The temple of the Ministry of Defense breaks records for high cost

The amount of public procurement for the construction of the main temple of the Armed Forces in the Patriot Park is 6 billion rubles.
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The main temple of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, which is being built on donations at the initiative of Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, should be opened in the Patriot park near Moscow by May 9. Officially, it is said that 3 billion of donations collected, but managed to detect purchases for the project by about 6 billion. Some of them recorded a sharp increase in prices, in one case the contract price increased 82 times. Contractors interviewed by compare the scale of construction with the Crimean bridge and talk about the "revival of the spiritual culture of Russia." The anti-corruption organization Transparency International - Russia believes that supervisory authorities could have complaints about public procurement procedures.

95-meter temple complex with a photo of Father Putin

The Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, Army General Sergei Shoigu personally supervises the construction of the temple on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, the idea of ​​which he first voiced publicly in 2018. The last time Shoigu, accompanied by the media, was there in late January.

- Is the backlight resolved here? - Shoigu with a serious expression on his face examines the facade of the temple.

“Of course, a single highlight of the whole complex,” they quickly respond.

Shoigu nods.

The enthusiastic story of “Russia 24” shows several unique, according to the channel, objects of the temple complex: the largest image of the face of Christ in the world in the format of a mosaic measuring 300 square meters (the craftsmen assembled it for four months), as well as a room with a font, the walls of which were made entirely from china.

The height of the temple, according to the project, will be 95 meters, the height of the belfry - 75 meters in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory. The diameter of the drum of the main dome is 19.45 meters in honor of the year the war ended.

Together with the main temple, according to Shoigu, a branch of the Central Museum of the Armed Forces with the historical and memorial complex “Memory Road” will be opened. In the gallery with a length of 1 418 steps - according to the number of days of the war - there will be about 15 million photographs of veterans. Now families can upload photos of their relatives who participated in the war to a special site from which information for the gallery is expected to be collected. Open Media found pictures of Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin in the database of photographs already collected, his biographical data coincide with those of the father of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Cyril, approved the official name of the temple at the end of last week. Now it is the Patriarchal Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church in the name of the Resurrection of Christ - the main temple of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Without an open competition and a sharp increase in prices

The Ministry of Defense has repeatedly said that the church is being built on donations. To collect them in the summer of 2018, the Resurrection Fund was established. On February 7, the Zvezda channel, citing the fund’s director general, Alexander Kanshin, reported that more than 3 billion 21 million rubles in donations were collected. According to him, the money transferred "hundreds of thousands of Russians and citizens of other countries."

However, on the public procurement website posted information on 128 contracts related to the construction of the temple, for a much larger amount - about 6 billion rubles. About 70 contractors were selected. In all cases, we are talking about procurement from a single supplier, and customers in all contracts, except for one, are the subordinate Ministry of Defense of the FSAI "Property Management of Special Projects" and JSC "Main Directorate of the Arrangement of Troops". An exception was the purchase, in which the Moscow University of Civil Engineering signed a contract for the manufacture of a model of the temple for 320 thousand rubles. The purchase from a single supplier is explained, in particular, by the special provision of the Federal State Autonomous Institution, which states that this is possible if "the products are purchased through donations."

The lack of an open tender for the selection of contractors led to the fact that in most cases the details of contracts were not disclosed on the public procurement website. In some cases, information on contractors was not indicated, in most cases the terms of reference were not published.

In individual contracts, price increases are striking. So in the case of the development of documentation for the “installation of a system for attaching decorative facade facades” and the implementation of the “installation of a ventilated facade” contract value increased from 13.5 million rubles to 1.11 billion rubles. Contractor information not published. The price of "design and survey works and construction and installation works" for the installation of the foundation increased from 620 million rubles to 1.45 billion rubles. The contractor is also not specified. The cost of “installation and commissioning of internal electric and low-voltage networks”, which is carried out by In-Pro, increased from 123.5 million rubles to 206.7 million rubles.

