The sinking Trust Bank invests billions in FC Otkritie

It buys shares of the sister bank and, perhaps, gives it loans.
Bank Trust became a participant in the rally in the shares of FC Otkritie, whose turnover on the Moscow stock exchange has increased thousands of times since the end of last week. August 18, "Trust", it follows from his materials, bought a 1.2% stake in FC Otkritie for 3.8 billion rubles. Sanator "Trust" - "Opening Holding", which owns FC Opening.

"It's not entirely clear why Trust should buy shares of FC Otkritie, it's hardly a measure of support for the bank," believes Dmitry Nazarov, an analyst at S & P, who probably decided to sell it, and Trust bought it out him. As the package is small, nothing has changed dramatically, Nazarov pointed out.
Framed the shoulder

In addition, "Trust" on August 18 made a deal for an interbank loan of 38 billion rubles., Said in his materials. Terms of the transaction are not disclosed. According to the counterparty of the bank, Trust provided a loan to FC Opening. Since the beginning of August, "Trust" has made seven transactions of interbank loans for 218 billion rubles. It follows from the materials of the bank, their terms are also not disclosed. Prior to this, Trust also made similar transactions: in July - five by 113 billion rubles., From early April to the end of June - six by 58 billion rubles. Earlier, the funds went in the opposite direction: from the "Discovery" to the "Trust", another counterpart of the "Discovery" knows.

The representative of both banks did not respond to the request.

The term of transactions is not clear, perhaps it is the same money that is issued for a short period of time, and then they are lined up, says Fitch analyst Alexander Danilov. As of July 1, the Trust had no inter-bank loans issued: "Either the bank issued loans within a month, or it is in the new accounts, but the bank did not disclose it for July."

 In July, FC Otkryt faced a large outflow of funds - the companies took away 323 billion rubles, the population - 36 billion rubles. The bank replaced this money with funds of the Central Bank, borrowing from the regulator 333 billion rubles. For repo. In August, the Central Bank increased financing of banks on repo transactions by 280 billion rubles., Follows from the Central Bank. In August, the regulator also issued a non-collateral loan to FC Opening, two people who know this from the bank, and another financier confirms.

In early August, the outflow of funds from the "Discovery" was suspended, and the bank had enough liquid assets, Nazarov points out.

Addition to pension

The company, associated with the "Discovery", buys one of the largest pension funds - NPF RGS, which market participants associate with the group "Rosgosstrakh".

 On August 22, the FAS agreed to Invest-Holding (18% owned by the structures "Opening of the Holding", its representative specified) the purchase of "Redwans" owning the fund.

The "Discovery" already controls two funds from the top ten in terms of pension savings: Lukoil-Guarantor (250 billion rubles as of March 31) and NPF Electric Power (90.6 billion). NPF RGS with 182 billion rubles. Accumulation is included in the top 5.
FAS allowed the structure of the owner of the "Discovery" Vadim Belyaev to buy "Rosgosstrakh"
At least 32% of the insurer's shares will belong to him personally

"On the eve of the launch of the IPC system, any large fund is an attractive asset. And "Opening", uniting three players from the top 10, will not only expand the market share, but will also increase the administrative weight, including in conversations with the Central Bank, "says Pavel Mitrofanov, Managing Director for Corporate RAEX Ratings (Expert RA) .

 In August, the FAS agreed to the main owner of the "Discovery" Vadim Belyaev buying more than 30% of the shares of Rosgosstrakh. Since mid-2017, 18.8% of the insurer's shares have been pledged for repo transactions with FC Otkritie, 8% - from Lukoil-Guarantor. Thus, Belyaev and the holding company almost collected a controlling stake in the insurer.

Danil Khachaturov hands the holding company control over Rosgosstrakh in exchange for a minority stake in the joint group.

Owning the "Opening of the holding company" 66.7% of the shares of FC Otkritie are laid, it was said in the holding's account for 2016 (who does not say). The purchase of large assets, the main one of which was FC Otkritie, went into debt, the counterparty of FC Otkritie and two familiar shareholders of the holding explained the pledge. This purchase cost 79 billion rubles., Fitch wrote in 2013, most of the money was borrowed: the group raised about 60 billion rubles, including a large loan from VTB and bonds (30 billion).

Bank incest

In 2016, minority shareholders of the Sovietsky Bank, which was reorganized by Tatfondbank, disputed the issue of an interbank loan to the parent bank for 14.8 billion rubles. When Tatfondbank collapsed, it turned out that the hole in Sovetskoye had grown from 7.5 billion to 35 billion rubles. This was due to the fact that about 28 billion rubles. Assets of the "Soviet" at the time of revocation of the license from Tatfondbank accounted for the interbank loan granted to him. This money is actually irrecoverable and requires 100% reservation from the Soviets.