The murder of a millionaire in France led to London

As Rosbalt found out, a criminal case under part 2 of article 105 of the Criminal Code (murder committed by group of persons) was initiated against the criminal "authority" Valid Lurahmaev (Validol) and Ahmad Hamidov.
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As suspected of RF IC, Khamidov was the organizer of the shooting in March 2011 in France, a major businessman, the owner of "Saratovstroysteklo" Michael Lanin. A Lurahmaev picked performers for this crime. The case was initiated on the evidence gathered in the Russian Investigative Committee, as well as on materials transferred earlier this year from France. In their translation into the Russian language it took a long time.

Lurahmaev now is on the international wanted list for organizing the assassination of a businesswoman Tatyana balsam. The decision to declare the wanted list Khamidov is still pending. According to special services, recent years he resides in London, but it often can be found in the United Arab Emirates. From England he sent Ahmad explanation, which states that to any crime, he was not involved.

As told "Rosbalt" law enforcement sources, Ahmad Hamidov very interesting biography. What did this man until the mid-1990s, when he appeared in the Saratov region, it is not known. The local detectives available information, if in that period of time Hamide was wounded in Chechnya, and in the Volga arrived for treatment. According to this version, it operated a well-known surgeon in the region, which later brought Ahmad with your VIP-patients: business leaders, government officials, security forces, members of the criminal world. Thus, Khamidov became quite prominent in the person region.

Since the mid-1990s, Saratov operatives knew Khamidov as a person close to both the local "authority" Valentin Zakharov (Valek), and a whole group of entrepreneurs. However, Ahmad then got in trouble. Together with friends, he asked one of the businessmen large sum of money, he lodged a complaint with the police. A criminal case of extortion, Hamidov declared wanted, it was in two years. Then the prosecution Ahmad was terminated. Sources of "Rosbalt" said that this was not without good friend Khamidov, the owner of "Saratovstroysteklo" Michael Lanin, previously worked for many years in OBKHSS system.

During the time spent in an irregular situationamides, according to law enforcement, he became a frequent guest in Moscow, where he could meet with the representatives of the powerful "lazanski" group headed by Khozh-Akhmed Nukhayev (is wanted for the murder of journalist Paul Klebnikov) and the "kingpin" Ruslan Atlangerieva (abducted in Moscow in 2008 and disappeared without a trace). With the same OCG in those years it was closely connected and "authority" Walid Lurahmavev.

In the early 2000s, Ahmad and all settled in the capital, visiting the Volga is only short visits. In Moscow, according to sources, "Rosbalt", he became the owner of a new passport, in which one letter was changed in his name. Thus, when "punching" on the bases of special services is not "highlights" that Ahmad was wanted before.

Somewhere it was reported that Khamidov became a confidant of the security forces and members of the Kremlin in Moscow in 2007 in the Saratov region, so through him we can solve the problem at the federal level, including those related to the appointments to various posts. Potential applicants to the high office providingalis interviews in a complex of buildings in the Old Square (there is the presidential administration), as well as the private conversations in expensive restaurants with the "big man" in the Kremlin. The RF IC is suspected that the role the latter played a former employee of the Tax Police of the Russian Federation Mikhail Koryak (is wanted internationally and lives in the United Arab Emirates), which together with Hamidov is a co-founder of the company, "Fink-Alliance".

"At first, no deception was not, - said the source" Rosbalt "familiar with the situation -. People paid money and then receive the promised destination, however, it was only a minor post, for example, the deputy director of a medium-sized Gupalo Then..." Reshalschiki "began to offer already places governors in the Federation Council, the Russian Interior Ministry, in the largest state-owned companies, the conclusion of lucrative government contracts, and so on. d. as before, they were doing something they believed in. and it was already not the hundreds of thousands of dollars, as before, and the millions, and sometimes tens of millions of dollars. "

Moreover, according to investigators, he Khamidov was always "in the shadows". There was a whole group of trustedegg, through whom, and offered the position. For example, in the Saratov region, it was Michael Lanin, Moscow - businessman Mikhail Ozirny and a group of other businessmen. If the "client" agrees to pay for the appointment, then met with him Khamidov and Koryak (representing different names), and other Kremlin lzhesotrudniki.

