The new Sheremetyevo terminal will be connected to Moscow for 12 billion rubles

This will be a branch from the current path of Aeroexpress.
In early August, Transport Minister Yevgeny Dietrich held a meeting at which it was decided how the new terminal at Sheremetyevo (opened in May, carrying 20 million passengers per year) would be connected to Moscow by rail. From the existing branch of Aeroexpress between Belorussky station and terminals D, E and F of the airport (southern zone) a branch to the northern zone will be built, two participants of the meeting told Vedomosti. Branch will build RZD, this option was supported by the president of RZD Oleg Belozerov, who participated in the meeting, one of the interlocutors added.

There is also an alternative option: to build a separate branch from the Savelovsky Station to the northern zone of Sheremetyevo. There are no decisions on this project, its terms have not been determined, says the meeting participant. According to the interlocutor, it would cost over 50 billion rubles, while the branch from the current path is about 12 billion rubles: 10.3 billion rubles. - the branch itself is 3.8 km long (most will be double-track), 1.5 billion rubles. - railway terminal in the northern zone of the airport. This data, with reference to the materials of RZD, was confirmed by the second participant of the meeting.

The branch has already been designed, it can be built within two years, one of the interlocutors continues, Sheremetyevo asks that, not later than the beginning of 2021, it be put into operation. At the end of 2019 Sheremetyevo will introduce another terminal in the northern zone for 20 million people - C1, after its full capacity, the capacity of the northern core (40 million people) will exceed the capacity of the southern core (35 million).

"The creation of a railway link between the northern and southern terminal complexes was envisaged earlier. As far as we know, an assessment has already been carried out, and now the project is in the plans of the Railways as an infrastructure owner. It provides for the development of the existing infrastructure with the supply of a branch to the northern complex, "says a representative of Aeroexpress. Now the southern terminals and terminal B are connected by two underground tunnels - passenger and luggage tunnels. Arrived at Aeroexpress in Sheremetyevo, a passenger can reach Terminal B via an underground tunnel.

With the advent of the branch "Aeroexpress" from the Belorussian station it will move like this: first to the southern zone of the airport, then to return to the fork and thence to the northern zone, says the meeting participant. When terminal C1 is built, the northern zone will become the priority and the first stop of Aeroexpress on its way to the airport will be in it.

In 2017, Aeroexpress transported 4.7 million people to / from Sheremetyevo, in 2025, taking into account the branch to the northern terminals, passenger traffic will grow to 7.5 million, according to the materials of the RZD meeting at Dietrich.

In the future, Russian Railways can still return to the project of a branch from the Savelovsky Railway Station to Sheremetyevo, continues the participant of the meeting: it is needed, among other things, for transport support of some cities in the north of the Moscow Region.

Representatives of the Ministry of Transport and RZhD did not respond to Vedomosti's requests. Railway communication will increase the transport accessibility of the northern terminal complex, said the representative of Sheremetyevo.