The son of Boris Mintz lost his way in credits

Promsvyazbank demanded that Dmitry Mintz, who is hiding in Britain, return 20 million dollars.
Sanitized Promsvyazbank filed a lawsuit against the chairman of the board of directors FG "Future" Dmitry Mints, the son of the former owner of the group Boris Mints. Today, the Lefortovo district court held a conversation on this case.

The bank demands to recover $ 20 million from Mints, who acted as a surety under the loan agreement, the judge said. To whom the bank issued a loan, he did not disclose.

Only the representative of Promsvyazbank was present in court, the representative of Mints did not attend the meeting. The businessman is now abroad, he sent a power of attorney to his representatives, but she did not manage to reach them, the familiar Mintsa told the judge, who came to the conversation.

Promsvyazbank declined to comment. "Vedomosti" expect Dmitry Mints's comments. The next hearing will be held on October 17.

Promsvyazbank also has legal claims to the non-governmental pension fund "Future" (it is part of the same-name financial group). The bank in court tries to challenge the transactions that took place on the eve of its readjustment: "The future" and funds of the group "Safmar" on December 14 withdrew from the bank's capital, selling a cumulative stake of 20% on the stock exchange. After that, Promsvyazbank did not return the funds of the "Future" group to its deposits for 13.8 billion rubles. - the management company of these APFs demanded to return the money through the court. At the end of August, a representative of Promsvyazbank informed the court that an amicable agreement could be entered into through a lawsuit on the return of deposits.

In September, O1 Group, Boris Minta, announced that it had transferred control of FG "Future" to Cyprus Riverstretch Trading & Investments (RT & I). Thus, O1 Group settled the debt on the loan of the IBC, the rights to which were ultimately found in RT & I. She also got O1 Properties, one of the largest owners of Moscow real estate.