The Region group Fund received 3.5 hectares previously owned by Yukos in the center of Moscow

The GK Region Foundation received 3.5 hectares in the center of Moscow, formerly owned by Yukos. On them, Ingrad developer Roman Avdeev will build a residential block.
The structure of the group "Region" can build a residential neighborhood next to the former headquarters of the oil company Yukos, told "Vedomosti" two realtors working in the Paveletsky railway station. It was here - on 3,5 hectares along Dubininskaya street - in 2015 the town planning and land commission allowed the company Topmaster-rielti and related companies to build a complex with a total area of ​​111 000 sq. M. m. Of these, 87 500 sq. m. m, the rest - for commercial real estate and social infrastructure.

"Topmaster-rielti", established by YUKOS, in 2007, along with other assets of the oil company on the basis of the auction went to the firm "Prana". Subsequently, Rosneft bought out the lion's share of these assets from Prana. According to the USRLE, the sole owner of Topmaster-rielti is Promkontrakt; shares of the latter are included in the closed investment combined fund "Industrial Investments" under the management of "subsidiaries" of the group "Region" - "Region portfolio investments". GK "Region" specializes in investments in the financial sector; one of its largest clients is Rosneft, whose pension fund it manages.

The market value of the site on Dubininskaya Street partner of Colliers International Vladimir Sergunin estimates at 2.5-3 billion rubles. Another 7.5-7.8 billion rubles. it may be required for the construction of the complex itself, adds Maria Litinetskaya, managing partner of Metrium; the evaluation of Roman Rodiontsev from Est-a-Tet - 10-12 billion rubles. Revenues from the sale of apartments in the facility will be 17.5-18.5 billion rubles., Sergunin estimated.

The main advantage of the project on Dubininskaya street is the location in the city center, less than 1 km from the Garden Ring and near the station. m. "Paveletskaya", says Litinetskaya. In addition, she said, it is within walking distance of several office centers, which means that housing in the new project will be interesting not only for their own residence, but also for investors who will be able to find tenants among employees of nearby companies. In addition, there is a relatively small number of new buildings in this area: among the nearest competing projects, Litinetskaya calls "I'M on Sadovoye" (developer - PSN), "Level Paveletskaya" (Level Group Vadim Moshkovich) and "Residences of Composers" (AFI Development).

The group "Region" may have another residential project. The company bought from VTB Bank the rights of claim for 4.37 billion rubles. to the structures of the group "Peresvet-invest", which owns the rights to 20 hectares between Zvenigorod and Khoroshevskoye highways, follows from the decisions of the Moscow Arbitration Court. It was planned to build a shopping mall "Green Mall" (315 000 sq m), and now the owners of the site are trying to redesign the project for housing, they know the sources of Vedomosti.