The police is looking for 35 billion rubles in the Russian Post

The economic police and the investigation carried out dozens of searches on August 28. The management of the St. Petersburg branch of the Russian Post are under suspicion. 
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Over the past two years through the 35 billion rubles were illegely transferred through the Russian Post. Today, the law enforcement agencies blocked the activity of 40 fictitious business firms and froze the accounts of 400 straw persons in three banks of Russia. "Fontanka" investigated the level of "black" collectors, and why the raiders lapsed into depression.

According to one of the employees of the Main Investigation Department of the MOI of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, "in the period from 2010 to 2012 by the St. Petersburg" Russian Post's structure "it was illegally cashed 35 billion rubles."
A criminal case under paragraph. "B" h. 2 tablespoons. 172 of the Criminal Code (illegal banking activities in an organized group on an especially large volume) was instituted by the Investigative Committee of June 11 this year, but the development obnalschikov operatives "Banking" department of economic security department and the anti-corruption Research Affairs (Webb and PC) was conducted last fall . During this time, law enforcement agencies have established a group of St. Petersburg, built a circuit in the depths of "Mail of Russia".

In principle, it is exichalas only using the mechanisms of the Office of the Federal Postal Service of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. The algorithm was simple: money from customers - those entities who needed a "cache", listed by "laying" on the accounts of the Petrograd inter-district post office, where the amount of translation "on demand" were sent to individuals. Typically, these "Physics" are virtual and are registered in other regions of Russia. From Udmurtia to Yakutia. With hundred of them we have already met operatives Webb and found that on postal transfers they do not know anything.

In order to avoid confusion, the organizers have issued to all recipients of several fictional notarized power of attorney to receive remittances. Recipients were Petersburgers - employees of security companies of the city. Curiously, they all come from Central Asia. As told to us in the economic police "to notaries have no questions, all the documents were forged, including nonexistent notary seals."

By dogsennosti with the staff of post offices in Vyborg, Kalinin, Krasnogvardeysky, resort, seaside, Petrograd district "black" collectors came to the back door and took trunks. On average, each tranche ranged from 6 to 12 million rubles.

So, just on account of one such collector documented delivery of a total of six billion rubles. Move the "collectors" on armored vehicles, sometimes using counter-surveillance and inspection activities are making educated. According to our interlocutor in the Criminal Investigation Department, "these movements participating corporations are not used because of fears that they may work for the economic police."

- Most of all they feared raiders. And not in vain. Cid is well aware that once a quarter to "collectors" committed robbery. The police was involved in them only when it came to firing or serious injury. And then, after the victims had consulted with their chiefs, they disappeared in the memory as obstoyatelstva robbery, and that was in their bags. The attacks are the facts held talks began categorically refute - shared with the "Fontanka" in the Criminal Investigation Department.

Despite the fact that the Head of the Economic Security Department of Mikhail Ilyin declined to broadcast the details of a series of raids carried out by his subordinates, he also answered the question about the presence of the invisible near obnalschikami professional representatives of the criminal world.

- Where there is a serious illegal turnover of cash, there should be and organized crime. Where a flock of fish, there are also predators. I think the gangsters, read the information that the scheme we have is broken, some yearn - predicted Ilyin.

As you know, the last officially registered armed raid took place early this year in the Primorsky district, where in the struggle for a large sum obnalnuyu was shot dead 39-year-old carrier. More bodies were not, therefore, and no complaints.

According to our information, most often in this scheme IU"Basileus" lkaet LLC. It interdivisional financial records associated with this company and want to explore the economic police investigators after the searches. And it was her head FSUE "Mail of Russia" in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region Yuri Agafonov almost personally signed contracts for the provision of postal services. As we are told in the GSM and Webb Research Affairs, "ordinary postmen just nothing to do, but the leadership of mail may have been aware of what was happening."

According to our data, Yuri Agafonov is on vacation, and in its building management on Bolshaya Morskaya, 61, and the Petrograd inter-district post office to Vvedensky, 10, are searched. Including investigations are still five or six rooms, and commercial organizations in ten private apartments Petersburg.

The founder of the same design in the State Ministry of Interior called St. Petersburg man named Roma and athlete nicknamed. He also conducted a search at his house at the Vyborg highway. Man he was a tetchy, and the appearance of the operatives did not want to calm their Asian shepherd dog. SWAT officersGaumont it with the "shocker". In his home employees are most interested in the "rough" record numerous transactions.

In preparation for today's event, the staff of Webb and GUS GU MVD blocked accounts 40 fictitious "firms-pads", opened with three banks in Vologda and in the Urals, and about 400 Russians fictitious personal data.
According to our information, some senior staff of the FSUE "Mail of Russia" will be brought in for questioning after the events.