The Northern Sea Route could lead to Igor Levitin

In St. Petersburg, the head of the "Administration of the Northern Sea Route" Dmitry Smirnov was arrested. Putin's adviser Igor Levitin and Deputy Transport Minister Viktor Olersky may also be involved in the case. 
In St. Petersburg, arrested the head of the "Administration of the Northern Sea Route" Dmitry Smirnov. Involved in the case may be Putin's adviser Igor Levitin and Deputy Transport Minister Viktor Olersky. It flares up a huge scandal, which can dismiss high-ranking Russian officials. The fact that the employee Smirnov signed on behalf of the "Administration of the Northern Sea Route" contract with the pacifier, which, according to the investigation, belongs to him.

"Administration of the Northern Sea Route" through fictitious transactions lost several million rubles, which allegedly distributed Smirnov between their accomplices and protectors. The amount is small, likely such transactions were systematic. Now Mr Smirnov in the status of the accused. Most interesting is that the security forces do not reveal all the details and possible suspects. But some say the magnitude of the leak case.

Is suspected besides senior officials and private companies. For 2012-2013, Dmitry Smirnov, directing BBASU concluded a series of questionable contracts for the supply of equipment for rescue craft organization "Kaliningradmorneft" for 4 million rubles. The problem is that the Court has already been equipped with everything you need! Perhaps once the contract was signed on paper, but the money went into the pockets of officials in kickbacks.

We note that the Deputy Minister Viktor Olersky held a special meeting, the decision of which the captain ordered the port to increase the tonnage tax and appeared to direct the excess to finance the basin rescue departments. It looks for fraud Smirnov with a light hand of the then Minister of Transport Igor Levitin, in 2013 was appointed head of FGI "Gosmorspassluzhba Russia." This spring, Smirnov took over as head of the Federal state institution (PKU) "Administration of the Northern Sea Route", and again began to "seize" by all appearances, moreover, "seize" decent.

After this public enterprises exclusively deals with the administration of navigation on the Northern Sea Route, including issues permits for sailing!

Patrons Smirnova

Patron Smirnova considered presidential aide Igor Levitin and Deputy Transport Minister Viktor Olersky - Head of the Federal Agency of Sea and River Transport. Generally not very clear how Olersky, with dubious business biography has received high office. And he got it back in 2009 with the gentleman Levitin.

A year after receiving the high post of deputy in the government Olersky almost became a defendant in the case of organized crime groups! In 2010 in Moscow, the trial of 12 thugs Kingisepsky OPG and former Federation Council member Igor Izmestieva. What does Olersky you ask?

The fact that the 7 members of the gang received from 6 to 19 years. All of them took place in the case of the assassination attempt on the former president's son Ural Rakhimov Bashkorii. Some began to speak, and that's what it turned out - was a partner Olersky Shlisselburg Dmitry Vasilenko, who can "look for" the killers of his son Rakhimov. All was quiet, Vasilenko then became the head of one of the districts of St. Petersburg. In 2016, he was confirmed as a senator from the city. But they may soon do the investigators in the case of bribery! So that old things can also emerge.

Returning to Olersky. Journalists wrote that in the 2000s "effectively" acted bunch Izmest'ev-Olersky-Vasilenko. Strangely competitors disappeared and ligaments. For example, the death of the head of St. Petersburg river port Yevgeny Khokhlov who wanted to "bring order to the head of the group CZRP" Orimi "Dmitry Varvarin, Olersky full control of Company and contributed to its purchase Izmestieva.

Also Olersky helped Izmestieva get Volga River Shipping Company. Mr. Olersky in office trying to introduce quotas for pilots and put all the conductors of vessels under its control. In 2014, it appears that the co-carrier "Infotek-Baltika M" is Viktor Olersky. The company takes the second place in the market by the number of tank containers (more than 1.5 thousand. Plus 600 flatcars). The revenue under RAS -. 456.6 million rubles, net profit - 7.7 million rubles. But the most important thing here, that according to Article 19 of the Federal Law "On civil service" for the asset Olersky were fired. After all, the official has no right to do business. But the civil servant has kept his post ...

The fact that it is constantly supervised Olersky "cartridge" Igor Levitin, who in 2009 and made his deputy of our "hero". Since 2013, Igor E. Assistant Vladimir Putin and has not less influence. What Olersky decried in his post attributed to the influence Levitin. By the way, now owns "Infotek-Baltika M" Kremlin-connected billionaire Gennady Timchenko. And now let us return to Igor Levitin also associated with the "authoritative businessman" Ilya Traber, who is rumored to be "hidden" business partner of the current Putin's aide. Recall that the Spanish press called Traber under his nickname "Antique" and linked to the Tambov criminal gang!

When Minister Levitin was in addition Olersky rose and Traber. People "reputable businessman" including the former director of the "Port fleet" Anatoly SAVKIN took the place of the head of the St. Petersburg branch of Rosmorport, the ex-employee Traber Igor Rusu - headed the company "Ust-Luga", and then he became deputy head of Rosrechmorflota.

At the same time Levitin entered the top three most affluent members of the Russian Government, together with Trutnev and Khloponin. According to published in the April 2010 declaration of the Minister of Transport Levitin, in 2009, he earned more than 21.59 million rubles. Based on these data, where income sources are not disclosed, the magazine "Power" Levitin carried her to the number of officials who have "clearly salary is less than half of the revenue."

The arrest of the head of "Administration of the Northern Sea Route" Dmitry Smirnov could lead to the investigation of detail Deputy Olersky and Putin aide Levitin. Now officials placed under house arrest for 1 month and 18 days if Smirnov will not want to go to jail in the case of 2013, then it will have to make a deal with the investigation and begin to testify ...