The Power Machines: how Belarusian businessmen Khotins became Moscow rentiers

In less than14 years, the father and son Khotin have transformed themselves from small businessmen into a real estate development group having the fourth place in the Forbes ranking.
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Long corridors in several places blocked with massive iron doors. They are open, and then carefully battens down a security guard escort visitors. At the end of the road there is a meeting room with no windows, stuffed shoot and recording equipment, mobile phones do not work here. This is not a prison room and not a submarine. It seems, according to vice-president of the Foundation for Assistance to strengthen the rule of law Vladimir God developers Moscow office Yuri and Alexei Hawtin, located in belonging to their business center "Agat" in Bolshaya Semenovskaya street, 40. Here is set an autonomous power supply system and dug a secret underpass. "Close to the office of the head are two huge shredder - a sudden urgent need to destroy documents. These people are well prepared, "- said God. Hawtin - the owners of the group of companies "Comprehensive Investments". The Foundation, which works God provides legal services to former business partners Hawtin.

Natives of Belarus father and son Hawtin through dozens of companies controlled byassessment of Forbes, about 1.8 million square feet. m of office and retail space in Moscow, in particular, Cherry Tower business centers, "Red warrior" and "Nizhny Novgorod" Technopark "Synthesis". Hawtin themselves manage the business and solve all the key questions: Yuri directly involved objects, Alex is negotiating with its partners and is involved in legal proceedings. However, as market participants believe they may enjoy the protection of an influential person - the former speaker of the Federation Council, and now the presidential candidate of the party "Fair Russia" Sergei Mironov.

Documents - soap

Family Hawtin, according to entrepreneurs familiar with them, is an indoor lifestyle, information about them is scarce: older Yury - 60, the youngest - about 35 years, supposedly they are both - graduates of military schools. From the comments for this article declined to Hawtin.

In Belarus, led by Yuri "Belkosmetiks" engaged in the production of cosmetics and household products. In the mid-1990s, father and son came to Moscow, rented premises in the territory myasokombINAT them. Mikoyan and do commonplace - opened shop of household chemical goods. In 1998, after the bankruptcy of the company "Mikoms" businessmen bought for a song one of the buildings and began to give space for rent. What methods have helped Hawtin in less than 14 years from becoming small businessmen in real estate development group, took fourth place in the Forbes ranking?

One of the first objects to absorb Hawtin chose Moscow soap factory (MMZ). In 2001, 65% of the shares owned by businessman Mikhail MMZ Zavertyaeva and its partners, 20% were from the Moscow government. Hawtin are among the shareholders of the plant even before Zavertyaev became the majority owner. "With a deal from us hid that raiders have already come. On them we found out later, "- says Zavertyaev. The trouble, he said, began with a request to the prosecutor's office signed by the then vice-mayor of Moscow Valery Shantsev to investigate MMP evasion from payment of taxes.

At the regular meeting of representatives of shareholders Hawtin came accompanied by OMON fighters. Later were found nedeyssional ballot papers main owners. "Alex Hawtin several times called me with threats, and when we met at a Moscow restaurant, said that acts on behalf of Elena Baturina, - says Zavertyaev. - I'm all negotiations taped and passed in RUBOP, but then all the records are gone. "

Soon after the capture plant at Zavertyaeva was assassinated. At the entrance of his house he was shot at close range from an air rifle, he received a head injury. Zavertyaev says it has identified in the shoot of one of the riot police, took part in the capture plant. Criminal proceedings were instituted, but it soon closed, and all the evidence disappeared. "The guys from RUBOP explained to me that they had called Vladimir Pronin, the then head of the Moscow police, and did not give it to investigate a criminal case", - says Zavertyaev. The conflict lasted for about a year. Zavertyaev said that he did not succeed in court seek damages for lost stock.

