The Spanish boxer helped the fund of Alexei Navalny

On October 9, the Russian Ministry of Justice announced the inclusion of the Anti-Corruption Fund in the register of “foreign agents”.
The reason for this was the transfer from abroad: on the website of the Ministry of Justice on the FBK card two are indicated - one from the company LLC from the USA and the second from a Spanish citizen named Roberto Fabio Monda Cardenas.

Russian Yuri Maslikhov, the owner of the first door selling company in Florida, USA, confirmed to Open Media that he really transferred $ 50 to FBK because he “was not happy with the situation with corruption in Russia.” Maslikhov also complained that he and his employees were being threatened in connection with this transfer. “I believe that this is a provocation that was being prepared, because it’s impossible to quickly understand what kind of person made the transfer,” he said.

Meduza managed to find the second donor of the Anti-Corruption Fund, due to the transfer of which the organization was declared a “foreign agent”. According to documents published by FBK founder Alexei Navalny on his blog, Roberto Fabio Monda Cardenas made two transfers to FBK through Caixa Bank in Spain: one for 29 thousand 242 rubles and 44 kopecks on September 6 - and another one for 109 thousand 262 rubles and 97 kopecks on September 17.

Two companies are registered in this name in the Spanish registries of legal entities: Moto Auto Monda SL, which sells cars and motorcycles, and the construction company Fabrilad Contratas SL. The first address - house 9 on Francisco Suarez Street in Madrid - is indicated in transfers to the FBK account. The Deutsche Welle correspondent did not find any trace of Cardenas at this address; security guards of the residential complex located here said they had not heard anything about such a company or its owner. The press service of Caixa Bank Meduza reported that they had heard about these transfers from press reports, but they can neither confirm nor deny the fact of their commission under European laws on the protection of bank secrets.

Roberto Fabio Monda Cardenas was found in the Spanish register of persons who received in May 2016 a license to control access to public entertainment events (in other words, a security guard in a club). According to the national identification number (DNI), you can establish that this is the same person who transferred the money to FBK and is the director of two companies in the Spanish registry of legal entities.

In addition, Roberto Monda - he usually appears to be a short version of his name, and indicates the full only in official documents - is professionally engaged in martial arts. “Medusa” found Roberto Mondu on a poster with the announcement of boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai competitions in December 2015. In these competitions, Monda represented the Madrid boxing club Ramos Savin. On YouTube, you can find records of other fights in which Monda participated. In addition, Monda played a cameo role as a judge in a boxing match in the 2006 Spanish film La Distancia (“In the Shadow of a Fighter” at the Russian box office).

Through the coach of the boxing club, which Monda represents in the competition, Medusa managed to contact Roberto Monda himself. When asked whether he made two transfers in favor of FBK in September 2019, Monda confirmed that this was so. However, he found it difficult to answer why he had done this, and could not even pronounce the name of the organization to which he transferred the money. Roberto Monda does not speak Russian, has never been to Russia and, according to him, does not know anyone from Russia, except for a few girls in Spain. He read about FBK in the spring of 2019 in some media (which, he found it difficult to name) and "decided to help the fund with money."

Monda, he said, sent the translations personally through the Caixa bank branch in Madrid, and when asked why he made two transfers with a break of two weeks, he replied that he first wanted to make sure that the transfer really arrived. In response to the question of how his payment receipt could be at the disposal of the Russian REN-TV channel, Roberto Monda was at first silent for a long time, then suggested that his phone could be hacked. He stated that he was very concerned that his personal data was in the Russian media.

It is unclear how Monda could make sure that his first transfer of September 6 did reach the addressee, because FBK’s accounts were seized by the decision of the Basmanny court on the “laundering case” on August 19. FBK Director Ivan Zhdanov told Meduza that they removed the bank details from the site at the same time, in August. To the last question of Medusa, how he managed to find bank details on the FBK website, which exists only in the Russian version, not knowing the Russian language, Roberto Monda did not answer - and stopped communicating with this.