The sweet life of Golikova and Khristenko

A million euros for air travel and a golf club in Spain is a story from the life of the family of Viktor Khristenko and Tatiana Golikova.
In 2020, Nanolek received government contracts worth 2.64 billion rubles. Basically - from institutions subordinate to the Ministry of Health, which is supervised by Mrs. Golikova as Deputy Prime Minister. Since 2015, the president of Nanolek has been the son of Viktor Khristenko, Vladimir Khristenko.

The companies of Viktor Kharitonin, a longtime friend of the Khristenko-Golikova family, only on arbidol (a drug that has no proven effectiveness), as calculated by The Insider, earned 6.4 billion rubles in 10 months - thanks to the inclusion of arbidol in the recommendations of the Ministry of Health as a means of treating COVID- 19.

In September 2020, Novaya Gazeta reported in detail about the connections of Bolshoi Pharma with Viktor Khristenko and Tatyana Golikova, as well as who makes money on fuflomycins during the pandemic.

But this is corny. Whether it's golf.

Oasis of sweet life

“The symbol of luxury in Spain”, “an oasis of sweet life on the Costa del Sol”, “striving for elitism and fully reaching it in all moments of life”, “one of the most fashionable places in Europe” ... All this is about the residential complex Sotogrande in the Andalusian municipality of San Roque. Solid luxury. It is there, according to the stories of our informed interlocutors, that the ex-minister and the spouse of the deputy prime minister constantly fly, preferring a 12-seat Bombardier with tail number T7-TAV.

The data on the passengers of the T7-TAV business jet registered in San Marino, which was at the disposal of Novaya Gazeta, confirmed these stories. In the estimated 2019, Viktor Khristenko, according to our data, visited Spain at least 9 times, 3 times accompanied by his wife. Such a round-trip flight, judging by the websites of companies providing business jet rental services, should cost about 50 thousand euros.

This is already almost half a million.

Here is a plane landing at Malaga airport on October 14, 2019. According to registration data, Viktor Khristenko is on board.

Spain, while a clear priority, is no exception. According to the registration data on board, in 2019, Mr. Khristenko also visited France, the United Arab Emirates, Latvia, Turkey, Germany and the domestic Gelendzhik on an airplane with the T7-TAV number. There are at least twenty such flights in total.

Total, by modest standards, only on flights - 1 million euros.

But Spain holds the record for attendance. Viktor Khristenko's interest in Andalusia is quite understandable.

"A little crazy about golf"

In the spring of 2018, Novaya Gazeta already talked about Viktor Khristenko's addiction to golf and the fact that he owned golf clubs in the Moscow region and Peterhof, which occupy hundreds of hectares and cost under 10 billion rubles. The serious expansion of the golf empire in Europe passed the attention of the Russian press, despite the fact that no one was hiding anything.

On the website of the company “Golfestate”, which is solely owned by Mr. Khristenko, in the “Golf clubs” tab, a new link has appeared - San Roque: “Two 18-hole courses. San Roque first opened in 1991 and immediately became one of the most popular clubs in Sotogrande. Along with the Valderrama and Real Club de Sotogrande Old Course, San Roque has become known as the Golden Triangle of Golf. A golf school, restaurant, equestrian club and club house are available. "
The dark side of the hole. After leaving the government, Viktor Khristenko became the owner of golf courses, only the land under which is worth billions of rubles
Publications in the Spanish press went unnoticed. Judging by them, the own funds of the company - the owner of the golf club (fondos propios), acquired by Golfestate, amount to 40 million euros. At the current exchange rate - about 3.5 billion rubles. The amount of the deal is unknown. Explaining how Russian golf clubs ended up in his ownership (more precisely, in the ownership of the companies controlled by him), Mr. Khristenko in 2018 referred to the fact that he had acquired them "at face value."

Victor Khristenko:
“All the shares I acquired in Russian companies, the data on which, like my and my wife's income, are public information, were acquired at a nominal value, which is significantly less than my personal income recently. The net assets of these companies, taking into account debts, encumbrances and operating losses, are negative, so their value is incomparably lower than the figure named in the question. "

San Roque “including debts, encumbrances and operating losses” - 40 million euros.

In addition, the Spanish media reported on the acquisition of a mansion by the Golikova-Khristenko couple “in the El Mirador residential complex, in the exclusive La Reserva, owned by Sotogrande SA”, worth about 10 million euros. However, according to the Spanish real estate registry, neither Khristenko nor Golikov as individuals own real estate in the kingdom.

