The refrigeration plant was built into the case of Anatoly Motylev

15 buildings of OJSC ICMA were arrested.
As it became known to Kommersant, the Basmanny Court of the capital arrested the property of the ICMA ice cream factory. The arrest of a complex of 15 buildings worth about 2.5 billion rubles. became an interim measure adopted in the framework of a large-scale investigation of multibillion thefts that, according to the version of the Investigative Committee of Russia, were committed by issuing non-performing loans, including the company ICMA by the Rossiyskiy Kredit bank, and the organizer of the fraud is the former owner of the credit institution Anatoly Motyleva. The total amount of stolen funds, according to the calculations of the TFR, amounted to 17.6 billion rubles.

At the court hearing, which examined the request of investigator for particularly important cases of the TFR Sergei Dubinsky about the arrest of the property of OJSC ICMA, it became known that the Investigative Committee at the moment has combined into one production already three criminal cases on multi-billion fraud with the means of the bank "Russian Credit". All of them concern the issue of knowingly irrecoverable loans issued to companies controlled by the owner of the credit institution Anatoly Motylev and his accomplices. One of such companies was OJSC ICMA, whose affiliation with Mr. Motylev, believe in the TFR, found "full and objective confirmation" during the investigation.

According to the materials of the case, the president of the Rossiyskiy Kredit bank Anatoly Motylev, in the office of his credit institution (Novinsky Boulevard, 31), has concluded 11 loan agreements "without the goal of a refund." Among them were three contracts with ICMA, signed from June to December 2014. In this case, the property of ICMA was indicated in the documents as collateral. It is this circumstance, the investigation believes, that made possible the theft of funds, since the property belonged to a company that conducts real commercial activity and is clearly not a one-day company. As a result, in total, under contracts with ICMA, according to the estimates of the investigation, 2.42 billion rubles were stolen.

Located in the Northern Administrative District of Moscow, IKMA was created on the basis of a cold storage plant No. 15 built in Soviet times. The main activity of the company was wholesale of alcoholic beverages and food products. The company included a distribution refrigerator for 25 thousand tons of one-time storage, a sausage factory, a fish production plant with a capacity of 10 tons per day, an anchor station, a preservative site, and an oil and fat shop. For the development of "integration links under investment contracts with the Moscow government", share holdings of OOO Belinskaya Poultry Factory in the Penza Region, the largest full-cycle pig complex in the Yaroslavl Region, and OAO Kurba were acquired. IKMA was the supplier of more than 1 thousand enterprises, including the capital school canteens, medical institutions, boarding houses, hospitals, the company also carried out contracts in the interests of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. OJSC was awarded the honorary title "Food Supplier for the needs of the City of Moscow". Now all the enterprises in which ICMA had shares, are in the stage of bankruptcy. The JSC itself was declared bankrupt by the Arbitration Court of Moscow on May 7 of this year. Yesterday IKMA "Kommersant" confirmed that the company does not engage in production activities. On the site of the same OJSC it is indicated that its premises and production capacities are leased.

As an interim measure, the TFR considered it necessary to arrest the property of OJSC ICMA. A representative of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation supported the relevant petition of the investigation in the Basmanny Court. The court granted the request to the TFR, seizing the 15 buildings of the ICMA production complex on Izhorskaya Street. The cost of the seized property is about 2.5 billion rubles, which allows you to pay off the damage on an episode with loans issued by the bank OJSC.

As previously reported to Kommersant, the accusation of fraudulent loans was presented to the former head of the Rossiyskiy Kredit bank Anatoly Motylev (in absentia) and to the general director of the ICMA Igor Shvets. A number of former top managers and employees of the "Russian Credit" pass through other episodes of theft. The total damage is estimated at 17.6 billion rubles.

Anatoly Motylev himself has long been living in London, his extradition to Russia, taking into account the current relations between the countries, looks almost unreal. In Russia, under the court's decision, the real estate of a former banker-a country house-was arrested in connection with the payment of damages in a criminal case (it is being investigated under Article 159, Article 160 and Article 174.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation - fraud, embezzlement and legalization of proceeds from crime) , apartments and parking places in underground parking lots, as well as several plots of land in Odintsovo district of the Moscow region. According to "Kommersant", Anatoly Motylev appealed the arrests of property in person in writing, without resorting to the services of lawyers, and even secured the removal of encumbrances from a small part of his property. In February 2017, the Moscow Arbitration Court found businessman Motylev bankrupt.