It is worth noting that most of the "trustees" were absolutely certain that it is not involved in the fraud, and help to senior representatives of the federal government. For example, Mikhail Lanin almost until his death, believed that Khamidov extremely powerful man. Owner "Saratovstroysteklo" even he gave a large sum "reshalschikam", which initially promised to Lanin and his son in the position of the Central Office of the Interior Ministry, and then in the "Olimpstroj", then "Mezhregiongas-Saratov". And under each intended use "officials" asked financial injections. A total of Lanin gave them 200 million rubles. Half cash and half transferred to the accounts of firms, which, according to the RF IC, were controlled Khamidov.

As RASSCAli sources of "Rosbalt", such as during a meeting in a restaurant Lanina interlocutors questioned the opportunities Khamidov. Then the owner of "Saratovstroysteklo" almost attacked with fists at them, shouting: "You do not understand about how a respected and influential man so unresponsive!".

However, in 2011 and decided to Lanin still dot the "i" in its relations with "respectable" people. He began to demand to return the previously paid money, the more so that he had all the necessary documents confirming the transfer of 100 million rubles.

According to the RF IC, then the owner "Saratovstroysteklo" told a regular bike. Allegedly, the entire amount has gone high-ranking official from the Kremlin, and the promised destination Lanin and his son did not occur solely due to technical reasons. We still have to wait a bit. But this official a decent person and offers such a scheme. He just buys a house (worth over 200 million rubles), not far from Nice, who arrange themselves due to the fact that a civil servant can not. Therefore, the building can be recorded on Lanin. And if the pre-paid appointments are made, the cottage will remain at "Saratovstroysteklo" owner. An experienced businessman, this time to believe in such a story.

How to set the RF IC, in March 2011, the personal driver Khamidov brought Lanin and his civilian wife, Elena Pravoslavnovoy tickets to Nice. During the trip, they had to examine the official house. A man and a woman met at the airport in France several natives of Chechnya, which put them in the car and drove to a place Villepinte. On one of the dead-end streets of one of the intruders from the small-caliber pistol shot in the head and Lanin Pravoslavnovoy. Businessman died on the spot. Elena was more fortunate - bullet pierced the skull, the victim only fainted. A criminal has decided that the second victim also died, so quietly went along with an accomplice.

Recovering, Pravoslavnova able to describe the attackers. From these data, the police detained people from Chechnya Yazid Arsalieva and Ruslan Bersanov, who together with his parents moved to France as early as 10 years of age. Now onthey are judicial investigation. One of the detainees testified that the crime for 100 thousand. Euro "ordered" Chechen "authority" Walid Lurahmaev. Now he is on the international wanted list through two countries - Russia and France.

In February 2014 in Moscow flew investigators from France, which as part of its investigation questioned relatives and members of groups Lanin "reshalschikov" in custody. In particular the close of the owner "Saratostroyvstekla" said that after the death of Michael, they found documents about the transfer of more than 100 million rubles to firms controlled by Khamidov. Associated with it, and raised the question of the return of this amount. Meeting with Ahmad was held in Moscow, he brought it badly rumpled man who submitted the receipts that it should be him Lanin 200 million rubles and 100 million rubles were transferred for repayment of this amount. Later examination showed that the signature on the receipt Lanina fake.

In February of 2014 in Russia from France were also transferred all the materials about the shooting Lanin, after their transfer RF IC in the Moscow excitern the case of the murder of a businessman.

Hamidov himself a few years ago left Russia.

It is noteworthy that a sad fate awaited another "trustee" group leaders "reshalschikov". With the mediation of Ozirnogo businessman from Bashkiria paid the "officials" of 4 million euro for the position of Vice-President of JSC "Transneft". When Ozirny raised the question of the return of that sum, he was invited to a meeting in the United Arab Emirates. From there he flew to Turkey, where he was shot.

How many people were victims and were killed by "reshalschikov" is set again. While it is known that they seized 200 million rubles paid by businessman Mikhail Lanin; 20 million euros, the bank laid businesswoman Tatyana balsam (the money she gave a State Duma deputy Mikhail Slipenchuk), which has been promised a lucrative state contract for the transit of gas through Ukraine to Europe; 2 million euros and 38.5 million rubles, which the depositary has placed a representative of the Saratov regional Duma deputy, who wanted to take a large position; 4 million euros a businessman from Bashkiria, paid for the position of Vice President of OA"Transneft". Lanin was killed by killers in France, Ozirnyy- in Turkey, balsam assassinated in Ukraine.