Of course, the golf club was purchased not by Mr. Khristenko, but by a legal entity. But let's remember the words of Viktor Khristenko two and a half years ago.

Victor Khristenko:
“I don't know of a single golf club in the country that is profitable. The named golf clubs are still in the operating minus. (...) I do not receive dividends from participation in golf projects ”.

The financial statements, according to SPARK-Interfax, confirm the words of Viktor Khristenko.

In 2017, Golf Estate Management Company showed a loss of 1.2 million rubles, in 2018 - a profit of 190 thousand rubles, in 2019 - a loss of 71 thousand rubles. The company owns stakes in Terus LLC and Medana LLC, which made a profit in 2018, but were unprofitable in 2017 and 2019.

In general, over the past three years, Terus has lost 750 million rubles,
Medana - 160 million

Sport Prodzheks LLC, in which Mr. Khristenko has a 20% share (the rest - from the Cypriot offshore), in 2017 showed a profit of 70.3 million rubles, but in 2018 and 2019 - losses of 3.3 and 7.3 million rubles, respectively.

GolfState LLC, in which Mr. Khristenko is the only participant, after a slight loss in 2017, in 2018 and 2018 worked profitably - 1.8 and 5.9 million rubles, but on the scale of the ex-Deputy Prime Minister, this is not serious: a couple of flights to the golf club.

LLC Lifeinvest: in 2017 - a profit of 4 million, but already in 2018 - a loss of 807 thousand, and in 2019 - minus 13.1 million rubles.

OOO STK: within three years - a stable annual loss of 870-880 thousand rubles.

Official data reported by Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova: in 2019, her annual income was 14.9 million rubles, the income of her husband Viktor Khristenko - 51.5 million rubles. In total, at the most favorable euro rate for 2019 (a little less than 63 rubles) - almost exactly one million euros (about the same amount should have cost only the air travel of the spouses).

Perhaps personal savings were used. But this does not correspond to the official data in any way.

Viktor Khristenko, according to his official biography, spent almost his entire life in the civil service. In 1979 he graduated from the Chelyabinsk Polytechnic and, as he began his career as an engineer, until 2012 he worked on the state path and worked, having risen to the rank of Minister of Industry and Trade. According to publicly available data, all the business projects of the ex-minister are big golf, which, as Mr. Khristenko himself claims, never brings any income to anyone.
Tatyana Golikova was not seen in business either: Research Institute of the State Committee for Labor, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Health and Social Development, presidential aide, chairman of the Accounts Chamber, Deputy Prime Minister.
The family's anti-corruption declarations are publicly available.

There is no income to justify the emergence of a Spanish golf club from the Golden Triangle in 2019.

Vice Prime Minister vs. Mayor

Questions about air travel and their cost, as well as about the acquisition of a Spanish golf club were promptly sent to Viktor Khristenko, until now, the editorial office has not received a response.

The request sent to Tatyana Golikova received a response from the secretariat of the Deputy Prime Minister. It turned out that Mr. Khristenko's company did not buy the golf club, but only “manages the Spanish golf club specified in the request, and also provides it with consulting services to attract investments. However, the company has never acquired ownership of this club. "

The Spanish registry seems to agree with Tatyana Golikova. The San Roque Golf Club is owned by the Spanish company Asahi Kanko SA (previously it belonged to the Japanese), since 2019, according to official data, the only shareholder of the company is the Cypriot company Krosalter Enterpises Ltd with a Cypriot nominee head. Ivan Ziborov (former member of the board of directors of the Pestovo golf club and Pestovo yacht club) has been appointed the sole executive body of Asahi Kanko SA. Ltd said literally:

"Perhaps I find it difficult to answer."

The real owner of Asahi Kanko SAU, hiding behind a Cypriot offshore, is formally unknown. El Confidencial, Spain, told that Golf Estates acquired all the shares of Asahi Kanko SAU, referred to its own sources in the San Roque golf club. We admit that Novaya Gazeta has no connections there. But we can openly refer to the mayor of San Roque and to the English amateur golf champion Stephen Dundas. Judging by the report of the website, in April 2019, representatives of the new owner spoke to the members of the San Roque club - Stephen Dundas, appointed COO of the club, and Dmitry Kozachenko, General Director of GolfState.