The path of "black" Vdovin

How Andrey Vdovin professionally ravages banks.
Russia is famous for its talent, not only writers and sportsmen. There is a special caste of "artists" - the financiers who are able to draw the balance sheets so skillfully that very few people will be able to see how the actual state of affairs in the bank or company that a person owns and operates.

One of these businessmen - banker Andrei Vdovin, who has long been known in the market that buys banks and bring them to the "dead" state. Sometimes he even manages to sell the bank - "dummy", but after these banks Vdovina "live" did not last long: as soon as it comes out of the capital, it turns out that investors have disappeared, the loan portfolio does not work. And while the new owner of the bank is dealing with these issues, Vdovin has already created a new bank, with which you can cash out or withdraw their funds abroad.

It can be a long time to discuss the "bad karma" Vdovin, but in fact all the banks, which worked the banker, blown: Expobank after his release showed a huge loss, MDM, which intersected Vdovin times, due to the large portfolio of bad loans had to look for a new owner at M2M bank license revoked December 9, 2016, and the main asset of today - Asia-Pacific bank has on balance a multibillion-dollar bad loans M2M.

It is difficult to imagine that an experienced banker Vdovin never know what is going on in its banks, why they are doing fictitious transactions, money laundering and so on. More hard to believe that he is well aware of all the operations, and even encourages them. Indeed, in the capable hands of the banks - this is a great way to enrich and financial assets needed: you can organize your own business lending at concessional rates (or without them). Also with the help of banks to easily withdraw funds abroad.

It is known that lets Vdovin of the derived money on their other assets - "ABC of Taste" or the gold Petropavlovsk. Only this "part" is very small, since major development assets occurs on the borrowed funds. Banker actively takes money abroad using the Latvian banks: no secret that Vdovin long dreamed to settle in London, where he had already bought a property.

What is surprising is that the cases of withdrawal of funds is not rare, and occur with the complicity of the Bank of Russia, which not only checks the banks, but also of the shareholders - the frequency of the origin of money, reputation and so on. And as the supervisory block CB each time negotiates purchase Vdovin shares of banks, it only shows that his reputation regulator satisfied. Or profitable.

However, a review of the license M2M can put bold cross on plans Vdovina - most likely it will fall into a "black list" of the Central Bank of bankers as he actually ran the bank, whose license revoked. And the more he will not be able to hold top positions in other banks. Accordingly, he will have to leave the ATB - and as a leader, and as a shareholder.

Vdovin also mired in litigation: with his demand to return the loan to the bank of Baikal and Roman Abramovich. But this is only public affairs, all trials Vdovina is not yet known.

However, it is strange that the Central Bank is now only pays attention to Vdovina, because many aspects of Vdovina had to look with interest still "yesterday".

As Vdovin studied "gut" banks

Known for "Banking Review" magazine in the financial world classifies Vdovina to one of the oldest existing bankers not on age, and duration of work in the business. He started working in the banking sector since 1988, and "successfully" continues to operate. He managed to "light up" in the Bank "Asia-Trust" CB "Expobank" Bank "Moscow Business World" (MDM) and LLC "Euro-Asian Credit Bank" M2M Private Bank and the Asian-Pacific Bank (ATB). Of course, the greatest popularity he received from Expobank, which is actually an empty managed to sell the British Barclays.

In 1988 Vdovin was 18, but through connections (his grandmother was an accountant) he was such a young age to work in its first bank - Zhilsotsbank. Two years later he moved to Aviabank, where he was chief accountant. This place has become fatal: it is thanks to Aviabank Vdovin met with Pavel Maslovsky, the creator of "Tokur-Gold", which is engaged in raising funds for the extraction of gold. However, the main settlement bank "Tokur-Gold" was a regional bank "Asia Trust", and invited the young Maslennikov Vdovin and his classmate Cyril Jakubowski, to head the Moscow branch of the Asia-Trust. However, the parent bank (it was on the East of Russia) could not survive the dashing 90-s, and ruined, but the Moscow branch was saved. By that time - in 1994, the Moscow branch at times superior to balance his "mother", and salvation is the capital of the branch participated famous names and companies.

By the way, interesting history and "Tokur-Gold": by 1999, the company has attracted billions in population, promising to return on the gold business, but then ceased to exist. It was one of the big pyramids, which were trusting the Russians, and its ideology was just Maslowski - each Vdovina.

