The Russian government will put the label "secret" on banks that work with the state defense order

This can save them from new tough sanctions.
The list of banks that work with the means of state defense order can be classified. Such amendments to the law on state defense order were made by the government to the State Duma. In addition to the list itself, the criteria for selecting such banks may become secret.

Now the conditions under which banks can work with the money of the state defense order, and their list are open. The conditions are spelled out in the law: this capital is more than 100 billion rubles., Control by the state or the Central Bank, as well as a license to work with state secrets. The government may include a separate decision in the list and banks that do not meet these requirements. The list of banks is published every month by the Central Bank, as of October 1 it consisted of eight banks: Sberbank, VTB, Gazprombank, Rosselkhozbank, All-Russian Bank for Regional Development, Novikombank, Rossiya and Bank St. Petersburg. Of them, according to a separate government decision, Novikombank, Rossiya and St. Petersburg were included in the list.

Representatives of Sberbank and VTB declined to comment, as in the secretariat of First Vice-President Igor Shuvalov. Representatives of other banks from the list and the Central Bank did not answer the questions.

This is a reaction to the recently imposed sanctions, the employee of the bank working with the means of state defense order explains. Their main difference from the previous ones is the effect of "infection". Risks intensified after the adoption of the law on sanctions in the US in August. Now the punishment can be applied to any counterparties of the company from the sanctions list, which concluded a significant deal with it. Determine whether the transaction is significant, each time will be the State Department. In October, the US called almost all the leading enterprises of the Russian defense industry subject to the law, the state banker said.

"European banks are considering counterparties from among Russian banks, including whether they work with the state defense order. Therefore, decisions that will preserve confidentiality in this matter are needed, "- says the interlocutor of" Vedomosti ".

Americans and Europeans are constantly expanding sanctions on companies that are very indirectly associated with organizations already on the sanctions list, says Heads Consulting executive director Nikita Kulikov. The classification of the list of banks authorized to work with the state defense order can be viewed as an attempt to protect their business, he believes. But this is not a guarantee, Kulikov warns: it will not be possible to completely hide all the data on transactions.

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In September, Bloomberg wrote that officials and state banks are looking for options to circumvent the risks in financing defense enterprises after the adoption of the law on sanctions in the United States. He was especially worried about Sberbank and VTB, the agency wrote, calling among the options for minimizing these risks the creation of a new state bank for lending to defense enterprises and switching to direct financing from the treasury. A number of bankers, including state banks, told Vedomosti about the fact that an option is being considered to create a state defense order bank. Kommersant in October wrote that the bank "Russian Financial Corporation" (controlled by Rostekh), Novikombank and Svyaz-Bank was considered as a specialized bank.