The resignation of Vladimir Yakunin could lead to a change in contractors of Russian Railways

Arkady Rotenberg's family might become interested in Russian Railways' billions. 
With the departure of the head of state-owned companies have changed her favorite contractors. This happens all the time in our Byzantine State ", - complains friend Vladimir Yakunin, who was dismissed in late August, as president of the Russian Railways. "Now contractors Railways do not know what awaits them. The position of their respective owners unstable "- agrees a former employee of state-owned companies. Both recognize that retirement can greatly affect the lives of contractors Railways, among which a lot of people close to the former government. According to the calculations of "Vedomosti", the former advisers, assistants and acquaintances Yakunin have long-term contracts with Russian Railways for more than 360 billion rubles. For comparison: the entire state monopoly's investment for 2014 of a little over 400 billion rubles. The situation is complicated by the contractors that the resignation Yakunin occurred suddenly and had a negative emotional background. The main reason for dismissal - Yakunin aggravated differences with the government over the money for the development of Russian Railways, say his friends. And the emotional background was a report to President Vladimir Putin that the son sharply criticizes West Yakunin Andrth "in a difficult time for the country" has received a British passport, said a former employee of the presidential administration.

Yakunin, as Putin's close friend, did not admit to the railway contract packages other friends of the president, recognized the familiar ex-head of Russian Railways. He led the state monopoly on the basis of their views on the benefits for the company, and with the foreign influence was not considered, they explain what made a lot of enemies.
"Vedomosti" to understand what contracts and assets have suffered a blow after Yakunin retirement and who can lay claim to them.

As fired gosmenedzherov

Layoffs heads of state-owned companies do not just end with the change of contractors or even criminal charges. In the autumn of 2000 he was fired the general director of "Zarubezhneft" Oleg Popov, the head of the state-owned company for more than 10 years. He was replaced by Vladimir Putin's friend - Nikolai Tokarev. The work he began with the verification activities Popov. "[Tokarev] audited, appeared in the Ministry of Energy and reported: it is stolen, the stolen ..." - said the former official. Checking ledto the fact that in 2002 "Zarubezhneft" has filed an application to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, considering the company's losses under his predecessor at about $ 100 million. It was a criminal case, which lasted two years and was discontinued in June 2004. Three years later, he moved to Tokarev "Transneft" to replace Semyon Weinstock. And once again he conducted an audit that led to the scandal over the distribution of contracts "Transneft" on the construction of the Eastern Siberia - Pacific Ocean (ESPO). Allegedly state-owned company spent on the project extra $ 2 billion "The interests of those who took to build this pipe, and the interests of the business radically differed", -. Told "Vedomosti" Tokarev. Two of the selected general contractor -. "Stroysistema" and "Krasnodarstroytransgaz" received an advance of 7 billion rubles, saved on subcontractors, hiring of low-skilled workers, and construction schedule was disrupted. And then "Krasnodarstroytransgaz" that oil market participants associated with his son Weinstock - Boris Lokshin, was sold. Weinstock himself argued that neither he nor his relatives to the contractor relationship had not. & LAQuo; I assure you that if there was something punishable, there would have people sitting in prison, "- commented on this occasion, President Vladimir Putin. "The materials were gathered much, but gave the go-ahead is not", - explained the former intelligence officer. In May 2001, was sent into retirement predpravleniya of "Gazprom" Rem Vyakhirev. And shortly thereafter changed owners at the time of the main contractor of "Gazprom" - the company "Stroytransgaz", the share of which previously belonged to relatives of Gazprom's top managers. "So what? I have a business, and it shareholders - my children and friends. Well, I had other people to call your own business? "- Puzzled asked journalists" Vedomosti "Vyahirev friend and former member of" Gazprom Board of Directors' Arngolt Becker in September 2001. Since the mid-1990s. he was president and the beneficial owner "Stroytransgaz", which is annually carried out the work at $ 1-1.5 billion, with 80% of them - for "Gazprom". In 2001, Becker praised the "Stroytransgaz" $ 2 billion, in addition, the company by the time the package was aks "Gazprom" (5.94%), which was then worth about 32 billion rubles. In addition to children Becker - Natalia and Erna - among the co-owners of "Stroytransgaz" had a daughter Tatyana Vyahirev Dedikova and son of "Gazprom" founder, former Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin Vitali. In 2001, "Gazprom" has come new Petersburg management team led by Alexey Miller. And in the next year and children Vyahirev Chernomyrdin ceased to own blocking "Stroytransgaz", their share has been eroded. Then it was bought by businessman Alisher Usmanov in the interests of "Gazprom". In December 2002, belonged to "Stroytransgaz" Gazprom's shares were returned to the concern. A further control of "Stroytransgaz" has acquired an acquaintance of Putin - Gennady Timchenko.