Once in the bank, which was on the brink of ruin, the young bankers began to think about how to save him. Army buddy Cyril Jakubowski was the founder of Wimm Bill Dann Sergey Plastinin. He then helped to "build out" Moscow "Asia Trust" owner of the bank "Iskol". Later, it was renamed in Expobank, Chairman of the Board (and secret co-owner) was a 23-year-old Andrei Vdovin. While the Russian central bank has not yet set a serious supervisory rules for banks, there was no requirement to disclose the ultimate beneficiaries, so the pattern of ownership in some bank could only guess. As he later admitted Vdovin, he was responsible for accounting and financial side of the issue, and Jakubowski - for communication with customers. Expobank Things were going up the hill, among the owners there were many representatives of the restaurant business that was going up the hill at the time. For example, a well-known client was eminent restaurateur Arkady Novikov.

True, the first high-profile scandals the bank did not take long to wait. It Expobank thundered throughout Russia, as a bank, Serviced "laundry N1». In 2001, the Russian investigators for the first time to court a criminal case on money laundering. Investigation Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has finished investigating two episodes of extensive business-related, investigators say the legalization of illicit proceeds through Moscow Expobank (wrote newspaper "Vedomosti" The amount of transactions was small -. Only $ 5 million from $ 150 million, but for UK employees at the Interior sum It was not the main they were trying to set a precedent for the successful prosecution of one of the most trudnodokazuemyh articles in the Russian criminal Code.

Driving money looked like this: received an illegal income of the company (in the investigation of the two - "Company denol", a seller of furniture, and CJSC "MRK-Transit", which imported alcohol) lists the income "washout office" called "Eco-Office" which manages the accounts "of hundreds of fictitious firms" in Expobank. In the next step from the accounts of companies, one-day money transfers abroad - mainly on contracts for the supply of marketing services, which, according to the investigator, were fictitious. In these episodes, the funds were transferred to the Latvian Aizkraukles Banka to offshore accounts (to the investigators do not call) companies Bosswell overseas, Longbenton Ltd, Kavalier Marketing.

Vdovin then explained that Expobank in no way to blame, but everyone knows that the bankers can always calculate how cleanly transactions of their customers, and the main thing here - the desire or unwillingness to prevent unscrupulous customers. As can be seen, Vdovin not eager to report on questionable schemes to the authorities, but got a good experience of such transactions (and it is likely - a fee).

Curiously, while Expobank has been in the sales process: Wimm Bill Dann appeared on the IPO (initial public offering) and got rid of non-core assets. For the first time in the history of Vdovina appears MDM Bank - until recently one of the largest banks in Russia, founded by Sergey Popov and Andrey Melnichenko, Russian industrial magnates (including owned company "EuroChem"). They bought Expobank. By the way, at the same time of the bank's capital and left Vdovin.

How to cheat Barclays

After MDM Bank took it Expobank assets left of it, in fact, only one license. And this "dummy" MDM offered to redeem Vdovin. True their money young but quirky banker who did not want to spend, and again asked for help from Paul Maslovskaya, who built a new company together with his English friend Peter Hambro. They created a gold mining company Peter Hambro Mining. In the west, it was considered a Russian, but in Russian - the British, thanks to the participation Hambro businessman (his family in the 19th century, was the founder of the English Hambros Bank). How then admitted Vdovin, he "learned a lot" from the hereditary British banker. Vdovin, Maslowski, Hambro and Jakubowski eventually become major shareholders of Expobank, which they began to develop as a retail bank. However, officially the main shareholder of the company then known as Peter Hambro Mining - so impressive.

From that moment began to inflate assets Expobank - fictional and real. Bank is positioned as a modern institution that develops a popular and promising area of ​​bank cards. Everything was done for show, apparently already Vdovin intended to sell the bank.

Expobank even managed to involve the international MasterCard system in its "show": with great fanfare Bank announced that the bank became the first in Russia who will release cards with paypass function (pay one-touch). However, after the hands-free presentation in the Chamberlain lane about this business in the bank did not mention more, and now paypass technology development began in the country in just a few years, with the help of a real bank.

As a result, by 2008 Vdovin managed to position your Expobank as a reliable, high-quality and modern bank. As it turned out, he was not only a talented "accountant", but also a marketer, because even in crisis years foreigners had an interest in buying Expobank (in 2007, as you know, broke collapse in the financial markets due to the mortgage crisis). Interest in the bank showed the South African Standard Bank, the French BNP Paribas, but the happiness they could not agree. But the British Barclays could not "see through" Vdovin, and in March 2008 announced that it is buying 100% of Expobank for $ 745 million, that is 4 times more than it was estimated! Such factors buying foreign bank in Russia before it was not, then - too.

