The scenario of the collapse of the "Urban Group" may be repeated with FSK "Leader"

The development company of the Voronin clan drags out with the terms of delivery of houses and, according to rumors, received a fair financial hole from the contracts of the Urban Group "professor" Alexander Dolgin.
A new problem of the construction market is on the way. In the LCD "Domodedovo Park" and "First Andreevsky" from "FGC" for a year can not finish the house - the surrender is postponed. The keys risk not to get thousands of families. The details of the developer's activities became known: assets, judging by these data, are displayed, and the management is ready to emigrate to Malta.

"FGC" Leader "is one of the largest construction companies in Russia. In 2016, RBC's rating gave it the third place among domestic developers. After buying a house-building plant "DSK-1" in the same year, he was able to annually pass millions of square meters of housing. In the Forbes rating, FSK for the same year is among the 200 largest private companies in Russia. Leader of the "Leader" Vladimir Voronin - continuer of the construction dynasty. Co-owner - Irina Voronina, sister of Vladimir. The father of businessmen is Alexander Voronin, a former major official of the Moscow construction complex and head of Glavmosstroy, a friend of Vladimir Resin.

Only in Moscow and the region now, according to the developer's website, 14 multi-apartment housing complexes are being built - several tens of thousands of people would have settled there. In addition, 3 LCDs are being built in St. Petersburg, 4 in Kaluga and 1 in Gelendzhik. There is also commercial real estate.

Pledged shares

The first alarming signals about strange activities in FSK appeared a few years ago. In particular, the unfriendly takeover of the Balashikha City project, the removal of competitors and the bank from it were discussed.

In January of this year, RBC journalists reported that the Voronin family from FGC "Leader" was among the richest Russian bankers, businessmen and officials, as well as members of their families who acquired foreign passports under the "Malta citizenship for investment" program. The agency wrote that each passport cost about 900 thousand euros. The development market was then concerned about the symptoms of preparing a management of one of the largest developers to flee the country together with the rest of the "elite".

In the past few months, the expert community has been circulating information on more serious problems: the business developer, as can be seen from open sources, is laid down by affiliated companies and banking structures. According to a number of opinions, FSK "Leader" owns virtually no assets and assets.

So, in particular, the share of Irina Voronina in FGC since 2015 was laid by OOO Balashikha City. The transaction was registered by notary Kirill Sidorov. The second share owned by Vladimir Voronin was also laid in 2015, but already by the company SoyuzAgro and again the deal was accompanied, as can be seen, by notary Kirill Sidorov. Surprisingly, the e-mail address [email protected] is indicated in contacts "SoyuzAgro". In total, according to the available data in the firm, which owns a significant part of one of the largest developers, there are six employees. All of them are "part-time" working in "FGC" Leader ".

Head of SoyuzAgro - Stanislav Osadchiy (a member of FGC Leader), the company belongs to the Cyprus offshore company Trafcon Holdings Limited and to a certain Yury Isaev, who worked with the Voronins on a number of projects at Accollada Land LLC, DNP Serebryanny Ruchey, LLC "SF PERSPECTIVE" (where as an e-mail address is already known [email protected]), OOO "Bonus Plus". Isaev is the founder of 15 companies and the director 8. Some of them are somehow connected with the Voronins from the times of the SPK "Development". According to the expert of the construction market, with whom our correspondent managed to communicate, Isayev is a sort of "purse" of the Voronins, deprived of any initiative: some assets have been transferred to him, which have not yet been completely removed from the Russian jurisdiction. He co-owner of almost two dozen firms, most of whom somehow own the assets of FGC "Leader". Formally, Isaev's income, according to the personal income tax certificate, is 8.5 million rubles. However, he does not even have his own bank account.

Similarly, the already mentioned LLC "Balashikha-city" belongs to the same founders and strangely enough as an e-mail the same address [email protected] is indicated. It is headed by Zapetskaya Svetlana Aleksandrovna (in combination, again, an employee of "FSK Leader"). In the staff there are 6 employees, the list practically coincides with the staff list of SoyuzAgro.

Thus, SoyuzAgro and Balashikha City, which own the assets of FGC Leader, are not just contractors or creditors, but are fully affiliated with the management of the holding company.

