The oldest Moscow network of Samson-Pharma changed its owner

A network of cheap pharmacies went to competitors.
The oldest Moscow network of pharmacy discounter "Samson-pharma" has changed its owner - it was a certain Alexander Larin. It is not excluded that he is a nominal buyer, the real new owner could become the company "Erkafarm", developing, in particular, the network of pharmacies "Doctor Stoletov" and "Ozerki".

Moscow businessman Samson Sogoyan sold his pharmacy chain Samson-Pharma. According to, its owner was a certain Alexander Larin, who previously was a co-owner and CEO of Petersburg LLC Freya. This company was owned by the registered in the British Virgin Islands Freya Development and was liquidated in 2016. Contact with Mr. Larin failed.

In March 2018, the industry publication Vademecum reported that the pharmacy chain Erkafarm (Doctor Stoletov, Ozerki, Good Pharmacy) could become the owner of Samson Pharma. In the same month, Armine Danielyan, commercial director of Erkafarm, was appointed general director of Samson Pharma. Both of these positions Ms. Danielyan still occupies. According to two Kommersant sources in the market, Samson Sogoyan sold his network to Erkafarm: the deal was allegedly completed, and Alexander Larin is the nominal owner. Erkafarm declined to comment, without refuting or confirming the purchase of Samson Pharma. Contact with Mr. Sogoyan failed. Earlier, experts estimated the cost of its network at 2.5 billion rubles.

According to one of the interlocutors of "Kommersant", such a scheme of the transaction was necessary for Erkafarm, so as not to buy directly a financially unstable pharmacy network. This could spoil the company's relationship with Sberbank, which financed the previous deal, Erkafarm: the acquisition in November 2017 of more than 1 thousand points with a turnover of 20.2 billion rubles. united pharmacy network "Rainbow-First Aid-Ladushka". As a result, by the end of 2017, Erkafarm included 1.2 thousand pharmacies, its market share was 3.8%. The source of Kommersant assumes that as soon as the financial position of Samson Pharma improves, Erkafarm will become the direct owner of the network.

The network of pharmacy discounter "Samson-Pharma" was established by Samson Sogoyan in 1993. According to Vademecum, the company's revenue in 2017 was 10.3 billion rubles. - 11.61% lower than the year before. In November 2017, the network began to receive claims from creditors. Now, according to, the company is the defendant for 49 cases for a total of 211 million rubles. Market participants argue that Samson-Pharma should still about 600 million rubles. two largest drug distributors - Protek and Katren.

One of the interlocutors of Kommersant notes that the problems of Samson Pharma are connected, among other things, with the fact that its owner hurried to open new points. At the end of the first half of 2016, the network included 58 pharmacies, a year later there were already 74. As a result, traffic did not increase, but was distributed between new and existing points. The summer of 2017 was marked by a low purchasing power, which led to a decrease in sales of Samson-Pharma. As a result, the network could not further load the goods with its pharmacies. In the second half of 2017, Mr. Sogoyan had to close up to 20 points.

In the opinion of Evgenia Nifantiev, the general director of the pharmacy chain Neofarm, if Samson-Pharma went bankrupt and left the market, the distributors would have lost money for goods shipped but not yet paid. "This would lead to stricter work with the rest of the pharmacy chains," the expert explains. He also assumes that Erkafarm will keep the Samson-Pharm brand well-known to the inhabitants of Moscow and its suburbs.