After receiving the money from the British. Vdovin wished them good luck, and ... took with him almost all the customers. Very soon Barclyas realized that Expobank - a beautiful wrapper, which was not candy. Vdovin made sure to bring the assets, as the Brits will have control over the bank. This transaction requires a great arrogance, because in fact, cheated Vdovin known international group: put the real money of Expobank, pumped his fictitious assets, demanded a huge sum for the bank and got her. And I go unpunished.

As a result, unable to cope with the problems of the Russian subsidiary in 2011, Barclays sold unprofitable Expobank banker Igor Kim, writing off losses from the deal at 300 million pounds. By the way, at that time, Kim was a co-owner of MDM bank, which has already arisen on the path Vdovin and Expobank.

New Empire Vdovina

The logical question is - where to put the money from Vdovin Expobank? Recall that Vdovin with partners to buy gold miners not only banks: a portion of proceeds from the sale Expobank money, they bought 25% + 1 share of online grocery stores premium "Taste ABC". Since the owners of the network and Vdovin, Jakubowski were friends almost from school, and friendship moved to the business: Vdovin has repeatedly boasted that its banks gave loans to owners of "ABC" on parole. The cynicism that he was not even afraid to hide their risky transactions or by other clients or by the Bank of Russia (the regulator should ensure that the loans were not a "word", and a specific pledge).

Parallel Vdovin began to build a new bank "empire." Back in 2001, the year he was already known Maslovskaya, Hambro and Jakubowski created VMHY group (the first letters of the names of the participants). Three years later VMHY acquired commercial bank in the east - Asia-Tihookeanskyi Bank (ATB), and in 2006 a group VMHY bought another bank - the National Development Bank (KfW), which was renamed the M2M Private Bank.

By the way, today there is a new legend: that ATB way associated with M2M was not until the summer of 2016, and bought it to find out, "know-how" to work with VIP-clients. What over 10 years Vdovin owns M2M glossed.

It is in the M2M Vdovin translated Expobank wealthy clients with total deposits of $ 300 million. As he confessed Vdovin, on such deposits he paid a very high rate - double digits. As is known, high rates on "their" customers VIP category is an indirect indication of the withdrawal of assets - absolutely legally Bank puts non-market rate of return on deposits, and until recently one such financial-inefficient for the bank transaction is not worried. Another reason for high rates - the bankers want to attract more customers at higher rates, then to withdraw assets and bankrupt the bank.

Both schemes are very popular, and Vdovin could not pass them by - M2M began to repeat the path of Expobank: higher rates on deposits, questionable transactions with foreign banks that cause issues Rosfinmonitoring. It seems Vdovin started to prepare a new bank for sale, and if not for the financial crisis and the anti-Russian sanctions, we have been waiting for new stories on the record multiples. But adverse geo-economic policy is mixed Vdovina card. In such a situation it is better to establish a reliable output channel funds abroad in order to accumulate capital by the time when you have to leave Russia.

As a result, Vdovin was co-owner of two different banking businesses: in the east it was the ATB, which credited the gold assets of Peter Hambro Mining (in 2008 it was renamed Petropavlovsk), and M2M privet bank formally took up work with wealthy clients - this kind of business is characterized by a large opacity of the conservation principle of bank secrecy and frequent interaction with foreign banks. Great cover for transferring money abroad!

After the successful experience with Expobank, Vdovin already knew what to do with the banks: to attract more customers by using transactions to transfer assets and then either sell or bankrupt bank. Along Vdovin "plays" with the other gets on his way financial institutions that do not belong. For example, the banker actually managed to steal the money from the bank of Baikal - the only bank of Buryatia.

"Baikal" has not sustained credit Vdovina

Two years ago, Lake Baikal bank was normally functioning bank, which serves customers in its region (only one competitor was a Savings Bank, the other banks in Buryatia was not). However, Chairman of the Board of Baikal - Vadim Egorov (and final beneficiary bank) proved to be a good friend Andrei Vdovin. At some point Egorov began to play by the rules of his friend gave out fake loans, sent false statements to the National Bank of Russia. In September 2015 he was granted a loan of 204 million rubles and the most Vdovin, who decided not to give. In the spring of 2016 at the Baikal bank started having problems because of the activities of Egorov, however, came the new owners, and the bank continued to work. But Vdovin loan servicing stopped and the money began to consider their own.

