The structure of "Gazprom" presented mother Kabaeva with an apartment for 600 million

The apartment is located in the legendary house of Professor Preobrazhensky from Dog's Heart.
Last week, several scandals flared up again at once related to the encirclement of the country's top. The former president's son-in-law Kirill Shamalov, following the president, began to make excuses for his millions that had fallen from the sky.

Then it became known that the sister of Prime Minister Mishustin divorced her husband, who first made her a billionaire, and now is suspected of money laundering and tax evasion. Then the "Russian press" found out that Alina Kabaeva's mother had a parking space in the club house at 13 Prechistenka Street ... her to come, suggested "Interlocutor" and really found in Lyubov Kabaeva's five-room mansion on the fifth floor in this residential complex.

To 260 square meters of luxury there are attached four-meter ceilings, triangular bay windows, two arched loggias with balustrades ... Everything is expensive and rich. Public areas are decorated with Crema Marfil marble, Venetian plaster, mosaics and precious woods. But the most important thing is the history of the house, which even before October 1917 had the status of an elite: even then there were elevators, sewerage and water supply, so renting a corner there cost up to 3000 rubles a year, which only wealthy people could afford.

On the top floor of the mansion, where the oligarch Leonid Mikhelson is located today, more than a century ago, for example, a representative of the Faberge family lived. After the revolution, the writer Mikhail Bulgakov often dropped in here, since the building was chosen by a group of artists "The Jack of Diamonds". And already in our times a lady appeared here. In 2015, Lyubov Kabaeva, the mother of the Olympic champion, received real estate worth about 600 million rubles in the house of Professor Preobrazhensky.

At the same time, Lyubov Mikhailovna holds the post of president of the Kuntsevo sports complex, and neither her own salary, nor even an indexed pension would have been enough for such a move. The daughter's family probably helped. Or just friends. According to the extract from Rosreestr, the apartment was transferred to Kabaeva's mother through an intermediary from the Teplo-Invest company, associated with Gazprom. So dreams do come true!