Leaders on construction sites

The largest group of contractors Railways, which has according to SPARK, "SPARK-Marketing" and Railways site, contracts for more than 350 billion rubles., Connected with her son and business partner of the former councilor and longtime friend of Andrey Yakunin Krapivina, who died in April 2015 Large part of the pinacts - contracts for the construction of the Baikal-Amur and Trans-Siberian Railway in 2014-2017 gg.

Through Krapivina solve many problems associated with large construction contracts Railways, told "Vedomosti" who knew his man. "Vedomosti" Sam Yakunin said earlier that Krapivin - his old friend, who is fluent in banking. Bank experience in Krapivina was this: since 2007 he was not only advisor to the president of Russian Railways, but also a partner of the banker German Gorbuntsov on "Capital Trade Bank" (STB), better known under the old name of "Converse Bank-Moscow". As reported by Reuters, Russian Railways held in the bank large deposits, but the relationship of state monopoly and Gorbuntsov leaders deteriorated in 2008, when it emerged that the bank can not return the deposit of state monopoly on the $ 1 billion. Gorbuntsov brought criminal charges in Russia and Moldova, where he also I tried to engage in banking business. In March 2012, the banker miraculously survived after he arranged to attempt in London. In 2014, he gave Reuters the bank posting, showing that through the accounts in STB belonging 10 firms with nominal owners and, in some cases, dummy directors in 2007-2013. It passed $ 2.5 billion received under the contract from Russian Railways.

Companies Krapivina son Alexei and his business partner Valery Markelov, Boris and Yuri Usherovicha Obodovsky regularly won in a competition of Russian Railways. So, "Roszheldorproject", 75% of which belongs to the structure of related companies Krapivina Jr. Markelov and Obodovsky, and the remaining 25% - Russian Railways, was the winner of the competition for the design of railway facilities in 2013-2017. with a cost limit of 150 billion rubles. Attributable Krapivin, Obodovsky, Markelov and Usherovichu "United Construction Company 1520" in a consortium with two companies in October 2014 received from the Railways contract for 27.9 billion rubles., Implying the electrification of the Trans-Siberian and Baikal-Amur Mainline.

Close a contract for the reconstruction of the BAM and the Trans-Siberian Railway in 2014 was awarded to PJSC "Bamstroymekhanizatsia" - 43.79 billion rubles. until 2017. The company is a consortium of six companies, which at the same time went to another big row volume of 133.5 billion rubles. the reconstruction of the MasterLei. Among the members of the consortium - UK "Bamstroymekhanizatsia", 48% of which belonged to Obodovsky.

At the company PJSC "Bamstroymekhanizatsia" a month before the receipt of the contract Railways in May 2014 changed owners. Almost 80% of the company was registered in the Virgin Islands offshore Evling Business Inc. Prior to this, the main contractor was the owner of his longtime director Vasily Tarasenko, who worked at BAM since Soviet times. And in 2015 in the Council of Directors of PJSC entered Alexei Krapivin, Markelov and Obodovskii. Alexei Krapivin, its partners and the members of his company did not respond to questions "Vedomosti".

Death Krapivina Sr., which is perfectly oriented to the Russian Railways system and the resignation Yakunin can greatly weaken the position of a group of businessmen, believes it is close to people. In such circumstances, the contracting companies and Russian Railways contract may be interested in other strong players, he adds. While talking about the purchase of "Bamstroymekhanizatsia" no, says a person close to the leadership of her, but another change of ownership does not exclude.