After retiring from the board Egorova (he sold his share in the bank of Baikal), Vdovina loan was recognized as a non-return. The new management has filed for Vdovina to court to get the money back, right after the loan requirements have moved "Dome" LLC. However, fate decided otherwise: in August Baikal bank lost its license and Vdovin quietly spends borrowed money. According to the ex-chairman of the Baikal Bank Vitaly Avdeev, he conducted an investigation in respect of the loan Vdovin, and came to the conclusion that the borrower - not without the active participation of Egorov - had every reason to expect the collapse of the Baikal Bank at the beginning of 2016. There was also an interest: ATB, which is owned by Vdovin, a serious type of business in the Far East.

However, it seems, with the Baikal bank Vdovina have left a small "puncture". November 3, 2016 Moscow's Khamovniki Court decided to satisfy claims against Vdovin: he must reimburse 212,770,000 rubles under the credit agreement, which was ceded to the Baikal bank company "Dome". As a result, it is the "Dome" was able to prove that Vdovin deliberately, maliciously stopped paying on the loan, taken into the lake bank in September 2015.

Of course, there are reasons that Vdovin will appeal the decision, but the fact that the Court awarded Vdovina to repay the loan, has already said that "the protection Vdovina" is not 100 percent.

Bank with VIP-problems

This year, M2M Bank, which is owned by Vdovin, things were getting worse. Since the beginning of 2016 the bank received a few orders of the Central Employment restrictions. Almost 70% of the bank's balance sheet is in foreign currency, and the amounts of transfers of funds in foreign banks becomes very significant. In January, the next six months the bank banned to do transfers of individuals and legal entities to the accounts of foreign banks, as well as bank forbidden to transfer their own funds abroad in the amount of more than $ 10 million. The essence of such a restriction - a violation of anti-money laundering Law 115-FZ: Central Bank, which has long turned a blind eye to the machinations of the bank, still Vdovin made it clear that "as actively withdraw funds abroad can not." So said one banker familiar with the staff of the Central Bank supervision. Also, the regulator demanded to charge additional reserves for 795 million rubles.

But Vdovin, has masterfully honed skills on financial schemes, reserves problem was solved in an original: the required amount of the shares he covered ATB bank, rather than actual cash. This scheme is quite well known: the loan as collateral were offered shares of the bank affiliate that has had an impact as credit institutions affiliated persons of the bank (it was Central Bank should pay attention to, and to further increase the reserve, but this did not happen). It is evident that Vdovin not have enough money to help M2M legally: given the scale of the withdrawal of funds abroad to create a "safety cushion", in Russia it has less liquidity, so you have to use the scheme.

In the spring of 2016 M2M had to explain to the Central Bank a number of suspicious transactions that pointed to the illegal cash withdrawal. The regulator also interested in a sharp drop in one of the most important ratios (liquidity), which shows the bank's ability to pay off customers: the ability was very low. But despite all the signs of illegal activities Bank Vdovina, the central bank only has accrued additional reserves.

At some point it became a violation of regulations for M2M Bank almost a hobby, but the attention of the Central Bank Vdovina did not stop, because you need to have time to withdraw as much money as you can give. A central bank allowed instead of license revocation, he asked the bank's shareholders to make a plan of financial rescue. By drawing up a plan Vdovin companions approached skillfully: overstated the real value of assets, and silent about the need to build up reserves of 3 billion rubles! a huge sum. The Bank of Russia, these "art" got to the core, but the carpet did not cause, but simply shook his finger. Further, the Central Bank periodically introduced restrictions on work with deposits of natural persons or demanded lower interest rates on deposits (note higher rates - this is the first sign that a bank with money problems, he wants to "vacuumed" the market deposits, and then withdraw the money). Since August 2016 the Central Bank for some reason, and stopped doing it.

Further - more, in M2M controller detects new loans that were not reserved correctly, and loans that were non-performing (even through the courts), but also completely without any reserves. The money from the bank their already almost was not, and now the M2M totally dependent on loans ATB (the volume of interbank loans amounted to 5-6 billion rubles). Incidentally, it is interesting that these loans are not reserved, apparently it Vdovin legal money, too, is not enough in itself ATB statements. The Bank of Russia itself is also beginning to actively take up the bank within M2M repo transactions.

