The "Oboronservice case" suggests collaboration

Another defendant is ready to help the investigation.
Yesterday the lawyer Hasan Ali Bohrok involved in high-profile criminal case of embezzlement of funds through the Ministry of Defense and the structure of "Oboronservis", said that the pre-trial deal on cooperation concluded another defendant - a former general director of "Oboronstroy" Larissa Egorina. However, according to "Kommersant", the defender a little ahead of events.

"Things Smetana and Egorina isolated in a separate proceeding in respect of each of them, they have concluded with the investigation pre-trial agreement on cooperation." - Said in an interview Buisness FM lawyer Borok, representing the interests of the main accused in the case - former head of the Department of Property Relations (DIO) Defense Ministry Evgenia Vasilyeva. Commenting on his statement to "Kommersant", the defender explained that this conclusion he did after a conversation with the investigator Chief Military Investigation Department (GVSU) TFR, with whom they discussed the day before the order of familiarization with the case of the accused.

According to Hasan Ali Borokovo, because of the so-called "Oboronservis" base case, including 36with episodes of criminal investigation in terms of activities, it has been allocated a criminal case of 12 episodes. With its materials are now acquainted defendants and in the near future, after approval in the military prosecutor's office, it will be submitted to the court. At the same time, according to the defense, the investigator told him to allocate a separate production of two cases - concerning former head of Legal Support Center "expert" Catherine Smetana and former head of OAO "Oboronstroy" Larissa Egorina.

Given that the two were old friends Evgenia Vasilyeva, hit the military-economic system through its patronage, and once there, were in direct proportion to the former head of DIO, from the statement of the defense it is actually implied that the two supernumerary admitted their guilt and gave incriminating testimony against the alleged organizer of the theft.

As explained by "Kommersant" a source close to the investigation, the former general director of OJSC "Oboronstroy" Egorina accused on several episodes of "fraud on a large scale" (para. 4, Art. 159 of the Criminal Code). She was charged with illegal contMs. businessmen owned "Oboronstroyu" buildings of "31st State Design Institute spetsstroitelstva" at the Smolensk Boulevard and JSC "General Directorate arrangement troops" in Lane Baptist, shares and payment of the Institute of solid percent Catherine Smetana, which has taken over the functions of a realtor in transactions. Formally, all decisions on sales and payments made by the management of JSC "Oboronstroy", so CEO charges Society presented one of the first.

Ms. Egorina, according to a source "b", indeed has agreed to cooperate with the investigation. In his testimony, it is, however, outlined a somewhat different version of events. According to her, the decision of the shareholders' Oboronstroya "for the sale of objects has always been predetermined, as most of them were staff members of the Ministry of Defense and submitted the former defense minister Anatoly Serdyukov and close to his boss DIO Vasilyeva.

In this case, unlike Mrs Smetana also clarify the role of the investigation of his alleged accomplices, Ms. Egorina categoricallyHe refuses to admit their own guilt in the alleged embezzlement. Therefore, with the ex-head of the "Expert" Main Military Prosecutor's Office really has signed a pre-trial agreement, which implies a special procedure for the trial and a significant easing of the sentence, and the former head of "Oboronstroya" - no. Larisa Egorina for cooperation without remorse had only the right to wait for the court under house arrest - GVSU TFR did not request the court to her detention. In addition, the investigation has excluded the former head of "Oboronstroya" from the group of alleged thieves, deciding that the alleged fraud she committed her alone. Thus, the fate of Mrs. Egorina as the fate of Mrs. Smetanova, will be addressed in a separate trial, but the judge her, as opposed to the girlfriend will be on a general basis.