Other companies with whom the developer works are also affiliated with the similar scheme: JSC "MSU-1", LLC "Razvilka", LLC "Akkolada Land", LLC "Nega-Yug", LLC "Admiral", LLC "Stroiksignalgrupp" "," Bonus plus "CJSC," Pangeotrade "LLC," Athena + "LLC,
OOO SF Perspektiva, OOO FGCZ Leader, OOO Nega, OOO Glavmosstroimonolit,
Moretti LLC, Berlindave Investments Limited, Darston Holdings Limited, Trafcon Holdings Limited, Contrustco Limited, Malab Enterprises Limited, Livirtam Investments Limited, Bluelake Development B.V., Belleville s.r.o. and a number of Russian and foreign organizations. Judging by the format of the work and the abundance of foreign offshore companies, it is likely that the funds of "FGC" are withdrawn not only from the company, but also from Russia.

One can not but be alarmed that the transfer of assets and funds to affiliated companies with probable bankruptcy was later used by the collapsed construction monster Urban Group, a long-time partner of FGC Leader, in the final period of its activity. Literally today, the media reported that multibillion-dollar amounts of the "Urban Group" before the collapse of the company were "blurred" by several legal entities and, obviously, withdrawn abroad. A separate question is whether the "FGC" Leader "schemes were used for machinations in" Urban groups "? Perhaps, only the investigation can answer this question.

However, these schemes can be not only a means of withdrawal of capital and assets, but also a more "harmless" avoidance of taxation in Russia.

In addition, as can be seen from the submitted documents, "FGC" Leader "laid 302 objects in the form of apartments and car places to Sberbank, and this in volume is very similar to 2 residential complexes. The term of the pledge is 2020. A very strange situation: as you know, the encumbered property can not be sold. Why mortgage unsold real estate? Or is it an apartment and a parking lot, for which the buyer-buyers have already paid once? What will happen when FGC "Leader" disappears from the market - "Sberbank" will sue people for living space? And, finally, are not there houses in the LCD "Domodedovo Park" and "First Andreevsky", where there are very suspicious delays with construction?

Domino effect in development

How significant and dangerous are the "pledges" of FGC "Leader" for the real estate market? In the opinion of the experts interviewed by us, such schemes will allow the company's management, if things go badly, not only to "dissolve" abroad, but also to legally preserve the property, dropping the unfinished housing complexes together with interest holders on the budget already exhausted by previous bankruptcies.

How likely is this development? The market indicators of "FGC" Leader "look good. The declared revenue of FGC is very significant. So in 2017 the holding showed, as the media wrote, about 96 billion rubles. However, according to expert judgments, this statistics is sly: sales of the panels of the DSC-1 combine, included in the structure of the Leader, to other subdivisions of the same holding and to affiliated companies go to offset. Probably the same thing happens with other operations inside the developer. How much in the composition of these billions of real funds from the sale of housing and subcontracting from other developers is not known.

However, the most unpleasant blow to the company's stability is contracts from the sinking "Urban Group". Companies in this construction giant are going bankrupt and it is not known when more than 10,000 families of equity holders will receive paid housing. The fact that the funds will be returned to the contractor companies that built the house for "Urban", it seems, does not seem to go at all.

An important fact unknown to a wide audience: "Urban Group" practically did not build anything, contractors were involved, and the company only sold. One of the largest such contractors is Urban Group - FGC Leader. It is not known how much the company of Alexander Dolgin owed to Vladimir Voronin's firm and whether the hole is so large in the budget of "FGC" Leader ". According to expert opinions, it can reach tens of billions of rubles. In addition, the question of whether FGC companies were used for machinations in Urban, in the light of this information becomes even more urgent.

There are reports of already begun problems with the construction of residential complexes of FGC "Leader". So, in the LCD "Domodedovo Park" and "First Andreevsky" (massive panel complexes) delays in delivery are from 3 months to a year. In the event of a thousand-shareholder's appeals to courts, only forfeit, according to expert opinions, will be from 400 to 680 million rubles.

The forums discuss and far from the ideal quality of construction. In the media there was news about the fall of the wall in one of the houses built in FAS in Balashikha. In 2017, the State Construction Supervision Committee of Moscow issued an order 2813/17 from 2017-04-05 with 30 violations. The objects of the "Urban Group" traditionally caused a lot of claims for quality, a significant share in them should fall to the work of "FGC".

Another "acute moment" - a wave of workers' cuts at the DSC-1 plant, which was reported by the media. And who will make the panels for the houses under construction?