The new residence of Vladimir Putin

There are rumors that the historic Villa Selgrena near Vyborg, where the episodes of the Russian television series about the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were filmed, will be turned into Putin's dacha. 
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Persistent rumors circulating in Vyborg that a new residence for the country's president is allegedly being built near the city. Indeed, people from Vladimir Putin's inner circle show interest in the historical estate. In the meantime, the facility is equipped with people with an ambiguous reputation.

The fact that the villa Selgrena - an object of cultural heritage, an old manor on the island of Lodochny near Vyborg Leningrad region - was taken over by the family of a friend of President Vladimir Putin and can be used as one of the recreation places of the first person, a source close to the administration of Vyborg district said.

The owners of the plot under the property and the dacha itself were in fact closely associated with Putin and the shareholders of Bank Rossiya, among which were several old friends of the president. According to Rosreestr, all the buildings on the territory of the proposed residence now belong to the company "North". Until 2014, it belonged to the head of the Baltic Media Group Oleg Rudnov.

"Kommersant" calls Rudnov "Putin's longtime friend": he met with the president back in 1996 on the eve of the election of the mayor of St. Petersburg. Vice-mayor Putin then headed the electoral campaign of Anatoly Sobchak, and Rudnov - "The Fifth Channel", which provided the campaign with information support.

Rudnov headed the company "Wave" an old friend of Vladimir Putin cellist Sergei Roldugin, who controlled several St. Petersburg media. Rudnov is closely connected with the bank "Russia", owned by the friends of the Russian president: Nikolai Shamalov, Yuri Kovalchuk and Sergei Roldugin. Bank and Rudnov through the company "Surf" together owned the newspaper "St. Petersburg Vedomosti", whose Supervisory Board was previously headed by Putin. And together with the "National Media Group" (NMG) Kovalchuk Rudnov through the company "Wave" owned the "Fifth Channel". Now NMG owns part of Rudnov's former media assets.

In addition, Rudnov was the founder of the "Fund for the Development and Support of the Media", which owned a stake in the football club "Zenith" - along with Sibur, owned by the shareholder of the bank "Russia" Gennady Timchenko and the son of another shareholder of "Russia" Nikolai Shamalov Kirill.

Rudnov already had experience of owning objects that became Putin's residences. Rudnov owned 20% of OOO Konstantinovsky (now his son's share was spent), which manages a restaurant in the so-called Lindstrem dacha - the former estate of Peter Ivanovich von Lindström in the presidential residence "Palace of Congresses" in Strelna near St. Petersburg.

"North" Rudnov is also closely connected with the resort of Igor, Yuri Kovalchuk, where, as reported by Reuters, the wedding of the alleged daughter of Vladimir Putin and the son of Nikolai Shamalov Cyril celebrated. The share in the share capital of the "North" also belonged to Roman Stepanov, the former co-owner of the company "Gora", which, according to "Business Petersburg", managed "Igor".

Rudnov died in 2015, the same year his son Sergei inherited his business. The 0.1% stake in Sever is now owned by Olga Efimova, the head of the company Gora Development, which is registered at the address of Ozone, through which Kovalchuk manages Igor.

Now the son of Rudnov through the company "North" owns mansions on the Boat. In addition, he has in use the entire territory of the island and a significant part of the neighboring peninsula Lihaniemi - a total of 108 hectares.

What does the dacha look like

Rudnov has a very large plot. It, for example, is larger than the area of ​​the so-called "Putin's palace" in Gelendzhik - a mansion on Cape Idokopas, which, as the businessman Sergey Kolesnikov said, was built for the Russian president Nikolai Shamalov. The fence blocking the passage to Villa Sellgren is located a few kilometers before the proposed residence, there is also a security point. As a security officer told the Rain correspondent, the fence is a "closed facility". Tourists can not get on and for a long time, he added.

In December 2012, the island on which Sellgren's villa is located, under the control of the Leningrad vice-governor Konstantin Patraev, was transferred from the forest fund lands to the urban settlement with the permitted use - under the recreation center. However, now in the administration of Vyborg district they say that there is no rest base there.

The original farmstead was built in 1913 according to the project of the famous Finnish architect Uno Ulberg and is known for the shooting of a film about Sherlock Holmes that was featured twice in the series, both as the house of Colonel Stark and as the house of spy von Bork. Until 2010, it was in a very dilapidated state, but then, according to local residents, the passage to the villa was blocked, and repairs began on the territory.

