The plane dropped the gold

A valuable cargo fell through the cargo hatch An-12.
The Investigative Committee of Russia (SCR) began checking on the fact of the incident with the An-12 aircraft carrying precious metal concentrate. According to preliminary data, during takeoff due to cargo shifting, the cargo hatch, through which almost 4 tons of Dore ingots fell (through the technological alloy of gold and silver), fell off the plane. The transport prosecutor's office has also begun its inspection.

The accident took place around 12:50 local time (6:50 Moscow time) at the Yakutsk airport. As reported in the TFR, the cargo plane An-12 performed a flight along the route "Kupol" -Krasnoyarsk. According to preliminary data, at the moment of take-off, when the climb was set, the hatch flap disrupted and 172 gold-silver ingots (3.4 tons in weight) fell onto the runway (runway). In all, on board An-12 there were about 9.3 tons of precious bullion.

According to experts, if in ingots about 70% of silver, then the whole cargo could cost $ 122.6 million.

According to some reports, the An-12, carrying a valuable cargo, belongs to the airline "Nimbus". However, the head of the company denied that An-12 belonged to the Nimbus. "This aircraft does not belong to us and we are not operated by it," the director of Nimbus, Alexei Tresvyatsky, told Kommersant, noting that there are no AN-12 planes in the airline's park. "We have only fuel assemblies (modification of An-2.-" Kommersant "), we are small aircraft," Mr. Tresvyatsky said.

The cause of the accident could be incorrect fixation of the cargo. The hatch of the cargo hatch fell on the territory of one of the local car markets without buildings and vehicles, so no one was hurt and no material damage was inflicted. Shortly thereafter, the runway site, on which ingots were poured, was cordoned off by the local police.

It is known that the An-12 with cargo residues on board, landed safely at the airport of Magan, located 12 km from Yakutsk. At the Yakutsk airport, it was reported that the AN-12 was preparing for the flight the equipment that was part of the crew of this aircraft. Having prepared the plane for the flight, they filled the map-outfit, according to which the An-12 was working.

The cargo, incorrectly fixed in the aircraft, belongs to the Chukotka Mining and Geological Company, part of the Canadian Kinross Gold.

The head of the Moscow representative office of Kinross Gold (who is developing the "Cupola" in Chukotka) Stanislav Borodyuk said that all the cargo dropped from the plane was assembled. At the same time he noted that seven crew members and two representatives of the company on board the aircraft were not injured during the incident.

According to Mr. Borodyuk, his own investigation will be conducted with the participation of the air carrier, and according to its results the company "will decide questions on the quality and safety of air transportation, toughen requirements" (quoted by RIA Novosti). "Investigative bodies of the East Siberian Investigation Department on transport of the Russian Federation Criminal Code carry out a pre-investigation check on this fact," the ministry said. Currently, the SCR and the transport prosecutor's office are conducting inspections, which will result in the adoption of a procedural decision.

Chukotka is preparing a gold merger

According to unofficial information, Highland Gold by Roman Abramovich and Canadian Kinross Gold may engage in joint gold mining in Chukotka. Highland Gold needs to develop the Kekura deposit from the ground up to 2029, and Kinross has a gold recovery plant and deposits whose reserves will be depleted by 2021.