The owners of the Urban Group are suspected of withdrawing funds

Around the company the intrigue is untwisted: how much money from it and its "daughters" the fathers-founders had time to deduce, whether the main owner Alexander Dolgin will be arrested and what to do with thousands of co-investors who turned out to be on beans.
The Arbitration Court of the Moscow Region has declared bankrupt "Your City" LLC - it is the "daughter" of the crashed Moscow developer Urban Group. This structure is the developer of the residential complex "Prominent City". The court also considers applications to five more entities of the Urban Group. The application was filed by the Foundation for the Protection of the Rights of Citizens Participating in Shared Construction, created last fall. During the court session, the representative of the fund said that the inspections of Glavgosstroynadzor revealed the facts of withdrawal of funds.

Today, the Arbitration Court of the Moscow Region has recognized the incompetence of LLC "Your City" and opened a bankruptcy proceedings for a period of one year. A representative of the Union of Arbitration Managers "Self-Regulating Organization" Northern Capital "was appointed as a competitive manager." LLC "Your city" - "daughter" Urban Group - is the developer of the residential complex (LC) "Prominent City".

The court also considers the application for bankruptcy and other legal entities of the Urban Group - OOO Ekoquartal (construction of LCD Mitino O2), JSC Continent Project (developer of the LCD Solar System), OOO Highgate (construction of LCD " Opalikha O3 "and ZhK" Lesoberezhny ") and LLC" Ivastroy "(it builds LC" Laikovo "). The bankruptcy petition was filed by the Fund for the Protection of the Rights of Citizens Participating in Shared Construction, created last fall, which is analogous to the Deposit Insurance Agency in the banking sector. During the court hearing on the application for "your city", information was sounded that the company needs 6 billion rubles to complete the construction.

Representatives of the defendant said that the financial problems of all the company's structures began after the fund blocked registration of new equity agreements (DDU) through Rosreestr, as a result of which the developer lost the opportunity to raise funds from citizens. A representative of the fund, Maria Mikheeva, insisted that there were facts of withdrawing funds from the company. "The audit revealed the facts of misuse, including the facts of withdrawing money in large amounts to the personal accounts of the beneficiaries of the group, including Mr. Dolgin," Maria Mikheeva said during the court session. Verification was conducted Glavgosstroynadzor, she specified.

The federal authorities also conduct an audit of the Urban Group, but can not announce its results. Although the new head of the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation Vladimir Yakushev says almost every week that the verification of the financial activities of the developer is completed. Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko, who oversees the construction industry in the federal government and issues of defrauded co-investors, said that the audit will develop a "roadmap" for the completion of the Urban Group. As reported by "Kommersant" on June 4, Urban objects will be completed at the expense of budgetary funds. Money from the RF budget will go to completion of social facilities in Urban projects. Half of the necessary money for the completion of housing will also allocate the country's budget, the rest half of the power of the Moscow region. Such a mechanism is necessary, since, as Vladimir Yakushev previously stated, the fund does not have the necessary funds to complete the Urban Group projects.

The Urban Group, created ten years ago by Alexander Dolgin, built about 2 million square meters. m of housing in the suburbs. In the company's portfolio, in particular, residential complexes "Lesarevrezhny", "Opalikha O3", "Mitino O2". Problems with the developer began recently: at first Rosreestr blocked the registration of the DDU, later Sberbank, referring to the risks of Urban, withdrew the company from accreditation for mortgage programs.

The number of co-investors who did not receive an apartment has not yet been officially called. Analyst CIANA Alexander Pypin, after studying the extracts from Rosreestra, estimated that the company raised 85 billion rubles., Having sold 19,444 apartments at retail in the DDU, of which 5,220 are in the commissioned houses and 13,842 in the houses under construction, that is exactly the number of buyers will not receive accommodation on time. Rumors about the financial problems of the Urban Group appeared on the market in 2017. In a June interview with Kommersant, this was indirectly confirmed by the governor of the Moscow region, Andrei Vorobyov: "Last fall we conducted scoring ... A number of Urban objects have lagged behind the schedules. The company received a warning, but assured that these are temporary difficulties. "