The runaway banker Vladimir Gudkov was caught in Monaco

The accused of embezzling 7 billion rubles was given a camera with a view of the sea.
In Monaco, former chairman of the Board of Investtorgbank Vladimir Gudkov, who was on the international wanted list, was detained. Together with four accomplices, he is accused of embezzling from a credit institution shortly before the beginning of his sanation more than 7 billion rubles. Now the issue of extradition of 59-year-old ex-banker Gudkov to Russia is being decided.

Former Chairman of the Board of Investtorgbank Gudkov moved to Monaco, where he allegedly owns a property, in 2016, shortly before the Federal Service of the Interior Ministry of Russia for Moscow instituted criminal proceedings on theft (part 4, Article 159 of the Criminal Code) of this credit institution. In August 2017, on the petition of the Tverskoy investigation, the Moscow regional court arrested in absentia an ex-banker, after which he was put on the international wanted list. The other day he was detained by the police of Monaco - Mr. Gudkov was placed under arrest for consideration of the request of the Prosecutor General's Office of Russia about his extradition. At the same time, he will be in prison, which is more like a small hotel: in a jail, located on the shores of the Mediterranean, cameras for two people, equipped with everything necessary, including air conditioning. The institution has its own swimming pool, and the nurses can order food directly from restaurants.

In the same detention facility in 2016, a co-owner of the bankrupt Vneshprombank Georgy Bedzhamov, who was accused along with accomplices in embezzling more than 113 billion rubles, spent several months. The appellate court of Monaco, referring to Mr. Bedzhamov's poor health, denied Russia his extradition. Subsequently, this decision was approved by the head of state, Prince Albert II.

The fate of Vladimir Gudkov will depend on the decision of the prince. Meanwhile, the Prosecutor General's Office of Russia is preparing a request to the Directorate of Legal Services of the Principality of Monaco on its extradition.

The problems of Investtorgbank began in the summer of 2015, when in several of its branches clients began to close accounts in large numbers. The management of the credit institution said then that these problems arose because of the cybercriminals who disseminated information about the quick recall of the license from Investtorbank.

The credit institution retained the license, but in August of the same year the Central Bank appointed an interim administration headed by Vladimir Gudkov Investtorgbank. After that, the DIA selected the investor to participate in the prevention of the bankruptcy of Investtorgbank, and in January 2016 he transferred to the property of a sanatorium - Transcapitalbank. The latter initiated the search and return of assets that disappeared under the previous leadership. At that time, the "hole" in the capital of the bank was 32 billion rubles.

In addition to former chairman of the board Gudkov, the defendants of the criminal case are his deputy Nina Shurmina, former head of the development of mortgage lending Tatyana Zotina and director of the department of lending operations Olga Zubkova, as well as a non-staff member of the bank Elena Lukyanova. With the exception of Mr. Gudkov, they are all now under house arrest, who are under a written undertaking not to leave the place.

One of the first episodes in this case concerns the contract of sale and purchase of mortgage bonds. As established by the investigation, before the reorganization of Investtorgbank, Vladimir Gudkov "together with his accomplices" spent 3.6 billion rubles on their acquisition. This money was transferred by the bank to the accounts of counterparties - LLC "MGIiS", LLC "IC" Stolitsa ", OOO TD Finance and LLC" IC "Venets". However, instead of liquid securities, the buyer got illiquid - issued by a certain OOO Imperial-Torg. It should be noted that in July 2016 the Moscow Arbitration Court ordered Gudkov and Shurmin to return 3.6 billion rubles. Investtorgbank.

In addition, during the investigation it turned out that several more billions rubles were given by the cybercriminals in the form of loans to legal entities that did not carry out real financial and economic activities and had signs of fictitiousness. In total, at the moment, the figurants of this case, according to Kommersant, are charged with stealing from Investtorgbank more than 7 billion rubles.