Whyate Vladimir Yakunin

Familiar former president of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin told that the reason for his dismissal was a number of factors: among them were working at odds with the government over the state money, which required the Railways, and emotions - Yakunin has repeatedly said that he is ready to leave if his opinion on some issues will not be heard. So, for example, he did not rule out his resignation, if I have to disclose income, as urged by the government, but in the end said that revenues will open once the government made such a decision. Familiar explained that the resignation Yakunin was mainly due to the fact that the state has no money for the former state-owned companies, so spending on them began to decline. A Yakunin has always insisted on the fact that the development of Russian Railways and the economy as a whole is impossible without the support of state-owned companies. But while the government and the president of the Russian Railways demanded efficiency and fulfillment of social obligations in the same volume, not allowing the company to significantly raise tariffs. Yakunin could not agree with it. Friends say that he has repeatedly said that he is ready to quit if his claimozitsiya "no one is happy with." Yakunin counterweight to the government of his friends called the Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, who, as they explained, was to provide an independent opinion on the management of Russian Railways on costs and financial requirements of the state monopoly. Dvorkovich two months before the resignation of Railways Yakunin headed the board of directors. With these fundamental differences with the government, and to spoil relations with many people from Putin's entourage, Yakunin just could not keep his job, his friends say. As a result, the new president of Russian Railways was Oleg Belozerov - not because of the number of personal friends of President. Appointment of a person is not a close circle of the head of a large company such as the Railways, - a kind of experiment on introduction of the system of relations with state companies of the principle of "nothing personal", converge interlocutors "Vedomosti". If Belozerov cope with their responsibilities, the principle can be extended to other important state monopoly. Belozerova his friends is also called a compromise figure between the government and Putin's friends, who have long been of interestRailways are - brothers Rothenberg. Belozerov they have long known even to work in St. Petersburg. A role played by retired and intrigue, complaining familiar Yakunin. Using the fact that Yakunin was a lot of controversy, his opponents in Putin's entourage told the president that the son of Andrey Yakunin got a British passport. By itself, such a message would mean nothing: he has long been engaged in business in the UK, but, says a former employee of the presidential administration, it creates a certain emotional background. After Yakunin father is known for its sharp criticism of the West, and even a co-author published in 2009 the book "The Trap. New technologies to combat the Russian statehood. " "I have lived abroad for the past seven years. Getting British passports - it is a standard procedure. When you are in the country a certain number of years, you have the right to apply for a passport. There is nothing to hide, the deadline approached, applied for a passport and got it "- gave" Vedomosti "Andrey Yakunin.

close builders
Railways largest construction contractor - UK "Transugstroy" - serves designed for 2014-2017 years. a contract for the modernization of BAM and Transsib value of 61.95 billion rubles. The company owner - Anatoly Antipov, who worked at BAM since 1970-ies. He knows not only the backbone, but also the leadership of Russian Railways. Antipov - a former business associate vice president of RZD Oleg Tony building complex.

Longtime friend Yakunin St. Petersburg businessman Vladimir Vasilyev owns the corporation "P-Industry", which first supplied the RZD cutting tool, and is now building patrols and ways to Sverdlovsk Railway (contracts for 8.12 billion rubles. 2014-2015.). Once Vasiliev built to Yakunin country house near St. Petersburg, and went with the president Railways hunting. Vasiliev with Yakunin still listed as co-founders of the company, "This hunting" leased 55,688 hectares of forest in Priozersk forestry. "We are with him [Vasilyev] met for 10 years before I came Railways - Yakunin recalled. - It was either a fine partner, whether salaried employee of a small company,which produced a calibrated timber. The firm built the house. And once she had built my house in the Leningrad region. So we Vasilyev met. Only here the owner of this company was not very decent person, a relationship with him, we broke, and Vassiliev on the old memory was forced to correct any deficiencies in the house, and gradually our relationship developed into friendship, "- said Yakunin" Vedomosti "in 2011
Friendly help in getting Vasilyev rail contracts Yakunin denied.

