The police of Saratov Oblast torture detainees

The National Research Institute of Corruption Problems published the report called "Tortures in Saratov. White Paper for 2009-2013." as part of its analytical series "Corruption and Human Rights".
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As noted in the preamble of the document, the interest in the study of this region arose in connection with the collective demands of a number of State Duma deputies, drawing attention to the problem of the high incidence of illegal methods of investigation and operational work in the Saratov region police. In addition, the report suggests, the massive use of torture by law enforcement agencies in the region and recognized the Russian Deputy Prosecutor General Sergei Zaitsev. Research Institute of corruption also refers to numerous media signals: "Monitoring Messaging years information and media analysis led to the conclusion: the Volga region has moved into the lead among the subjects of the Russian Federation on the scale of the use of torture."

The study authors conclude that this problem has worsened in the past four years, when management GU MVD Saratov region came former head of the North Ossetian Interior Ministry, Lieutenant-General Sergey Arenin. "Among those who consider it possible to use in the course of investigation and inquiry of torture and recommend these illegal techniques to his subordinates, and calledDeputy Chief of Police Regional Research Affairs Sergey Poltanova that was previously removed from the post of the chief of Leninsky district police department of the city of Saratov for the fact that three of his subordinates tortured and burned alive a suspect, "- said in the report.

The document cites numerous facts and evidence of torture operatives and investigators GU MVD in the Saratov region against citizens to extract confessions from them. It is noted that widespread in the regional police received electric shocks. For examples of the application of this and other forms of torture against residents of Saratov region Andrei Topoleva (electric shocks and forced to confess to causing grievous bodily harm), Sergei Kuramin (electric shocks and forced to confess to a crime he did not commit, what later installed regional court), Alexander Pudana (tortured in order to obtain the necessary evidence), Dmitry Zabolotsky and Andrew Ziberova (electric shocks to force to make self-incriminating), a member of the SIR "Saratov post office"(Tortured at the police station, not even issued the arrest), Alexander Astafieva (tortured in jail), Saratov journalists Nikolai Lykov and Sergey Petunina (electric shocks and feet beaten for attempting to film the police), Saratov Solodilova (under torture drove the recognition of attempted on local deputy Malyshev, whose lawyers later proved that Solodilov committed self-incrimination under pressure from investigators) and other victims.

According to the report, the head of Research Affairs of Saratov Oblast General Arenin tried to save his subordinates from prosecution for torture: in particular, has filed a lawsuit against the Regional Department of the TFR, demanding an end to the criminal proceedings against the police officers who tortured a citizen Solodilova and forced him to confess to the commission of a crime . In a special series, according to the report, is the episode of the torture and subsequent burning alive members of the Leninsky district police department Saratov Armenian citizen. After this incident, the chief of the police department, Colonel Poltanov was suspended from service, but then promoted to deputy head of the State Ministry of Interior.

Authors tofret note that earlier sent appeals and requests concerning the use of torture in the State Ministry of Interior of the Saratov region, including the State Duma deputies, local deputies, members of the public and the media, to the federal authorities of the Russian Federation authorities were either unanswered or were awarded a formal response. "The analysis of the information provided shows the seriousness of the situation in the Saratov region and the need for immediate intervention in the situation with a view to preventing the illegal actions of the operational police units, made possible under the patronage and connivance of the leadership of Research Affairs of Russia for the Saratov region", - stated in the SRI report problems of corruption. At the same time, we believe the authors of the report, "unlawful means and methods of work, perenesnnye chief GU MVD of Russia in Saratov Region Arenin SP from the North Caucasus to the Volga region, should be immediately suppressed in order to avoid loss of life and in order to prevent the formation of a new hotbed of social discontent and tension in the territory of the Russian Federation. "
Report of the Research Institute of the problems of corruption of torture in the Saratov police directed the Interior Minister, the TFR, the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation and the Presidential Administration. Meanwhile, earlier SRI corruption problems (director S. Sapronov) released a report on corruption in the administration of the city of Astrakhan, shortly after which the mayor of Astrakhan Mikhail Stolyarov was detained and arrested on charges of receiving a large bribe.