There were lower prices. For example, ten times - from 100 million rubles to 10 million rubles - in the case of "procurement of products for the implementation of the project." The contractor for this purchase is Pro Vostok (the main owner is Leroy Merlin). Price reductions occurred in almost all cases when the customer was the Main Directorate for the Arrangement of Troops. True, often the decrease in the amount was insignificant. So, the price of the contract with the House of Metal company was reduced by 10 thousand rubles to 1.93 million rubles. It is interesting that the name of the procurement object completely duplicates the above-mentioned names of "design and survey works and construction and installation works" on the foundation device. The terms of reference are not published either in this case or in the previous one, therefore it is impossible to understand what the difference is between the documents on the public procurement website.

"Project of national importance" as the Crimean bridge

One of the latest purchases published last week concerns “the manufacture, delivery and installation of religious products”. The contract is executed by LLC Sofrino Art and Production Enterprise of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) for 264.1 million rubles. Moscow Trade House "Dikart" is engaged in decorating the premises with "gypsum products" for 37.7 million rubles. Director of the company Oleg Serebrennikov publishes Vkontakte reports on work. “The main dome. We are preparing for a difficult and responsible installation. The average height of the elements of the main drum is one and a half meters. Soon we will supplement this beautiful mosaic panel with our products, and it will be as it should, ”he wrote on February 5. He did not respond to's request for comment.

Director of VMV Firm LLC Vyacheslav Vedeneev told that the company has been engaged in the restoration and construction of churches since 1990. Including the company participated in the restoration of the Kazan Cathedral on Red Square. In total, according to Vedeneev, about 150 projects. “We have been busy reviving the spiritual culture of Russia all our lives,” he said. Vedeneyev said that he learned about the project of the main temple of the Armed Forces two years ago, and, "taking into account experience and reputation," WWII offered its ideas in the design. “After that, we were invited as contractors,” he said. The government procurement website says that WWW is engaged in "construction and installation work on the installation of snow melting trays with a roof covering device" for 14.9 million rubles. “Our task is roofing. In part, we have already finished, ”Vedeneyev concluded.
The significance of the construction of the temple is comparable with the project of the Crimean bridge, said Dmitry Dudarev, director of Integrated Solutions LLC. For 46.6 million rubles, this company is engaged in the supply and installation of lamps. “This is a landmark project, a project of national significance,” Dudarev told According to him, his company, in particular, supplies about 330-340 street lamps for the project.

“The construction timeline is heroic,” he stressed. Dudarev, said how recently at a meeting of contractors, the construction director made an inspiring speech.

“He talked about how our grandfathers accomplished the feat of victory in the Great Patriotic War, so we accomplish the feat by building a temple in the name of our ancestors in such a short time,” he said.

He did not want to discuss in detail the process of selecting contractors for the construction of the temple, saying only that it was “difficult work”. In his case, according to Dudarev, the customer requested prices from several suppliers.

"The legalized mechanism for circumventing contests"

The Resurrection Fund, at the request of, said that “the estimated cost of construction is constantly changing downward,” because “many enterprises and organizations provide machinery, equipment, building materials absolutely free of charge, and donations to the Temple are made not only individually, but also by whole collectives, thanks to which hundreds of thousands of people are already participating in the construction of the Temple. ” Now, according to the foundation, the construction of the temple has entered its final phase, "work is underway on its decoration."

The non-governmental organization for the fight against corruption, Transparency International Russia, noted that although there are no violations of the law, there are some oddities in government procurements for building a temple that could attract the attention of supervisory agencies. “Firstly, this is the use of institutions subordinate to the Ministry of Defense, which allows us not to conduct open competitions, but instead to purchase products from a single supplier in accordance with Federal Law-223. In fact, this is a legalized mechanism for circumventing open competitions, ”says Ilya Shumanov, deputy director of Transparency International Russia. Just a purchase from a single supplier and allows you to legally not publish the details of the terms of reference and other information about the contract.

The second point that the expert draws attention to is the fragmentation of purchases. Usually, according to him, the state customer determines as part of such large-scale projects a general contractor, who, in turn, works with subcontractors. “A large number of contractors with small amounts of work, as well as sharp increases in prices, are all signs that indicate anomalies in procurement that require attention and study,” he concluded.