The PIK Group remained without a pension

Funds left the developer with a profit.
All non-government pension funds (APF), which owned almost a quarter of the development group PIK, withdrew from its shareholders. And the sale of large blocks of shares occurred with a profit for the clients of the funds. These investments favorably differ from similar investments of APFs of large financial groups in securities of other issuers, the exit from which was accompanied by loss of funds and legal proceedings.

Pension funds FG "Future" Boris Mints (according to unofficial information, in the spring he left the Russian Federation, moving with his family to London) are no longer part of the shareholders of the PIK group, said its representative. According to the PIK report for the first quarter, as of March 31, 8.5% of the group belonged to IJC Capital Partners (now Concord Asset Management), which manages the funds of the Future Fund, the largest fund of the same name. Judging by the data of the Moscow Stock Exchange, the commensurate volume of trading in these shares was held in April. Taking into account that the shares in the previous two years grew by more than 1.5 times (NPF "Future" was listed as a shareholder of PIK in 2016), NPF was supposed to profit from the deal. In the APF and FG "Future" did not respond to the query "b".

In addition, last week the auditor of the Accounting Chamber, Vladimir Katrenko, said that in 2017 he sold shares of PIK NPF "LUKOIL-Garant". According to Kommersant's estimate, as a result of the offer executed in October 2017, the APF, which passed under the control of the reorganized CB of FC Otkritie, sold more than 9% of shares in PIK. The fund owned securities for two and a half years, explained in "LUKOIL-Garant". According to the data of the exchange, during this period the shares increased in price by almost one and a half times. Also, from the shares of the developer got rid of transferred in 2017 under the control of the bank "FC Opening" NPF RGS. As of June 2017, he owned 5.2% of the group, and in December he was not among the major shareholders.

Previously, pension funds associated with the "Holding Company" ("LUKOIL-Garant" and NPF electric power), included in the group of SC "Rosgosstrakh" (NPF RGS), owned by FG ​​"Future", as well as the group "Safmar" (eponymous APF, and also fund "Trust") owned large shares of shares of the same companies. NPF RGS, Safmar, Doverie and Future were shareholders of the Moscow Credit Bank. The funds of the CWG, Future and LUKoil-Garant owned large packages of IC Rosgosstrakh. Funds "Safmar" and "Future" belonged to large shares in M.Video, Safmar financial investments, Promsvyazbank (PSB). Pension Funds of the RGS, LUKOIL-Garant, NPF of the electric power industry and NPF Future have been invested in FC Otkritie prior to its reorganization. Funds of FC Otkritie, Future and Safmar still hold stakes in the United Carriage Company (OVK).

Often, such investments were based on the interaction between different FYs, rather than on the interests of APF clients, believes the managing director of the National Rating Agency Pavel Samiev. At the moment, these bonds are broken, caused largely by the reorganization of large banks (see "Kommersant" on June 1).

And while the PIK group remains the only issuer on the list, of whose shares the pension funds have completely and without losses.
In other cases, this is painful. So, the PSB in court challenges the sale of the Safmar and Future Funds of its shares on the eve of the introduction of the temporary administration in the bank (see "Kommersant" on January 30). NPF "Future" is suing Bank Trust (formerly FC Opening) about the repurchase of shares in the parent bank (see "Kommersant" on October 25, 2017). Management companies of pension funds of the group "Safmar" demand in court the repayment of their shares from the HVAC (see "Kommersant" on June 1). In the case of the PIK group, there was a successful coincidence of interests, said the managing director of Expert RA Pavel Mitrofanov: "The consolidation of the group in the hands of Sergei Gordeev, who apparently hopes for further growth in the company's value, coincided with the APF's desire to withdraw from shares that could be bought earlier on some agreements ".