"Arguments like that if people hunt together, they share with the profit from the delivery of something there RZD, just stupid and unfounded - he told" Vedomosti "Yakunin. - My friends, on the contrary, only more difficult because of all this. It is necessary not only for milk - to blow the water, or have not compromised themselves so that they no me. "

Where else revolve money

Yakunin's resignation could affect not only the railway contractors, but also his friends, who are investing in these contractors and other companies closely related to Russian Railways. Closeinvestments (. almost 30 billion rubles), associated with the projects of state monopoly, managed by another former adviser Yakunin - Sergei Orlov. Orlov and Yakunin met in the early 2000s. When Orlov advised the Ministry of Railways, Yakunin and was the first Deputy Minister. In 2005-2006. Yakunin suggested Orlov to be his advisor. And in 2007 he led the Eagles representation of the company Venture Investments & Yield Management Yakunin son - Andrew, to invest in the creation of a network of hotels. Their partnership ended in 2009 when, as the Eagles, "they disagreed on the prospects for development." Investment in transport and infrastructure projects Railways engaged close to the IG "Rosvagonmash" monopoly created in 2006. In 2011, Orlov bought the shares of the group as he had previously told "Vedomosti". But why take the money, I do not tell. The investment group was part of the management company "RWM capital". Before the group bought the Eagles, that the Criminal Code has been running from close to Russian Railways "Prosperity" non-profit pension fund three FTRA with net assets of 4.5 billion rubles. And one of the foundations nod Managing Company "RWM capital" has become the investor of the hotel chain Andrei Yakunin. Orlov did not comment on this investment, citing the fact that the fund was formed long before, as he led the UK "RWM capital". Now in the asset management UK "RWM capital" 27.4 billion rubles. (Based on 2014), which allowed the "Expert RA" to put it in 25th place in the ranking of management companies. In that invested the money? The company's website says that it has been, and there are direct investments in projects, mostly related to the Railways. For example, a ZPIF UK "RWM capital" has 49.87% of OAO "Russian Railways Trading House" - the largest supplier in the field of railway exports of goods and services. The main owner of the trading house - Railways. (. Revenue TD Railways in 2012-2014 exceeded 136 billion rubles.) Another UK "RWM capital" invested in designing contractors Railways - "Roszheldorproject" and "Lengiprotrans" Andrei Krapivin and its partners. JSC "Transport and logistics complex", developing transshipment complex "Yug-2" port of Ust-Luga in related to railwayth NPF "Welfare" insurance company "Welfare" and JSC "ZHASO" - the largest railway insurer, which in the past blamed the FAS of monopoly. In total - more than 20 projects, one way or another associated with the Railways. The experts found it difficult to estimate the share of rail projects in the money, which owns UK "RWM capital", but that it is not alien to the Russian Railways, no doubt. "Definitely correlate the amount of assets managed by the company and the specific projects it is impossible, since control is through closed-end funds (CEIF), and each can be ZPIF rules asset revaluation. UK "RWM capital" has traditionally been considered close to Russian Railways and its Foundation "Welfare", since the scope of its projects is largely due to Russian Railways ", - says the managing director of corporate ratings RAEX (" Expert RA ") Pavel Mitrofanov. Another expert believes that the shareholders UK "RWM capital" may be close to the Railways and ZPIF can be selected including the structuring of ownership of shareholders in the projects related to the Railways, as in full withance with the law make it possible not to disclose the beneficiaries. Orlov and a company representative did not respond to questions "Vedomosti".

At the beginning of the queue

The whole market of products, services Railways will soon be re-divided, they have collected all of the possible candidates, says a government official. The same heard the head of a large construction company. The first in the queue, according to officials, - Arkady Rotenberg and his son Igor. Senior owns "Stroygazmontazh" - the largest construction of "Gazprom" contractor. Junior until recently owned a stake in "Mostotrest", one of the largest in Russia for the construction of transport infrastructure companies.

Surrounded Rotenberg this assumption commented ambiguously. Some deny the existence of such intentions. Others expressed caution: the fate of billions of dollars of contracts Railways is determined in the Kremlin, and as soon as the head of state will take a decision in principle on this subject, followed by changes in the structure of property or replacement contractors themselves contractorc.

However, Rotenberg long time have started to show interest in the Russian Railways. In 2004, Vice-President of Russian Railways and head of asset management department is Igor Rotenberg. He also headed the supervisory board ROAO "High line", who worked on the project expressway branch to St. Petersburg. In 2005, Rothenberg left state-owned companies, not uzhivshis to Yakunin, who was then just became the president of Russian Railways, and Rothenberg's father does not forget his friend says.

