The son of a Russian billionaire Yevgeny Lebedev could become a peer and a lord

Russian-born businessman Yevgeny Lebedev was among the candidates for a lifetime peerage and a seat in the British House of Lords. The son of a former member of the Forbes list, Alexander Lebedev, is known for his friendly relations with Boris Johnson.
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The publisher of The Evening Standard and The Independent, Yevgeny Lebedev, was on the list of 36 people to whom Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain intends to assign a lifelong peerage.

The inclusion in the list of the name of a businessman of Russian origin was unexpected, writes The Guardian. The publication recalls that in 2018 Lebedev hosted a party with the participation of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, when he was still foreign minister.

In addition, after the election victory, the current head of government was in Lebedev's London house to celebrate the 60th birthday of the businessman's father, Alexander Lebedev, who served in the KGB in the past, The Guardian notes. Alexander Lebedev previously told Forbes that Johnson and his son have been friends for about 12 years, in particular, they together raised funds to help homeless former employees of the British army.

Until 2015, Lebedev Sr. was on the list of the richest people in Russia. In 2009, Lebedev bought the Evening Standard, and a year later the Independent. Both newspapers were unprofitable, so their purchase was inexpensive. For the Evening Standard, Lebedev paid £ 8.3 million, and for The Independent, only a symbolic £ 1. After the deal, Lebedev became the first Russian owner of a major British newspaper.

In addition to Yevgeny Lebedev, there are 35 more people on the list of people who can also qualify for a seat in the British House of Lords. Among them are the Prime Minister's brother Joe Johnson, who had previously left the country's government because of disagreement with Boris Johnson's views on Brexit, as well as former Treasury Ministers Philip Hammond and Ken Clark, and the husband of ex-Prime Minister Theresa May Philip. At the moment, 773 people have membership in the upper house of the British Parliament.