And here is another story. After the bankruptcy of "Mikomsa" part of the company property is sufficienteh Stavrulovu Igor, the owner of the company "Igelsnab" producing soy products. In 2007, Stavroula, start a second production plant in Adygea, he decided to sell his Moscow area - 20,000 square meters. m. Hawtin responded to the advertisement for the sale of the first contract was soon signed to a condition of payment by installments. "They have paid a couple of times, and then stopped. I waited nine months, and in October 2008, I wrote them a letter, which will terminate the contract ", - says Stavroula. He found another buyer for processing the transaction requested documents to the district tax office and found that is no longer the owner of the LLC "Igelsnab", which owns the building.

Two years businessman sued former neighbors, as a result, the court found that the re-registration was conducted illegally. But this time the firm to which the disputed property was framed, went bankrupt, and the building is now owned by another entity, a good faith purchaser. As a result, the business collapsed Stavrulova. "We had to close the production in Moscow and in Adygeya and dismiss 400 DeedsCove "- he sighs.

At whose expense of building

According to the present Hawtin unfolded in the mid-2000s. According to market participants, they received about 1 million square meters in 2004-2006. m Moscow real estate, they were mostly former factories and research institutes. Some areas Hawtin bought from companies with a controversial reputation - group "Nerl 'and' Rosbildinga".

Most of the objects formally have the status of production, needed repair and reconstruction. According to Vladimir God Hawtin operated under the standard scheme: reconstructed or demolished old buildings in their place build new, and then resold several times by its own companies, and as a result the building owner turned out to be a bona fide purchaser. Further documents are processed in Rostehinventarizatsiya and Companies House. "As a result, the city does not even know that place for 10 000 sq. m factory area of ​​20 000 square appeared. m of office, "- said God.

With this tactics there is a piquant question: how to find a contractor who is ready to reconstruct the building without the necessary permits. howeverAnd then Hawtin found out - they are simply playing for time, promising to contractors to provide documentation after the commencement of works. "We first of all asked to draft resolution and an order for the construction, - says CEO of one of the contractors of" Stroyinvest "Michael Gavrikov. - Customers are buying time ... We have already completed the construction of, and permission was never ".

History "Stroyinvest" relationship with Hawtin began in 2006. The company has leased an office on Gavrikova soap factory, where just begun reconstruction. "We see: things are going slowly, offered their services - says Gavrikov. - Reconstruct one building, then another, then they went on their other sites. "

During the year, Hawtin paid for work performed, and Gavrikov began to invest their own money in the reconstruction. A year later, when the debt structures Hawtin before "Stroyinvest" reached 70 million rubles, the crisis came and stopped the payments. "They were asked to wait. Year, we have suffered, then I have given a hint about the arbitration, they offered to pay20%. I disagreed, and normal relationship ended ", - the businessman said.

Gavrikov to the police, and then made a request to the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika. The documents were submitted to the Economic Crimes, and soon, according Gavrikova, a private security service and the FSB began their investigation into case is denied due to lack of evidence of fraud. Almost immediately Gavrikova former partners accused him of slander and fraud, and filed a counter-criminal cases. In addition, the arbitration has received 18 complaints from claims made on the quality of "Stroyinvest" work and demanding the return of 126 million rubles. As a result, these cases Gavrikov won in the Federal Arbitration Court of the Moscow District.

In April 2011, the Director General of "Stroyinvest" failed to institute criminal proceedings (Article fraud) against "unidentified consequence of individuals." After preliminary investigation, the Central Investigation Department Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moscow State University recognized his victim and confirmed the claim to 13 million rubles (just about 20%, as suggested Hawtin). "directthreats were not, but from home to work and to the arbitration court accompanied me two cars Hyundai, - says Gavrikov. - At the tribunal, I saw out of the car, these people were getting chairs, we sat down and waited. I already learned in the face. " Support has stopped only after Gavrikov lodged a complaint with the police.

Credit - bank problem

Any real estate development business, even a specific, like Hawtin, requires a lot of credit. Their company, as we found out of Forbes, including cooperating with Rosbank and the National Reserve Bank (NRB). But the history of their relationship with the bank VTB is similar to the detective.