Realizing that the life of M2M virtually "in the balance" Vdovin no choice but to merge the Bank of Moscow with its eastern ATB, despite the fact that such a transaction immediately demolish the latest standards. But it did not help: in early November reported that M2M ceases to make payments to its VIP-clients, appeared in the media. Hide M2M problem further was pointless.

Their money to rescue the bank Vdovin would not, so he decided to go for help in the Central Bank. November 11 Online ATB reported that "ATB together with M2M Privet Bank and the Central Bank are developing a mechanism to normalize the situation in M2M." It was assumed that after a week M2M problems had to be solved. However, this did not happen. Then, on December 6, "Kommersant" newspaper reported that the central bank asks ATB allow preferential reservations on loans M2M 7 billion rubles. Vdovin understands that M2M will not be able to save, so now asking for monetary favors ATB: he still does not want to invest their money in banks, because it is used to empty the banks, rather than to invest.

As the rescue operation was delayed M2M Bank, and its success was not guaranteed, morning of 9 December the Central Bank reported that withdraws license of M2M "in connection with the poor quality of the credit institution's assets did not provide timely fulfillment of obligations to creditors." By the way, the Central Bank has calculated the amount of compensation to depositors within ASV- system only 800 million rubles (which is not surprising, because the government insures only razmera1,4 million rubles - mere penny for VIP-savers).

At the same time, in a press release the Bank of Russia suddenly justifies ATB (such overtures Central Bank makes a very rare): for some time the bank ATB M2M Private Bank has provided support for liquidity. In October 2016 the Bank of Russia has imposed restrictions on the provision of loans for ATB VIP-daughter, to prevent further spending of the capital and liquidity of the ATB. "It is possible to stop the cost" Asian-Pacific Bank "(PAT) to support PAT M2M Private Bank, to prevent a threat to the financial stability of the parent bank and to strengthen the protection of the interests of depositors and creditors," - says the Central Bank.

Roughly speaking, the Central Bank actually acknowledged that at least one and a half months in the Russian banking system, there was a bank - M2M, about whom he knew controller problems, but not to revoke the license. As a rule, banks do not lose time and start to withdraw those assets that can be derived. Vdovin, with his experience, certainly knows what to do with the banks in predotzyvnom state.

Immediately after the withdrawal of the license M2M events began to develop stramitelno. The three largest newspaper - "Vedomosti", "Kommersant" and "RBC" Monday December 12 came from to M2M materials. the main essence of which was this: sources in the Central Bank reported that the bank has signs of withdrawing funds from one of the owners of the bank (name not disclosed), risky assets on the balance - 10 billion rubles, and Vdovin have to withdraw from the ATB shareholders, as its reputation is now It does not allow to engage in banking activities.

Charges Vdovin is not charged any.

CB and Vdovin - friends forever !?

I do not think that as long as M2M struggled in agony the whole 2016, near the ATB all was well. Norms violated, getting instructions from the Central Bank (and even some not performed, for example broken N6 ratio - loans to one borrower, was broken in February 2016). But Vdovin virtually "scored" on the prescription controller. ATB was slightly warning from the Central Bank and for violation of anti-money laundering law, and economically questionable transactions, even for securities transactions with questionable brokerage companies (later licenses have been withdrawn).

Vdovina For all these violations remained almost without consequences. Bank of Russia, it seems, turned a blind eye to all the dubious operations of its banks. For example, a gold mining company ATB credits businessman Musa Bazhaev: loan amount is 500 million and the interest-free period on the loan unprecedented six months (!). Recall that Bazhaev is partner Vdovin and «Co» in the gold business. Because the loan 340 million Bazhaev directed on repayment of promissory notes and 160 million placed in a term deposit in the ATB. And with all this, the bank recommended to create a reserve of 1% of that loan is negligible. As can be seen, the supervisory unit of the Central Bank indulges all pranks Vdovina.

Moreover, in August 2016 it became the capital of ATB Corporation to develop the Sakhalin region, which has decided to make a reference bank ATB their regional development programs (for this ATB headquarters moved to Sakhalin). The big question is: how could agree on a deal to inject public money into the bank of the Corporation, which constantly violates the regulations of the Central Bank and has almost 6 billion non-performing loans on the balance sheet? The fight against corruption is only in words?

