The residents of the Tver region demand the resignation of the governor

They are ready to collect 100 thousand signatures under an appeal to the president.
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In the Tver region began collecting 100 thousand. Signatures for the resignation of Governor Andrew Shevelev. This initiative was made by several non-governmental organizations, business representatives, as well as the parties of the Communist Party and the "People's Alliance". According to them, Shevelev can not cope with the management of the region and led him to bankruptcy, not by chance are now checking in Tver is a group of specialists from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The press service of the governor of the Tver region quickly comment on a situation could not, citing Andrew Shevelev trip to Yaroslavl.

To collect signatures disgruntled governor created the organizing committee, and wrote an open letter (available on the Internet), which asked Andrei Shevelev voluntarily and prematurely resign.

"Unfortunately, two years management area you were so closed to us, so shied away from any contact with people, today we can not say objectively about you either good or bad. Your present living face and left for dead by us and others 'mask' - note the authors of the letter.

According to them, hand two years governor (appointed in July 2011 Dmitry Medvedev) region brought to the brink of bankruptcy. Public debt of the region closer to 21 billion rubles and is increasing every year by 20%. Responsibility for the economic situation of the opposition lay Sheveleva personally and his team, accusing him her of incompetence.

"Your predecessors (ex-Governor Dmitry Zelenin) arrived here already wealthy people. Against the background of you and flown to our lands are looked locusts wildlife division of the hungry edge. We are talking now not even on off-scale corruption, although it is no secret that a bribe for agreeing, for example, for the construction of Tver start at $ 30 thousand -. The absolute record of the Upper from being ripped tverichi for extortion and rudeness khan baskak clicks Dyudentevicha " - remember the story tverichi.

The governor also put the blame of poor quality medical care, increased mortality, illegal, according to residents, the prohibition to engage in pig and a fictional African swine disease.

"If you decide at least a month to live in a village on the 8 th. Pyrubles, ready to show you are not a virtual horror and thousands of living people - children and adults, which you its decision (to ban breeding pigs) and void in the wind "- the authors claim. According to them, the only chance to save face for Sheveleva to voluntarily resign.

As explained by the head of the organizing committee for the collection of signatures of the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the region Andrey Istomin Communist Party, a protest movement arose in Staritsa area region on the initiative of the farmer Denis Suhinina who offered to collect signatures and appeal to the President with a request for early resignation of the governor.

- The crisis is growing in the region. In addition to the farmers' initiative was supported by citizens who are opposed to the point of building, as well as the opposition regional government newspaper "Karavan plus I", - he explained "Izvestia" Andrey Istomin. According to him, on November 23 the opposition plan to spend in the region the most mass for last years protest.

- We are not the opposition, but the only newspaper that was left, the rest zatramboval governor: they can nucOnly five of the ode power. If you hear criticism, threats begin, burning cars, sends inspectors - says editor in chief of the newspaper "Karavan plus I" Gennady Klimov, explaining that with the advent of Sheveleva region fell into collapse: the economy is collapsing, investors run away, the crime situation increases. According to him, a large group of experts arrived in Tver from Moscow by order of the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kolokoltseva.

- Even at the federal level, the Ministry of Interior there is an opinion that the government does not control the situation, and criminal and ethnic groups permeate all levels of government - said Klimov.

The press service of Ministry of Internal Affairs of audit information was confirmed.

- Central body Ministry of Internal Affairs regularly sends checks with different groups in different regions, but before the completion of their work results are not disclosed - told "Izvestia", the press service of the department.

In the area of ​​government with accusations of the opposition in the address do not agree, considering their political order.

- This is not the opinion of the residents, and an order to the governor, is supportedformer political leaders in Moscow. It should be clearly understood that in 2011 changed not only the governor, but also all the security forces, because what happened in the field of the economy, can not be called otherwise than a collapse. Laws were passed, not confirmed by the budgetary commitments and drive the region into debt. Then, when he was appointed Shevelev debt was already 20 billion under its own revenue 33 billion today, with regard to the current debt, the amount of borrowed money is reduced, -. According to a source in the government, refusing to name the potential customer in public.

Experts estimate that the situation is ambiguous.

Head of Political expert group Konstantin Kalachev believes that this is the first serious attempt to shake the position Sheveleva.

- Of course, that in itself does not lead the collection of signatures for the resignation, but drop the stone wears away. What Shevelev became unpopular fact. Moreover, the region has already nostalgia for Dmitry Zelenin, who also became his own, but at least he was not the Ryazan. Appointment of Ryazan, Tver initially offended the local elite, and serious progress is not for the better, & mdash; notes Kalachev.

The head of the Agency for Political and Economic Communications Dmitry Orlov, on the contrary, believes that the situation in the Tver region hard, but not critical.

- The presence of "People's Alliance" among the collection of signatures of the organizers says that moves into retirement will not go away. If the system will respond to such treatment, it will be interpreted as an action taken by a pressure - Eagles notes.