The Russian Investigative Committee does not want to close the "gambling case"

The Russian Investigative Committee refused to close the criminal case against the former employees of the Interior Ministry of the Russian Federation Mikhail Kulikov and Farid Temirgaliev, who were accused of "protection racket" of the underground gambling business in the Moscow region. 
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At the same time, investigators relied on formal reasons: the fact that the definition did not get the Supreme Court to invalidate the arrest of ex-employees of the Interior Ministry. Now this question has to be lifted the Prosecutor General.

Immediately after, in September 2013, the Supreme Court issued a ruling on the illegality of the arrest and Temirgaliev Kulikova, which actually puts an end to the investigation of high-profile, their lawyers filed in the RF IC motion to dismiss the criminal case. Defenders have received a formal response, signed by the head of the investigation group on "gambling business" Denis Nikandrov "returned without consideration of your motion to dismiss the prosecution because at the disposal of the investigation there is no copy of the determination of the Supreme Court, on the text of which you refer in the application copy of this determination before. this time in the RF IC of the Armed Forces has been received. "

At the same time, according to the lawyer Kulikova Elena Vasilieva, to request a copy of the determination certified by in the Supreme Court was attached. However, the investigators found that the document does not have enoughbeditelnym. Thus, the investigation of high-profile case, the investigation period for which expires on November 27, 2013, will long continue.

Lawyers Temirgaliev Kulikov and have already filed a complaint against the Nikandrova to the Prosecutor General, which, in fact, achieved recognition of the arrest of former police officers illegal. "It allowed a lot of violations, - noted Vasilyeva -. In particular, the investigator could not even consider our request he had to either meet him or not.".

Source Agency in the GP of Russia noted that the reaction of the supervisory authority will follow soon. "Nikandrov present at the hearing in the Armed Forces, the reference to the lack of definition looks unconvincing," - said the prosecutor's office.

Recall that in his submission to the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation Deputy Prosecutor General Viktor Grin he pointed out that the June 7, 2011 the RF IC opened a case against members of the Ministry of Interior and Temrgilieva Kulikova. Two days later the Prosecutor General canceled this decision. However, by this time, investigators managed to connect with another criminal case - in relOcean four senior staff Mosoblprokuratury (Ignatenko, Urumova, Glebov and Kaplun), which, according to the RF IC, "fronting" underground casinos. June 9 Basmanny Court chose Kulikov and Temirgaliev preventive measure in the form of detention.

According to Green, all of these actions and the consequences of servants of Themis was illegal. Of the decision to initiate proceedings against Ignatenko and Co "makes it clear that the full range of persons suspected of limited consequence of the prosecution staff of the Moscow region", which Kulikova Temirgaliev and can not be attributed. Consequently, the material in respect of them was connected to the "prosecutor's case" is illegal. What is confirmed and further investigation. Later RF IC allocated materials employees of the Interior Ministry in a separate proceeding.

The Supreme Court agreed with the position of the GP of Russia, and acknowledged the arrest unlawful Temirgaliev Kulikova and in September of 2013.

According to the RF IC, in early September 2010 the organizer of an illegal gambling business, Ivan Nazarov handed employee Mosoblprokuratury Dmitry Urumova $ 75 you. That one in one of the restaurants presented operatives of the 39th Division of the Office of "K" the Bureau of Special Technical Measures (BSTM) Ministry of Internal Affairs and Temirgaliev Kulikov. In return, the police did not carry out a special operation against illegal gambling halls Nazarov. Kulikov Temirgaliev and spent a year in custody, and then were released.

It should be noted that the RF IC tried to convey to the courts cases against Kulikova, Temirgaliev, ex-deputy prosecutor of the Moscow Region Alexander Ignatenko and even a number of defendants in the high-profile investigation. However, whenever the Prosecutor General found in incoming materials violations of the law committed by the RF IC, and therefore refused to confirm the indictment and refer the case to the courts. Under the custody right now there is not one person involved in the investigation.