Probably, in Russia it is very few people respond. But, strange "game assets" ATB and M2M estimated Fitch international agency in November this year, it downgraded ATB bank to pre-default, assessing risks of the bank 10 billion rubles for capital 13 billion now, after the revocation of M2M licenses, risks predicted by Fitch. may well soon be realized.

But this stuff, if behind the Bank of Russia is the supervisory unit. The role of the regulator in the fate Vdovina is very interesting: the Central Bank leadership has publicly stated that struggles with unscrupulous bankers, gets "black lists" and etc., he says that will never accept suspicious bankers as the owner or management of the bank. However, for some reason, the Central Bank guidelines do not apply to Vdovina. The man who for many years realizes the same scheme - buy the bank, it squeezes out all assets, records and draws then sells "pacifier" in the verge of bankruptcy, can not be considered a bona fide banker. But something Vdovin regulators liked, and they it is more "gently berate" rather than punish regulations.

Interesting fact: when in M2M Bank experienced severe liquidity problems at the time held its verification by the Central Bank. And no consequences for M2M was not there. That is Vdovin did not hesitate to steal and to break even with the supervisory staff! But when M2M actually turned out to be empty, the central bank finally decides to do his duty - to clean the system from unscrupulous banks. Only he does it seem to be too late.

But the situation could possibly change soon. In recent years, the Central Bank are cleaned supervisory personnel, which takes place without the involvement of the Prosecutor General. The investigating authorities are too frequent, with checks at the Central Bank itself, and the main issue - the quality of supervision and rescue banks. AP arrival of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina, in mid-2013 the Bank of Russia left the head of the central State University Alexey Plyakin; Deputy chairmen of the Central Bank, Sergei Golubev, Mikhail Senators and Viktor Melnikov; as well as the head of the department of banking supervision Ruben Amiryants. In early October 2016 the Central Bank announced the resignation of the Central Bank first deputy chairman Alexei Simanovsky, oversaw the banking supervision (moved to the adviser status), and the deputy chairman of the Central Bank of Mikhail Sukhov, who oversaw the licensing and liquidation of banks and financial improvement and overseeing systemically important players. In November, the Bank of Russia left the deputy chairman Nadezhda Ivanova, who led the Combined Economic Department. Sam Department will be disbanded. Most interesting is that personnel decisions Nabiullina does not solve the problem of supervision: You can change any number of people, but if you do not change the system, such as the bankers Vdovin will thrive.

Alternate aerodrome Vdovina

Although it may Vdovin already preparing themselves for a new life. Only abroad. And by all indications, he may soon need a banker. It's hard to believe that for a very successful banking career banker amassed a fortune that it is desirable to hide from the Russian tax authorities. Hence the constant attempts Vdovina as often as may be directed to the development of its assets loans, not their money. For example, even for the purchase of the package "ABC of Taste" at Jakubowski for $ 125 million, Vdovin took a loan from a private well-known entrepreneurs Roman Abramovich and Alexander Abramov. By the way, December 12, it became known that the structure of the Roman Abramochiva filed a lawsuit against the Cyprus Vdovina: they require a return of $ 150 million. According to RBC, Vdovin was ready to give up the package in the "ABC of Taste", but Abramovich is more interested in a refund than stake in the supermarket.

Today, it is clear the desire Vdovina buy any Latvian bank: Due to the nature of the legislation is Latvian banks have gained a reputation washout main offices for the ex-Soviet companies. Vdovin long been eyeing the Latvian Parex banka, but still bought Latvijas biznesa banka. All was served "sauce" of operations with VIP-clients.

Vdovin admits that owns real estate in the UK, so his children are learning. Banker himself there too often. It is possible there is tons through various schemes and transferred to fixed assets Vdovina. In the UK, there is their laws, and most bankers are trying to hide themselves and capitals there. Therefore logical question: if the banker with the permission of the Bank of Russia, ruins, banks, taking loans (some, as we know, does not give) a bank for easy withdrawal of money abroad, as well as property in the UK, is not Vdovin next candidate for possession ticket "Moscow-London"? After all, the Bank of Russia allows Vdovin for many years to engage in illegal operations with impunity. And if the "black lists" are not replenished bankers name Vdovina, it is too late - he will not be available in another jurisdiction.

Unfortunately, practice and intuition that all questions can be answered positively, and largely because the Bank of Russia allow unscrupulous bankers to leave his homeland after he broke bank, and the assets derived. And here the problem is not only in the Vdovin, who deliberately acts illegally, but also the regulator, which actually allows you to violate these laws.