The State Hermitage failed to pass the police examination

After the acceptance of repaired buildings, large-scale embezzlements were revealed. 
Yesterday, the law enforcement officials conducted a series of searches in Moscow and St. Petersburg as part of the case on embezzlement of budget funds allocated for the restoration of the Hermitage buildings. While so far it is known about the theft of 50 million rubles, the police suspect that subcontractors might have stolen billions.

The searches, which involved more than 100 employees of the investigative department of the Russian Interior Ministry and GUEBiPK were held at the Public Procurement work - the reconstruction of the wing of the General Staff building, transferred to the Hermitage in the 80-ies - the Fund's investment and construction projects (FISP). Also, detectives visited the works of the general contractor JSC "Intarsia", the former subcontractor - Moscow OOO "Company" Temp "," in other companies and homes of some leaders of these organizations.

Investigative actions carried out within the framework of the criminal case initiated in August of this year, h. 4 Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud on a large scale). The basis of the case based on the materials of inspections of the Accounting Chamber and GUEBiPK (see. "Kommersant" on August 1). While in one episode of stealing 50 million from 600 million rbl., The selected "Temp" on the organization of work on thecreate glass ceilings of five courtyards, as well as their de-icing equipment and snegotayatelnoy systems. Participants searches yesterday even climbed on the roof of the object to ensure that the equipment is there or not.

However, as told to "Kommersant" informed source close to the investigation, we are in total can go on the theft of at least several billion rubles allocated from the budget for the reconstruction and restoration of the former General Staff.

Manipulations were performed using so-called double contracts. According to the police, "Temp" to enter into contracts with performers of works by a certain amount. After the assignment with organizations to produce calculation, but on the general contractor to pay "Temp" exhibited fake contracts, the amount of which had been overstated for at least three times. At the same time, as noted in the police, the very quality of the work was doubtful. The fact that the suspected participants in the investigation, were migrant workers often work with the use of substandard materials. & Quot; What really lies behind the beautiful surface finish, yet to be established experts "- said the source" b "Now in this case is assigned a number of accounting, construction and technical expertise, the results of which appear in the first suspects and the accused ..

Reconstruction of the Main Staff was conducted from 2008 to 2013, a building was inaugurated in the presence of Minister of Culture and other VIP-persons last week. The project was funded under the agreement of the Russian Federation and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), its implementation took about 15 billion rubles. instead of the originally planned 5 billion.

FISP Director Alexei Vasiliev said that the representatives of the investigation conducted in the fund re-seizure of documents which they have already checked in April this year. "The police was interested in as a competition for the selection of the general contractor is paid for the work, and we know whether companies subcontractors," - said the head of the FISP. He is, in his words, he said that the prime contractor relationship with subcontractors FISP did not touch, and payment genpodryadchiKu made upon work performed in accordance with approved at the conclusion of their contract volumes and prices. The increase is almost three times the initial cost of the project (about 5 billion rubles.), It was agreed the IBRD and the Russian Federation, according to the head of the FISP. He explained that the first stage win, "intarsia" The project envisages reconstruction of a half of thebuildings, and the cost of the contract, taking into account the rules of the World Bank provided the indexation was 6.5 billion rubles. The contract for reconstruction and restoration of the building of the second half provided more jobs than the first, and was made with "Intarsia" for the same price. As a result, taking into account the indexation of the contract value and amounted to about 15 billion rubles.

According to a source "b" in "Intarsia" contract with "Tempo" appears in the case was terminated because of its low quality and delayed implementation. The works had to finish another organization. (All involved in the reconstruction of 300 companies) in bankruptcy court yesterday began consideration of the claim "Intarsia" to "Temp" in the amount of about 100 million rubles.

In theHermitage I stated that the September 6 with the participation of specialists of the preliminary visual inspection of the quality of work in the General Staff did not reveal any violations. As a result, together with representatives of the Ministry of Culture, and FISP "Intarsia" act of construction readiness was signed.