According to Google Earth, active construction work was conducted in the vicinity of the old manor from 2011 to 2013. Earlier on the island there was one villa Selgrena, but now it is attached to another mansion with an area of ​​1.5 thousand square meters, according to Rosreestr. In addition, around appeared a few more mansions of approximately 500 square meters each, alleys, a helipad and two piers. Local residents claim that the area, including the sea, is guarded by FSO patrols.

If you study the Internet publications on Villa Sellgren, you can see that in 2012 there were people complaining that the passage to it is closed. "Private territory, construction is under way, but the villa, contrary to the fears, was not dismantled to the ground, but rather, it is very capital repairs. Access is difficult (dogs, people) ", wrote in November 2010 the user Eeyore. "Now there is no more to get there. The island was bought out, the villa was restored, a lot of protection, "Ruslan wrote in January 2012.

The local resident, whose house is located right next to the fence of the proposed residence, also believes that the mansions are related to Putin. "This is the residence of Putin," said the local resident, who asked to be called Alexander. According to him, Putin arrives there usually once a year. "The fence is five kilometers away. The whole forest was given away, the entire coastline. People have nowhere to go fishing, "he complained.

In October 2012 in the public domain "Russian regions" in the social network "Vkontakte" was published a post called "Villa Selgrena. The owner is "The slave on the galleys." There were published 3D models, as stated, the future villa: luxurious, all in the gilding pool, sauna, billiard room, living room with fireplace, study, double-headed eagle on the walls of the cabinet.

A few days later, a few more fragments of the 3D layout appeared on the forum "Neighborhoods of Petersburg", as well as a floor plan for the reconstruction of the villa. According to him, the villa was planned to accommodate two wardrobes, an office, a hall, three bathrooms, one of them a guest room, a bedroom, a drawing room, a study room, a dining room, and on the ground floor a sports and fitness complex. Under the photo of a golden bath the author of the publication wrote: "Here the GDP is bathed". Contact with the author of the publication failed.

On the cover of the album 3D sketches were indicated two logos: the construction company "Rus" and the design studio "Adis-Group". In "Rus" could not comment on their involvement in the project, and the company "Adis Group" was eliminated in 2011. Requests sent to the former owners of the "Adis Group" and its former CEO, have so far remained unanswered.

Who is the dacha associated with?

Ilya Traber, about whose involvement in the construction of the facility says a source close to the district administration, - according to publications in the press, one of the leaders of the Petersburg criminal world. Spain declared him on international wanted list within the framework of the well-known "case of the Russian mafia". The arrest warrant was issued against more than ten Russians suspected of involvement in the criminal community and money laundering in Spain under the leadership of Gennady Petrov.

The history of the creation of the present facility is really connected with people close to Traber.

Vice-governor Konstantin Patraev, who, according to the documents of the regional government, controlled the transfer of the facility, local media are associated with Traber. Together with Natalia Belikova, Traber's lawyer, and Alexander Ulanov, Traber's business partner, he owned a stake in Rosest, owner of several berths in the large port of St. Petersburg. Now Rosest belongs to the offshore Doloman Holding, also associated with Traber. Igor Patraev's son owned shares in the companies that control the Murmansk oil terminals along with Traber's close associates.

According to "Our version on the Neva", Patraev is a native of the security company "Orion". Oleg Tsoy, who owns a site near the presidential presidential residence, also worked there. Previously, there was a sanatorium-and-health complex of the Vyborg Shipyard (it belonged to the people of Traber as well). This site is also guarded and fenced with a high continuous fence, which is behind it - it is unclear. On the fence you can see a sign with the inscription "Sibur Rest Center". Tsoy is considered one of the closest assistants to Ilya Traber in Vyborg.

Poryadin, who, according to sources, "drove" Putin to the villa, is also considered in Vyborg by the creature of Ilya Traber. Together with Traber's closest associates, the shareholders of Rossiya bank Nikolay Shamalov and Rosinvest, which, according to businessman Sergei Kolesnikov, was associated with the construction of the so-called "Putin's palace" in Gelendzhik, he owned shares in the Vyborg shipyard. Together with the "traber" and "Rosinvest" Poryadin was also a co-owner of the "Primorskaya shipyard".

Traber unanswered the relevant request, the administration of the Leningrad region did not respond to media questions. Deputy Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov Yuri Sviridov also left the request without comment. In the administration of the Vyborg District, Rain reported that the site is privately owned, and do not have information about whether Vladimir Putin visited it.