The Russian scientist Viktor Kudryavtsev was made a Belgian spy

The chekists accused the elderly and sick man of conveying some information to the Von Karmanovsk Institute of Hydrodynamics and threw him behind the prison jail. At the same time TsNIIMash participated in the program of cooperation with the Belgians approved by the Russian government.
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Gosizmena through research

The FSB imputed to the arrested on charges of treason the learned Viktor Kudryavtsev the transfer of secret information to a foreign scientific organization - the Belgian Von Karman Institute of Hydrodynamics. This was reported to RBC by the lawyer of the human rights organization "Team 29" Yevgeny Smirnov, who defends Kudryavtsev.

"This is not a question of the country, but of the organization with which CNIImash collaborated - this is the Von Karman Institute of Hydrodynamics. There was an agreement between them, approved at the level of the government of the Russian Federation, "Smirnov said.

The Central Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering (TSNIIMash), the leading scientific enterprise of Roskosmos, participated in the FP7-SPACE program, according to the data published on the European Commission website. FP7 (framework program) is a European program of grants for space research.

In 2011-2013, within the framework of one of the FP7 projects, several Russian and European scientific organizations conducted studies, the topic of which was "the characterization of thermal effects on the wall during the transition from the laminar boundary layer to turbulent by experiments and numerical calculations," the website says. The results of the developments were to be used in industry and aerospace missions, described in the description of the goals and objectives of the project. A total of € 651,400 was allocated for the project, most of the funding - almost € 500 thousand - was provided by the European Union.

The program was coordinated by the Von Karman Institute, and three Russian scientific organizations took part in it - the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics named after. SA Khristianovich SB RAS, Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute. Professor N.Ye. Zhukovsky and TSNIIMash. The German Center for Aviation and Cosmonautics also participated in the research.

Viktor Kudryavtsev was the head of this research from the Central Research Institute of Oil and Gas, said on the website of the program. Within the framework of the project, the institute received a grant of € 84 thousand.

The fact that the events of the case are related to 2013, previously officially declared in Roskosmos. The investigation is connected with the leakage of data on Russian hypersonic weapons, RBC and Kommersant's interlocutors said earlier.

What kind of information passed 74-year-old Kudryavtsev, in the materials of the case is not said, said RBC Smirnov. Does the investigation consider that Kudryavtsev divulged secrets once or did it regularly for a certain period of time - also unclear. "It is stated only that the information was sent from an e-mail in the city of Korolev," said the defender. Kudryavtsev "did not get acquainted with any secret information for the past 20 years," says Smirnov.

Dean of the Faculty of the Belgian Institute of Hydrodynamics, Professor German Deconinck, told RBC that the institute's leadership does not know about the case of Viktor Kudryavtsev. "I can assure you that we have no information about this story. We just do not know. We, of course, will ask all our employees whether they had any contact with Viktor Kudryavtsev. But at the management level, I can assure you, we do not know this person, "he says. Ambassador of Belgium to Russia Jean-Arthur Rejibo to RBC's request to comment on this information replied that he is on vacation now. On the circumstances of the case of the scientist Viktor Kudryavtsev, he is not informed, the diplomat added.

Interrogation of the convicted superior

A few months ago, before the institution of a criminal case against Kudryavtsev, FSB officers questioned the scientist Vladimir Lapygin - he was the leader of Kudryavtsev in TsNIIMash. 76-year-old Lapygin in the year of 2016 received seven years of colony also for state treason, now he is in the colony. Formally, the cases of Kudryavtsev and Lapigin are not related, said earlier RBC lawyer Lapygina Vasily Protsyk.

The fact that Lapygin communicated with FSB officers is stated in the report of the special service, with which Kudryavtsev's defense got acquainted before the session in the Moscow City Court (on Thursday, August 2, he upheld the decision to arrest Kudryavtsev). This report is the only document to which the investigation justified the need to arrest Kudryavtsev, said Smirnov. The materials that the FSB investigation provided on Thursday to the Moscow City Court consisted of only 55 pages - about one-fifth of one volume.

"It follows that a total of several dozen people were interviewed - apparently, everyone who has ever worked with Kudryavtsev. The youngest of them was born in 1943, "said the lawyer.

According to Smirnov, during the search, the FSB withdrew from the apartment of the scientist all the medical documents that could make the court aware of the possibility of keeping a 74-year-old scientist in custody, and refuses to give them protection at least for acquaintance.

The meeting of the Moscow City Court on Thursday was held in closed session due to state secrets. Even lawyers - Eugene Smirnov and Peter Zaikin - got on it with difficulty. Defenders, as it should, beforehand gave their orders to the judge, but they were not invited to the meeting. Only Vera Teplukhina, the state serviceman, was present in the hall, which, according to the CCP, was to stop participating in the defense of Kudryavtsev after he had defenders under the agreement.

The bailiff refused for several minutes to let lawyers into the hall where the trial was already under way. Only after their dispute drew the attention of journalists, Smirnov and Zaikin were allowed to participate in the meeting.

"My husband was calm"

Almost one year before his arrest, in September 2017, Kudryavtsev's house was searched, the wife of the scientist Olga Kudryavtseva told RBC. The search was connected with the grant that TsNIIMash received in the framework of cooperation with the Von Karman Institute, Kudryavtseva specified.

"My husband, when he found out that the search for that grant, was absolutely calm. There, firstly, there is nothing serious, and secondly, everything is decorated very carefully, according to all the requirements, "the scientist's wife said. According to her, during the search of the family seized computer, tablet and all phones. "My phone was taken, which I took pictures of grandchildren. I called FSB many times and asked when the phone would be returned to me; they told me: in a week. By the New Year they never returned, "Kudryavtseva added.

Kudryavtsev worked with Lapygin since the early 1990s; then Lapygin headed the department of aerogasdynamics in TsNIIIMash, and Kudryavtsev became his deputy. "This is the largest branch in TsNIIIMash. He had a separate cabinet. He always dealt with abnormal speeds, transonic, "the spouse of the accused clarified. In recent years, Kudryavtsev had a low form of admission to state secrets, as his daughter married a foreigner. "He was very glad that at last he has nothing to do with these secrets," Olga Kudryavtseva added.

In the jail "Lefortovo", where Kudryavtsev is now placed, his health deteriorated, his wife said. According to her, her husband suffers, in particular, with diabetes, and prison food does not allow adherence to a special diet.