The most highly paid Russian diplomats

Senior officials of the Russian Foreign Ministry are quite moderate in their income, and the head of the department, Sergey Lavrov, earns even less than his subordinates.
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In July 2017, the US Congress passed a bill toughening anti-Russian sanctions. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia called it "Russophobia" and "threat" for international business. Russia said: from August 2017, let them vacate the residence of the US embassy - dacha in Serebryany Bor in the Moscow region. From September 1, 755 employees of the US diplomatic mission will be expelled from the country.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has mixed feelings about America. Still, in New York, his daughter, Ekaterina Vinokurova, was born and grew up. She lived in the US for 17 years.

In the US, Catherine graduated from Columbia University - a specialty in political science - then another year at the London School of Economics. After that, I returned to Russia, where I live for the last ten years.

Now Ekaterina Vinokurova works in the company Smart Art, engaged in the promotion of Russian artists. "I never concealed who my father is. And everyone who knows me knows that in my life few people helped me. Of course, the main help was the education that was given to me, "Catherine told the Marie Claire magazine in the February interview.

 Apparently, the very Minister Sergei Lavrov, too, no one helps - his annual income is lower than that of his subordinates. In 2016, he earned 6.8 million rubles, in 2015 - 7.6 million rubles. Small incomes and his wife Maria: last year - 584 thousand rubles.

Sergei Lavrov owns a land plot (2,845 sq. M.) And a garage (17.7 sq. M.). Together with his wife they own a house (499 sq. M.), An apartment (247.3 sq. M.) And a garage (100 sq. M.). The car is only with the minister's wife. She goes to Kia Ceed.

Another public character of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is Maria Zakharova. Despite the fact that she is the director of the Department of Information and Press of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - that is, she occupies a leading position in the hierarchy, she does not publish the income declaration, like other department heads.

Successful midouns

The richest of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs was the rector of Moscow State Institute of International Relations Anatoly Torkunov. He earned 31.8 million rubles, according to the declaration for 2016. Earlier, his income amounted to 24.4 million rubles. Irina's wife outstripped other associates of the agency's employees: in 2016, she earned 15.6 million rubles, in 2015 - 13.6 million rubles.

Irina Torkunova is a musician, piano teacher and author of "Russian faience and porcelain. The Empire of Kuznetsov and Konakovo. " In early 2016, the All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art hosted an exhibition of her collection of Russian porcelain.

 According to the information for 2016, the rector of MGIMO Torkunov owns a land plot (8900 sq. M.), A holiday home (139.40 sq. M.), Two apartments (84.1 sq. M and 58.4 sq. M.), Garage (72 sq. M.) And a car place (21.3 sq. M.). Irina's wife owns two plots of land (4217 sq m and 1500 sq m), two dwelling houses (364.7 sq m and 168.70 sq m), two apartments (137 sq m and 61.3 sq m). M), a garage (154.9 square meters) and two parking spaces (17.1 square meters and 11.2 square meters). Irene Torkunov has a BMW 116 car recorded.

On the second place of the rating - the general director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Vyazalov, who earned 16.5 million rubles for 2016. Almost the same amount he declared in 2015. The income of the spouse is 3 million rubles.

Since 2011, Sergei Vyazalov served as vice-governor of St. Petersburg, oversaw the financial and economic block. He became the General Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2015. After the appointment, Elmira said that, in addition to the main functions, he considered it important to promote Russian business abroad and protect our foreign property from foreign claims.

Three apartments (206.5 sq. M., 185.3 sq. M. And 145.8 sq. M.), A garage (19 sq. M.) And a parking lot (15 sq. M.) Were declared from the real estate at Vyazalov. The spouse owns a land plot (897 sq. M.), A summer residence (4181 sq. M.), An apartment house (99.2 sq. M.), An apartment (108.9 sq. M.). The parking lot (14.8 sq. M.) And the household block appear in the declaration without specifying the area. Sergei Vyazalov moves to the Mercedes-Benz E-200, the wife goes to Audi Q5.

The deputy minister Anatoly Antonov completes the three successful minivans. Three years in a row, he points to an annual income of 11.4 million rubles (in 2015, 11.8 million rubles). From the real estate he has only an apartment of 86, 2 square meters. M and two parking spaces (15.7 square meters and 15.6 square meters).

On the fourth line of the rating - Deputy Minister for Countering Terrorism Oleg Syromolotov, who declared the annual income of 9.7 million rubles (in 2015 - 5.6 million rubles). His wife - 316 thousand rubles.

A fighter with terrorism, Syromolotov owns two vast land plots (3,200 square meters and 3,000 square meters) and a garage (90.6 square meters). Together with the superga, they own two residential houses (193.8 sq. M. And 172.3 sq. M.), An apartment (166.1 sq. M.). In the property of the spouse is another apartment (70.6 sq. M.) And a garage (13 sq. M.). Oleg Syromolotov owns the car Toyota Lexus LX 570.

Deputy Minister Gennady Gatilov with an income of 9.3 million rubles ranked fifth in the ranking. In 2015, the official declared 8.5 million rubles. Spouse - 188 thousand rubles and in 2015 167 thousand rubles.

The official owns a land plot (600 sq. M.), A dacha (140 sq. M.) And a garage (20 sq. M.). The wife has only an apartment (72 sq. M.).