The trial of a former billionaire, Forbes hero, started in Yekaterinburg

The businessman is already serving his time at the request of German Gref. Now he is put on trial for the bankruptcy of the Ural assets. 
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In Yekaterinburg to participate in criminal proceedings convoyed ex-billionaire, a member of Russian ratings of the rich, which the federal media reported as a promising businessman implementing megaproject in low energy. But in 2012, Alexander Stepanov from the perspective of a talented businessman turned into a prisoner, was sentenced to 4.5 years of imprisonment. The initiator of the criminal case was German Gref personally. Now Stepanova began to judge on the new case in Yekaterinburg, where he was one of its major assets. Details - in material.

Ordzhonikidze district of Yekaterinburg court began its consideration of the criminal case against the "Energomash" Holding owner Alexander Stepanov, is now serving time in the form of 4.5 years' imprisonment. As told one of the victims in the case - Yekaterinburg businessman Vitaly Shemyakin, criminal proceedings instituted on the fact of premeditated bankruptcy JSC "Uralelectrotyazhmash - Uralhydromash" - one of the assets of the holding. in court on December 13 held a preliminary meeting at which it was proposed to examine the casein a special manner. With this agreed Stepanova and lawyers, and representatives of the major lenders - Sberbank and tax authorities. Vitaly Shemyakin - against. He believes that in this case Stepanov be able to get a term below the lower limit. In addition, it Priplyusuet to punishment (deadline), which he is serving, and ultimately Stepanov actually go unpunished.

According Shemyakin, Stepanova was transferred to Ekaterinburg. Shortly before his lawyers petitioned for early release. Vitaly Shemyakin not exclude the possibility that the accused may also fall under the amnesty.

The story described the arrest Stepanova federal media. In 2011, according to "Vedomosti", Stepanov was arrested right in the office of the Savings Bank, where he had gone to negotiate a debt restructuring. Previously part of the holding "GT-TEC Energo" in the Savings Bank received a loan of 17.5 billion rubles. According to German Gref, then it opened a criminal case of fraud at 12.7 billion rubles. According to the publication, in a crisis, Sberbank refused to debt restructuring and demanded to transfer the assets to a thirdtrukturu. Stepanov in response attempted to hold a "restructuring" of assets already in their own interests, but failed. Now there is the bankruptcy of companies "Energomash", and in this bankruptcy Sberbank - the largest creditor.

Bankruptcy proceedings reached the stage of bankruptcy proceedings. According to Vitaly Shemyakin, formerly the property "Uralelectrotyazhmash - Uralhydromash" I could not do anything because it was arrested. Now the arrest lifted, and the liquidator can evaluate and implement. But Vitaly Shemyakin afraid that is unlikely to recoup their losses. "Remstroymash" LLC, the director of which is Vitali Shemyakin, doing work for JSC "Uralelectrotyazhmash-Uralhydromash", but the money from the company that produces equipment, including nuclear power plants, not received.

Proving debt in Sverdlovsk Arbitration "Remstroymash" received the writ to recover from the company more than 63 million rubles. The information that the debtor's account at Promsvyazbank some money (more than 60 million rubles), Vitaly Shemyakin learned blGodard sources and hurried to get the money, but could not - when He came to the bank with the writ of execution, the bank gave him back the sheet unenforced, citing the incompleteness of the submitted documents, in particular the absence of documents confirming the powers of Shemyakin, and the lack of data on the claimant's place of state registration . But, as established within the court, the decision on the return of the writ of execution was not accepted by the bank illegally. Later, the money in the account was gone. Businessman passed all the courts won them, but the funds have not returned. Now he is a victim in a criminal case on deliberate bankruptcy "Uralelectrotyazhmash-Uralhydromash".

Open sources report that this may not be the last case against Stepanova. One of the cases initiated at the request of Kazakhstan's BTA Bank, which had previously issued a "Energomash" credit in the amount of $ 365 million. Moreover, Stepanov was sentenced to two years the English Court and the international wanted list.

Meanwhile, just a few years before the crisis, Stepanov was considered one of the most perspektive of Russian businessmen. In 2005, Forbes wrote about him as a 40-year-old businessman "with glowing eyes", which talked about the prospects for its project to build a small gas turbine CHP - in contrast to obsolete and uneconomical boilers running on fuel oil. Under this project and undertook a multibillion-dollar loans from banks. "Finance" magazine included it in its rankings of the richest Russian businessmen. Thus, the "Finance" in 2006 put him on the 137-th top billionaires, estimating his fortune at 9.1 billion rubles.