The richest Omsk deputy was detained on suspicion of fraud by 1.4 billion rubles

Sergei Kalinin with an annual declared income of 250 million rubles cheated with gas tariffs.
In Omsk, a deputy of the regional parliament from United Russia and chairman of the board of directors of the holding "Aktsia" Sergey Kalinin was detained. He is suspected of fraud with tariffs for transporting gas to the population, the amount of estimated damage is 1.4 billion rubles. The court will consider the issue of the measure of restraint for the richest deputy of the Omsk Legislative Assembly: his declared income for 2017 amounted to more than 245.9 million rubles.

In Omsk, on suspicion of major fraud, a deputy of the regional Legislative Assembly, 54-year-old Sergei Kalinin, was detained, the regional prosecutor's office reported.

According to Kommersant sources, yesterday the siloviki came to one of the prestigious city hospitals, where from June 7 was a businessman. The patient Kalinin, who was given a VIP room, was announced to be detained for 48 hours and taken to the investigative department. After questioning, the businessman was sent to the IVS. It is expected that on Friday, Mr. Kalinin will be charged, and the court will choose a measure of restraint for the businessman.

The second person involved in the case, according to Kommersant's information, is Alexander Orlov, the director of Omskgazset, who, according to local media, has a son-in-law to State Duma deputy Andrei Golushko: Mr. Orlov is married to his own sister. On June 9, the Central District Court of Omsk placed Alexander Orlov under house arrest.

In April 2017, law enforcement agencies in Omsk filed a case of fraud with tariffs for transporting gas to the public. Initially, it was instituted against unidentified persons from the management of OOO Omskgazset and the gas supply company Omskgorgaz, which is part of Sergey Kalinin's holding Aktsia. The fraudulent scheme, according to the siloviki, consisted in the unreasonable inclusion in the tariff for transportation of gas through the networks of costs for leasing gas pipelines. The estimated damage, law enforcers estimated, amounted to about 1.4 billion rubles. The investigation qualifies this under Part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code as "a fraud in a particularly large amount." We did not succeed in contacting the lawyers of Kalinin and Orlov.

Sergei Kalinin was first elected to the Legislative Assembly of the Omsk Region in March 1998. He headed the committee of legislative assumptions, legality and law and order. Then he was reelected four times as a deputy of the regional parliament. In 2016 he became chairman of the Committee on Legislation and Local Self-Government, a member of the Property Committee. Mr. Kalinin is the most secured deputy of the Omsk Legislative Assembly. In 2017, he declared an income of almost 250 million rubles. He owns real estate in Germany and Turkey, car park - Toyota Land Cruiser 200, Opel Antara, BMW X6. Mr. Kalinin is the head of the board of directors of the multi-profile holding "Aktsia", which includes enterprises involved in gas supply, growing and processing vegetables, building and leasing commercial real estate.