The tests of Putin's miracle weapons ended in failure

Allegedly the already created missile with a nuclear engine on the test range flew just 2 kilometers, and the engine did not start at all. The presence of such missiles, Russian President Vladimir Putin told in March this year.
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Tests of the Russian cruise missile with a nuclear power plant, the creation of which President Vladimir Putin announced in a message to the Federal Assembly, ended in failure.

According to CNBC, this conclusion was reached by US intelligence specialists who prepared a confidential report for the US administration.

The rocket, which has been working on since the early 2000s, was tested four times between November and February, and in all cases the tests were unsuccessful, CNBC sources said.

The longest test flight of the rocket, which was called "Burevestnik" following the results of the voting, arranged by the Ministry of Defense, lasted about two minutes. The rocket flew 22 miles, or 35 km, after which the control over it was lost.

The shortest test lasted only four seconds - the missile flew no more than 8 km.

During the tests, the nuclear power plant did not work, according to US intelligence: it should begin work only after the rocket rises into the air with the help of another engine.

Tests were conducted under the pressure of Kremlin officials and despite objections from designers warning that the system was not yet ready, CNBC sources said.

The failure, according to the television channel, was also completed third series of tests of another Russian development - hypersonic rockets with a nuclear power plant "Avangard". The next test is scheduled for the summer of 2018.

Recall, on March 1 during a message to the Federal Assembly, Vladimir Putin with the help of a cartoon video showed the novelties of Russian weapons that were created as part of the state program, which cost 20 trillion rubles over the past 10 years.

Among them were Avangard, a hypersonic missile Dagger, an intercontinental ballistic missile RS-28 Sarmat. According to Putin, missile defense (ABM) systems are "useless and simply pointless" in the fight against new Russian missiles.

He also recalled that, according to Russia's military doctrine, Russia reserves the right to strike a nuclear strike on the attacking countries, even in the case of a non-nuclear attack, if the very existence of the state is threatened.