrans - in the past year could not be held auction for the selection of the advertising contractor. Demand auction did not use - to take part in it decided to only one company - Transit Media Group (TMG), but the auction committee rejected the company, decided that it has enough experience in the placement of billboards. Now Mosgortrans decided to sell advertising on their own, hiring advertising agencies to search for advertisers. But the subway unlikely to be decided on it - the company is incomparably greater advertising space and carry pasting cars alone is difficult, says Berezkin.

Operators of Russ Outdoor, Gallery, TRK, "RASVERO" did not respond to queries and calls of "Vedomosti".