The operator of the yacht club "New Harbor" "RB Marine Group" did not escape bankruptcy

The operator of the yacht club "New Harbor" did not escape bankruptcy.
Created by RBE owner Andrey Shokin, LLC "RB Marin Group" may soon cease to exist. The company's creditor in the person of the Federal Tax Service decided to go to court with a request to recognize the organization as insolvent and open a bankruptcy proceeding. The process of bankruptcy of "RB Marin Group" was launched due to debts in the amount of more than 50 million rubles. In April, the company introduced a surveillance procedure. At this stage, the company began to repay the debt. The fiscal body even announced its intention to conclude an amicable agreement with the debtor. However, the operator of the yacht club did not fully pay the bill.

At a meeting of creditors LLC "RB Marin Group" decided to apply to the court with a demand to recognize the company bankrupt and open a bankruptcy proceedings. The corresponding application of the temporary manager Julia Shilenko was sent to the Arbitration Court of the Samara Region. The claim for the recognition of "RB Marin Group" because of a debt of 50 million rubles. at the end of last year the court filed the Federal Tax Service. In the spring of this year, the court introduced an observation procedure for the organization. The company planned to pay off its debts and to stop the proceedings, but the debt was partially repaid.

• LLC "RB Marine Group" was registered in 2007 to create a yacht-resort in Samara, an ambitious project was subsequently not fully realized. At first, the owner of the organization was the beneficiary of RBE Group Andrei Shokin, later it came under the control of Andrei Bakharev. According to SPARK-Interfax, Mr. Bakharev is the sole owner of the company and its director. Financial statements are not disclosed. Judging by the information on the website of the RB Marin Group, the organization is engaged in the sale of boats and yachts and their servicing. At the Molodogvardeysky Descent, she owns a 120-seat riverboat site and a complex of facilities for rendering related services. The land and buildings are leased for a long time from the Samara River Port, the state is the owner of the land.

Several years ago, the yacht club operator initiated a legal dispute with the regional authorities because of the territory on which the business is carried on. In 2016, the regional government ordered the withdrawal of the site for the construction of the Frunze Bridge. "RB Marin Group" tried in court to recognize the order as illegal and to cancel it. In March of this year, the company lost the third court. According to lawyers, the company still expects to recover the market value of real estate objects located on the seized land. "At the same time, claims for compensation can also be made against the lessor of the land plot. The latter, in particular, can be sued for recovery of losses and loss of profits arising in connection with the withdrawal of the leased land in favor of the state, "said Pavel Ivchenkov, partner of the law firm" Business Fairway ".

In April this year, with respect to the "RB Marin Group" introduced a monitoring procedure. The tax service entered the register of creditors' claims with the amount of 32 million rubles. At present, JSC AktivCapital Bank (about 88 million rubles), OOO Kedr Samara (4.9 million rubles), OOO Service Consult (55,000 rubles) are also trying to enter the register of creditors. Whether "RB Marine groups" agrees with the decision of the Federal Tax Service to bankrupt it and start the bankruptcy proceedings, "Kommersant" could not find out - the owner and head of the company Andrei Bakharev replied that he was not ready to comment on the situation and hung up.

Lawyers believe that the society will no longer contest the decision of the tax service. "Taking into account the fact that the decision to introduce an observation was taken by the court on April 16, and the debtor did not use the right of his appeal, it can be concluded that such a breakdown of his affairs at the present stage is quite satisfactory. We must not forget that the debtor was not able to fulfill obligations to its creditors voluntarily, as a result of which multimillion-dollar debt led to the initiation of bankruptcy proceedings against the company, "says Pavel Ivchenkov.

As the lawyer explains, now "RB Marin Group" is waiting for the sale of property at auction, aimed at satisfying the claims of creditors, and the liquidation of the company as a legal entity.