The robbery of "deep drilling"

Tokaj Kerimov continues to buy property for a pittance
Known for the latest publications in the media "driller" Tokay Kerimov still manages to rob Sberbank. As evidenced by the documents that appeared in our editorial office, Kerimov's companies buy assets for millions of rubles for a pittance. But the purity of transactions causes experts to doubt. Bankrupt LLC Service Drilling Company (SBC) sells its property at the hammer to pay off debts to creditors. One of them, incidentally, is "Sberbank" with a portion of this property pledged. It is even more surprising that neither the bank nor the bankruptcy manager were interested in getting real value for the assets.

In particular, according to documents belonging to the SBC two drilling rigs - URALMASH 3000/200 EUK-1M, 1987, production number 13469 and BU-2500-DEP, 1992, serial number 33 were sold to Naftagaz-Burenie for a price, an order of magnitude lower than the initial bidding price. At an initial price of more than 32 million rubles, the company Kerimov paid 10 times less for the drilling rigs - 3,232,350.00 rubles.

According to experts, the price of drilling is understated many times. As the former top manager of the oil service group RU-Energy, which included the Service Drilling Company, Tagirzyan Gilmanov, told us, the approximate cost of the aforementioned drilling rigs may be up to 100 million rubles today. "However, you need to conduct a detailed peer review. It is possible to use such drilling rigs, but already for other types of drilling - with less depth and for other areas, "the expert explained.

However, according to Alexei Kanashuk, deputy general director of the Siberian Service Company, drilling rigs that are not sold for more than 25 years as equipment, since their service life has expired, and it is forbidden to work on such control systems. "But some unscrupulous oilfield service companies allow themselves such schemes," Kanashuk said. - They buy obsolete drilling rigs for the purpose of their further legalization and use in the status of non-overdue ones. Work on such BUs leads to terrible consequences: from environmental disasters to accidents with human casualties. " According to Kanashuk, drill 87-92-th year of release should go under write-off.

But the drilling auctions of unprecedented generosity from the SBC does not end. The production base of the company, which includes 21 properties, went under the hammer to the same "Naftagaz-Bureniya" for 7 771 303.00 rubles. Among the objects sold for nothing: a land area of ​​more than 63 thousand square meters, a warehouse of chemical agents -365.4 sq. M., A workshop for repair of car-houses - more than 1000 sq. M., A medical-health complex with the area of ​​733.4 sq.m. This is not a complete list of the property purchased by Naftagaz-Bureniye from SBC at the price of a one-room business-class apartment.

It seems that the purpose of these transactions between "SBC" and "Naftagaz-Bureniia" is not to collect a bankruptcy lot for settlement with creditors, for example, with the same Sberbank, but the withdrawal of assets for a pittance for the purpose of its further use or resale.

And although the documents on the conclusion of transactions separately emphasize that the buyer and the bankruptcy manager do not have an interest in each other, there are grounds for not believing these statements. On the contrary, the media have repeatedly expressed the suppositions about a "special" relationship between the bankruptcy administrator of OOO SBK and the management of OOO Naftagaz-Burenie and JSC Naftagaz. So it is assumed that the bankruptcy manager of the SBC Yevgeny Baskov, probably from the filing of Tokay Kerimov, the general director of Naftagaz, Islam Nazaraliev and the manager of OOO Naftagaz-Burenie, Mushfig Bayramov, earlier at a price eight times lower than the market value - for 495 million rubles sold 22 drilling rigs from the bankruptcy estate of OOO SBK, which are pledged to the Moscow branch of Sberbank of Russia, all the same to OOO Naftagaz-Burenie - to the daughter of JSC Naftagaz.

The investigative bodies became aware of this. In addition, according to law enforcers, in addition to the strange loyalty of Mr. Baskov, Andrei Korobko, the representative of the bank - the pledge holder, who acted (either consciously or unknowingly) was completely ignorant about the real price of the property being sold. The investigation can legitimately ask: was not such loyalty, combined with naive ignorance or incompetence, generously sponsored by the beneficiaries? And given the size of the difference in prices, the volume of this generosity could amount to hundreds of millions of rubles.

The investigation has documents on the estimated value of drilling rigs at the time of pledge in Sberbank and a contract for the purchase and sale of similar drilling rigs by OOO SBC to Rosneft. According to these documents, the fact of understating the price when selling, as the investigation believes - on the person. Moreover, all these strange transactions were legally supervised by Magomedali Muslimov, who was arrested in early 2018. As far as he knew, he was asked to conclude a deal with the investigation so that he would not become a "pawn" in someone else's game: Tokay Kerimov and Islam Nazaraliev.

Apparently, the owner of "Naftagaz" Tokay Kerimov and the general director of JSC "Naftagaz" Islam Nazaraliev does not stop absolutely nothing. Under the old scheme, similar to the one used in the withdrawal of assets during the bankruptcy of RU-Energy Group, these businessmen are now buying out the property of the subsidiary of RU-Energy, the SBC company, in order to withdraw it later from Naftagaz-Bureniya, which they are believed to have already prepared for bankruptcy.

Journalists wrote that the company "Naftagaz-Burenie" in the near future may face bankruptcy. Meetings were held in Moscow at the head office of JSC Naftagaz and in Noyabrsk, where the drilling enterprise is located. Naftagaz owner Tokai Karimov and general director Islam Nazaraliev called Naftagaz-Bureniya leadership on the carpet and discussed issues of cost optimization and reduction of the number of employees of the enterprise.

Moreover, the arrival in Noyabrsk of the company's management local and metropolitan law enforcers fixed on the photo and video cameras. As noted in some media, this could be done in the framework of criminal cases against Tokay Kerimov and in order to prevent another deliberate bankruptcy.

Tokamy Kerimov in the press is often called a "great combinator." To its companies JSC "NG-Management" and JSC "Naftagaz" have already submitted billions of claims of the bank "Russian capital". In all likelihood, Kerimov's parent companies may be in for bankruptcy in the near future. The reason, according to experts, is simple and trivial - the owner through various combinations could withdraw multibillion-dollar assets into off-shores to Cyprus and the Virgin Islands. As a result, another company becomes bankrupt, creditors remain without money, workers without wages, and Tokay Kerimov, most likely, will also earn money on this.

Meanwhile, according to media reports, in July, Tokay Kerimov's enterprises in Volgograd, Tyumen and Yamal may begin mass protests of workers. People are tired of waiting for wages for years. Deceived workers have repeatedly written about their situation to Volgograd Governor Andrei Bocharov, as well as (now former) heads of YaNAO and the Tyumen Region Dmitry Kobylkin and Vladimir Yakushev.

Kobylkina was recently appointed Minister of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation, and Yakushev - Minister of Construction and Housing. The career of the big bosses went uphill, and the debts for salaries at the enterprises of the former Kerimov group "Naftagaz" were pushed aside without any hope of an early decision. Now the desperate workers hope that the president will pay attention to their problem.

Experts-economists, for whom the scheme of deliberate bankruptcy in Kerimov's companies is obvious, believe that in the near future Tokay Kerimov the investigation will face new charges. And it is unlikely that the general director of JSC Naftagaz Islam Nazaraliev will be able to stay aside. For active participation in the deliberate bankruptcy, the withdrawal of assets and the organization of questionable transactions, it may well be threatened with criminal liability, and all transactions for the sale of drilling and real estate will be challenged in court by dissatisfied creditors.