The murdered billionaire turned out to be a pauper

The notary could not give the relatives of killed prominent businessman Alexander Mineev evidence on his property within the legal period: the businessman's bank accounts and assets had been hidden in tax havens.
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The main reason for this is that according to official documents magnate, in reality, who owned real estate in Moscow $ 1 billion, is poor - it recorded only three heavily used machines. All its assets and accounts Mineev hidden in offshore.

This week was six months from the date of death Mineeva and notary Alexei Solovyov, who is a hereditary matter was according to the law to issue a certificate for the relatives of the businessman of his property. However, this did not happen for three reasons. The first (and main): notary could not find any property that would have been recorded on the most Mineeva - no houses, no apartments, no bank accounts, no shares in the companies. Officially, he owned only three used cars.

Another reason is that lawyers are the children of the second wife of the businessman handed over to the notary of the English court decision rendered in divorce Mineeva. From this it followed that the tycoon must give his ex-wife four apartments in London and 38 million pounds. Property transferred the woman, but the money to collect it, and could not.As a result, the notary thought that it is impossible to issue certificates on the property of the deceased, while he has unclosed duty to the same family. However, other heirs to believe that the appeal to the decision of the English Court can not, because it does not work in Russia.

The third reason for non-issuance of certificates is that it remains "open" question with one of the children of a businessman. Shortly after his murder came to the notary 25-year-old young woman Valeria, said that the father of her 8-month-old baby was mine. To document this fact is, however, confirm and could not. Now advokatyangliyskih children businessman filed a lawsuit on the recognition of paternity. And in the course of the proceedings it is determined whether or not the baby's father Mineev. It is possible that for the examination will have to exhume the body of a businessman.

In the meantime, the oligarch officially inherited claimed five people: that his mother, a son from his first marriage Egor Kornovsky who resides in France and has three children from his second marriage, living in London.

"We studied the timenye options documented to prove that the property for $ 1 billion belonged to Alexander, - told "Rosbalt" one of the participants in the events. - However, they all turned out to be futile. Officially buildings owned by 18 firms belonging to four offshore companies ( "BraunKep Co., Ltd.", "MilkiKep Co., Ltd.", "SepKep Co., Ltd.", "OrandzhKep"), a Hong Kong offshore company controlled Crazy Dragon Intermational Limited. Mineev was officially associated with only Crazy Dragon, but also indirectly, so that the proving of his rights to a building that does not help.

Somewhere hidden in offshore accounts, and with Mineeva means. After the divorce proceedings in London's lawyers tried to find his assets to recover the benefit of a former spouse. However, only Mineev even "deeper" in offshore hid them. And so well that no one but him and could not find. "

The current situation with the real estate of $ 1 billion is. GSM RF IC for the MoD has transferred it for safekeeping to a certain company "Transinvest", which was established in April, 2014. Explanation of this decision was given to the following: "According to the court districtAddressing the High Court in London handed down in the case of the division of property, Mineev AA former spouse should - Mineeva IA 38 million pounds, which has not yet been paid. Thus, the seized assets for the purpose of eventual execution of the court decision to be transmitted to interested parties. "

It is noteworthy that no formal ex-wife Mineeva nor his son to the LLC "Transinvest" did not have a relationship. Despite this, representatives of the company "put up" the door of the 21 representatives of the building company "Eurasia" (the managing company created Mineev, but to which it is officially one had no relationship) and it is offered to tenants with "TransInvest" sign new contracts. Properties Mineeva rented for offices and shops, and bring in the month of 300 million rubles.

However, two weeks ago already, LLC "Eurasia" kicked representatives "TransInvest" from the head office structures Mineeva on Kutuzov Avenue, as well as from a number of its other facilities.

With regard to the criminal case of murder and attempted hischeniya estate businessman, then it still appear very often "unidentified persons". Investigators suspected that these crimes may be involved in a lawyer "Eurasia" Yulia Egorova, which is also a "nominal first director titular foreign companies" BraunKep Co., Ltd. "," MilkiKep Co., Ltd. "," SepKep Co., Ltd. "," OrandzhKep. "However, Babushkinskiy court refused sign her detention. The prosecutor's office appealed the decision to the Moscow City Court, which recently upheld it.