The Russian car industry worked under low load

Neither local manifacturing nor attempts to increase exports didn't help.
The total capacity of Russian car is more than 3 million vehicles per year. But they have been downloaded, according to the Industry and Trade Ministry, an average of only 40%. At full capacity, the plant worked only one - St. Petersburg "Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus". Upload plants prevents prolonged market decline: compared to the record year 2012, he sank twice. In 2015, production decreased by 27% to 1.38 million vehicles of different categories - from cars to trucks and buses. This year, production may remain at the same level, predicts consulting agency "ASM-Holding".

Low demand has not led to a halt of production, as it was in 2015. Then, for example, General Motors actually withdrew from Russia. Plants reduce staff, the number of working days and shifts. "AvtoVAZ", for example, twice for half a year has introduced a four-day working week.

The situation was not as dramatic in the current year, as in the past, due to the emerging market stabilization: the spring has begun sales of trucks and in November for the first time increased and the market of LCV and passenger car, read as AEB data for two years. But it would be much worse if it were not to continue in 2016 state support, says the executive director of "AUTOSTAT" Sergei removed. At various demand stimulus program, the Government has allocated more than 50 billion rubles.

Mills tried to improve its economy and loading by increasing localization of machines, continues to remove. This reduces the currency risk and allows you to enjoy the positive effect of the devaluation of the ruble in the export, he said. To support the government began to subsidize the export of the logistics costs, the costs of adaptation and certification of automotive products for overseas markets. But this program was approved only in the second half of the year and did not have time to fully earn. In addition to all Russian producers crippled Kazakhstan, the main export market: on the background of the already low demand in the country at the beginning of 2016 there was introduced recycling for imported cars. As a result, the export of, for example, "AvtoVAZ" in 2016 fell by a third. To keep prices at an acceptable level for the Kazakh market, car manufacturers have decided instead of finished machines supply switch on the car sets (they collect does not apply), followed by the assembly of vehicles. However, the demand for cars in the CIS is still low, more prospects in supply to foreign countries, notes removed. Automakers are also developing the export of parts and components. For example, the beginning of Renault in 2016 deliveries of welded and painted bodies of Logan, which produces "AvtoVAZ" in Algeria.

In 2017, the government will continue to support the automotive market, promising to allocate about 55 billion rubles. It will continue and export support. Under this condition, car manufacturers expect market growth or stabilization up to 5%. The same prognosis UDALOVA. In the future market and production will continue to grow, he said.

In the red light vehicles only

In 2016 will decrease by 9.6% to 1.1 million units in the Russian car production. Production of commercial vehicles, by contrast, will grow: trucks - by 6,5% to 134 040 light commercial vehicles - by 3.8% to 112 752 buses - by 9.8% to 40,152 units, predicts "AFM. holding ".