In September 2007, Alex Hawtin, signed as president of the group "Complex investment" companies, sent a letter to the VTB to provide a loan of 5 billion rubles included into the group of "machinery and equipment". As a deposit, the proposed building area of ​​58 800 sq. m. According to the documents, the building belonged LLC, was not burdened with debt and not incorporated.

Credit VTB issued six months later, after spending the necessary pOverko. The loan agreement in the amount of 5.25 billion rubles at 14.5% per annum in the summer of 2008 it was signed the year. A year later, the bank gave the first non-payment, and in March of 2010, filed a lawsuit to recover the debt. "In July 2010, of the" Bulletin of the state registration ", we learned that the decision on the Elimination of" machinery and equipment "and" Mega Group ", a co-signer on the loan - told Forbes spokesman for VTB Vadim Sukhoverkhov - and in August found that in the building, which is the collateral for the loan, in 2007 declared the rights of "Stroymontazh", affiliated with the structures Hawtin. "

At the end of September 2011 the Arbitration Court declared valid the bank demands to return the debt and penalties. Borrowers have promised to pay interest on the loan at the expense of payments of tenants, but soon the bank's representatives learned that the tenants were sent a letter about what is now the sole recipient of the payment is OOO "Edelweiss", also affiliated with the structures Hawtin. In 2011, their debt to the bank amounted to 6.26 billion rubles. Now byVTB power bailiffs trying to get a refund or credit to receive mortgaged building.

With another state bank, Sberbank, in Hawtin got more fruitful cooperation. Before joining "Sberbank" new team headed by German Gref, the fall of 2007 entrepreneurs concluded with the bank credit agreement for 17 billion rubles. Then the crisis broke out, and as Forbes Gref said the loan was restructured and extended, and is now in service.

High patrons

Sberbank loan was extended at the personal request of the then chairman of the Federation Council Sergei Mironov, says one of the entrepreneurs, intersects with Hawtin business. In Forbes disposal is a photocopy of a business card Khotina Alexey Yurevich, Federation Council Chairman Sergei Mironov, advisor with the office telephone of the party "Fair Russia" on the Big Dmitrovka. (Member of the secretariat of the Federation Council confirmed the unit of Forbes that Hawtin was an adviser to Mironov, and now an adviser to another senator.) Market participants believe that the former ACNPp Federation Council could provide some assistance Hawtin. For example, God says Hawtin representatives sent requests for Mironov's name with a complaint about fraud "Stroyinvest" LLC. "Almost immediately Mironov sent a request to the investigating authorities and the prosecutor's office, were held check. In May 2011, a few days before the resignation Mironov, his assistant, invited us to a meeting on the Big Dmitrovka. We explained the situation to him, that's all over and done with, "- says God. In the autumn of 2011, shortly before the elections to the State Duma, he learned that similar requests sent Duma deputy Alexander Korzhakov.

At the request of Forbes Sergei Mironov said the following: "Yuri Khotina I do not know and never saw him again. Alexei Khotin participated in several expert events, which were held in the framework of the Council of Federation. Financial support from our party organization "Comprehensive Investments" never received. And there is no cooperation with these parties I was not there. " Sberbank CEO German Gref told the following: problwe Hawtin credit occurred during the crisis, but the debt was restructured, and more questions arose. "To me no one came," - he said with a smile, answering a question about Forbes mediation of former Speaker of the Federation Council.

Numerous lawsuits involving the company Hawtin, consuming a lot of energy and resources, even in the structure where the works, according to eyewitnesses, more than 400 people from the law enforcement and security agencies. Without sponsors it would be even more difficult in high offices. And yet, despite all the changes in the corridors of power, everything goes on as usual. In the summer of 2011 it became known that Hawtin acquired from structures Alexander Milyavsky shopping malls "Gorbushkin yard" and "Filion", which experts have estimated at $ 400-500 million, calling the purchase deal of the year in the retail market. The next step - Mitinsky radio market, which controls Alexander Tarantsev.