Much later there was another unfortunate story. In 2011, the company "TSM" controlled "Mostotrest", co-owner of which at the time were Rotenberg, trying to get from the Russian Railways contract for construction of the railway line worth 47.4 billion rubles., But was not admitted to the competition. It was won by the entrepreneur Ziyavudin Magomedov.

Railway Bank

In 2013, three subsidiaries of Russian Railways purchased 35% of "Millennium Bank" for 300 million rubles. Former employees of Russian Railways assumed that the Bank may be associated with personal projects Yakunin. Communication really REVIEWsider. Resigns, Yakunin said he was going to pay more attention to its social projects. These designs are known: the ex-president of the board of trustees is headed by Russian Railways Center of National Glory and the St. Andrew Foundation, created to "promote the spiritual and moral revival of society on the basis of Orthodoxy." The Board and the Centre also included his wife - Natalia Yakunin. Yakunin became involved in the programs of the Fund in the early 2000s, and the center "was largely an initiative Yakunin," said "Vedomosti" representative of these organizations in 2011. At the same time he denied any financial interaction between the center and the fund with the Railways. But they are a long time cooperated with "Millennium Bank". Even in 2004, Yakunin and his wife attended the opening ceremony of "Millennium Bank" - and explained it by the fact that the bank is a "strategic partner program" these charities. Natalia Yakunin June 2004 was part of the bank's board of directors and former head of the Secretariat President of Russian Railways, Sergei Movchan in the early 2000s worked gendirektoom "Statos" LLC, which owned 32.58% "Millenium Bank". Another co-owner of "Statos" chairman "Millennium Bank", a former freelance adviser to Mikhail Yakunin Baydakov (he owns 10% of the company) - occupies the post of President of the Foundation of St. Andrew and the Center of National Glory. He heads the Finance Committee based Yakunin International Forum "Dialogue of Civilizations" and leads a working group with the Railways in the project "Trans-Eurasian Belt Development", implying the creation of a transport corridor between Europe and Asia. Another 35% of the bank's control structure SK Group "Bridge", the contractor Railways, while partly owned by businessman Gennady Timchenko. This winter, the representatives Timchenko said that he came out of the group by selling its share of one of the shareholders. The "Millennium Bank" was a lot of projects related to railways. Together with the German Vossloh-Werke, a major manufacturer of rail fasteners, the bank is going to produce in Russia for the production of Olympic facilities Railways and high-speed highways. And with the Italian bank IPAHe created ZAO "Modern railway technology", which is planned to produce slab foundation for high-speed railways in Russia. In 2011, the Bank signed a partnership agreement with Russian Railways to deploy offices at the railway stations of Russia. And in 2013 there was a joint venture bank and Italian Metropolitana Milanese - for the design and construction of transportation hubs. "As a small bank, as opposed to the large, he chases the money, and he has good ideas are born", - said earlier about the activities of "Millennium Bank" Yakunin. Comment fate of the "rail" in the bank abandoned projects.

Rotenberg, tells how their friend, were also interested in the reconstruction of the BAM and Transsib, but they never turned to find a common language with Yakunin.
Now business chances are increased. Those who know their people say Rotenberg familiar with the new president of the Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov. However, emphasize the sides "Vedomosti", this does not mean that they actively lobbied his appointment to this position.

"There is a division of responsibilitiesminute, and these boundaries are not made to move. It is inconceivable that Arkady Rotenberg or someone else offered to the first person of the state their ideas in the field of liability Yakunin, when he was still president of the Russian Railways. But to say the right word in the right situation, if you're asked about it, - is another matter, "- explains the familiar Rotenberg.

"Procurement Railways carried out in strict accordance with current legislation. Most of the competitions held in electronic markets, information about them is available on our website Railways in the "tenders." In addition, competitive procedures are always multi-level verification and repeatedly audited by the competent public authorities. We have always been and will be interested in the transparency of the activity, reducing their own costs in respect of quality of supply ", - he told" Vedomosti "representative of Russian Railways to questions about a possible change in contractors.