The Putin's ex-wife fund assimilates millions received from abroad

The Center for the Development of Interpersonal Communications Foundation, which is supervised by the ex-wife of the president, has begun the restoration of a German villa in Kaliningrad.
The director of the foundation, which owns this mansion at the beginning of the 20th century, is Arthur Ocheretny, the new husband of Lyudmila Putin (she is Shkrebneva, she is also Ocheretny).

As telegram channel drew attention to, another microloan company KarMani rents an office in another building owned by the foundation, already on Moscow Vozdvizhenka. The fact that the ex-wife of Vladimir Putin is a shareholder of this MFI, previously reported "Interlocutor":

Ex-Putin controls his stake in KarMani through LLC Meridian. Through the same company, the Ocheretnykh couple also makes money on leases in Volkonsky’s house: Meridian acts as the main tenant and leases the premises. In the spring, VTB extended the contract with the company until the end of 2029, in total, the state bank will pay more than 2 billion rubles for the office.

Procured money can be spent on the French coast, where they own a luxury villa:

But this is not their only connection with foreign countries. According to the center’s reporting published on the website of the Ministry of Justice, the fund uses foreign funding.

As the Interlocutor discovered, in 2018 the fund spent 7 million rubles received from foreign sources. The total annual profit of the fund amounted to almost 157 million rubles.

Meridian reported revenue in 2018 in the amount of 262 million rubles. Ex-Putin owns this company through Interiorservice LLC, which, according to the extract from the Interlocutor, owns non-residential premises (425.8 sq. M) at the following address: ul. Haseka, d. 9. The real estate that Lyudmila inherited from the Moscow City Hall has been leased for the past three years to a private Center for Motherhood.

Interestingly, another company is registered at the same address - Ipponsport. She earns money on public procurements: she supplies kimonos for judo to children's sports schools. So, even though the former first lady divorced Vladimir Putin, he remains connected with his main sports passion.