The prosecutor's office did not find houses and a lake from Tulaev's movie from Navalny

She threatens the opposition with a criminal case for slander.
The prosecutor's office of the Kemerovo region did not find property from the former governor of the region, Aman Tuleyev, which Alexey Navalny, the founder of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK), told in a video, follows from the press service of the Council of People's Deputies of the region. "It is established that in the property of Aman Tuleev there are no real estate, land and lake located in the village. Mazurovo Kemerovo district (as reported in the media), "the report said.

The prosecutor's office sent the inspection materials to the Investigative Committee - the latter should decide whether to initiate a libel case (Part 2, Article 128.1 of the Criminal Code, faces a fine of up to 1 million rubles, or in the amount of an annual salary or compulsory work up to 240 hours), follows from message.

According to the head of the investigation department of FBK Georgiy Alburov, the prosecutor's office answered the wrong question when checking: "We did not claim that the property is owned by Tuleyev, it is owned by the regional administration, we showed the relevant documents. Tuleyev is using all this. " The threat with the defamation lawsuit is standard, Tuleyev is not the first time paying attention to FBK, Alborov says: "For example, the Fifth Season Fund, for which transfers were made for Navalny's election campaign, was closed after appeals from the Kemerovo prosecutor's office - the tenant complained to the governor premises in the same building where Navalny's headquarters was located. Apparently, he's just an alert citizen. "

Tuleyev was the governor of the Kemerovo region since 1997. He resigned in early April after a fire in the shopping center "Winter Cherry", when 60 people were killed. After retiring from the post of regional leader, he became chairman of the Council of People's Deputies of Kuzbass.

After the resignation of Tuleyev, Navalny released a video, in which he stated that the former governor of the Kemerovo region "left" a state dwelling of about 155,873 square meters. m, which houses 12 houses, more than 40 outbuildings (cellars, water tower, laundry, etc.), own cell tower, artesian well and pond with a fountain. Navalny also stated that Tuleyev receives payments for the title of "people's governor" or "honorary citizen" - about 2.97 million rubles. in year. "You resign under the pressure of the people, and you have everything from posts to the state dacha," Navalny said.

After that, Tuleyev asked the prosecutor's office to check his income and property, the press service of the Council of People's Deputies of the region reported earlier. "The Internet publishes information about the untold treasures, treasures of Aman Tuleyev, that the head of the regional parliament owns" almost a whole city. " Materials of this content are of a sharply negative nature, misinform the population, morally humiliate the chairman of the Council of People's Deputies and members of his family, "the report said.