The US rap-battle between Oxxxymiron and Dizaster

"The main rap battle of the year" was held in Los Angeles on the night of October 15/16, Moscow time; Russian rapper Oxxxymiron competed against American Dizaster. The battle was held without judges, so the organizers did not announce the official winner.
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Oxxxymiron was the first Russian-speaking rapper in the history of the popular in the US World Domination tournament. The World Domination tournament, which hosted the Battle, organizes the Canadian playground King of the Dot. The Russian rapper read in English. By his own admission, he wrote the text of the battle in a week and "has not received a long time from writing such a buzz". "The largest show in the history of hip-hop" was eventually devoted to Russian-American relations, stereotypes about countries, conflicts in the Middle East, the arms race and the conquest of outer space.

On the eve of the Battle of Dizaster, who is known for his racist pancakes, he uploaded pictures of Kalashnikovs, a bottle of vodka, Soviet rubles, clothes with Soviet symbols, matryoshkas and Cheburashka with a note in Russian.

Oxxxymiron has published an appeal to Russian-speaking fans who came to support him in the hall. The performer asked them to respect other people's culture and "listen to what is being said," so as not to come out with "blind support." And the organizer of the Russian site Versus Battle Restaurateur (Alexander Timartsev) honestly admitted that he hardly understands anything. "LA 31 degrees." Morning. "Roasting." It's time to shave my head and move forward! I'll make a noise like the last time. "Although I do not understand almost anything," wrote the Restaurateur on Twitter.

The meeting of the two best performers of the genre, as the organizers call them, became the seventh battle of the evening. Before him leading joked about vodka, Russian girls and reasoned that Russians in the hall 70-80 percent. Let jokes about the upcoming event of the day and some performers. For example, the rapper b-dot, who read about the problems of the black population, recalled that the main event of the evening was "the battle between Russia and the US - the two countries that have to deal with Black's problems." "***** mudak, otvali, suka", read another rapper Iron Solomon. The presenter even suggested that he raised the topic of Russia in order to please the Russian-speaking crowd.

In the intervals between the performances, the presenters were amazed that so many people gathered in the hall only for the sake of two people. "It's amazing. This has never happened, "- said the rapper MarvWon, who was leading in the hall. "We can predict what Dizaster is capable of, but Oxy ... We saw his performances, but did not really understand them. He is educated, fluent in English, Oxy is a monster, he understands the context. The question is whether he understands the language enough to convey all the nuances to the crowd, "the speakers said. At the same time, they agreed that "the Russians in the crowd are ready to support Oxy for no reason, and it may not look good on the camera." "He has such support here that Oksimiron can come out and say anything, and everyone will go crazy. I did not see this at any event, "the leaders said, admitting that Oxxxymiron himself was against" blind support. "

Battle of Oxxxymiron and Dizaster began at 6.00 Moscow time. In total, the organizers sold 1,400 tickets, costing an average of $ 50. Paid broadcast was available on the site site for $ 30, during the day the organizers promised to put it on YouTube with Russian subtitles. "Vladimir Putin will achieve that the battle came out tomorrow," the jokes joked.

Was it possible for the Russian TV channel "TV-3" to agree on a show, it remained unclear until the last moment. The channel promised that it would show the battle the next day, the organizers denied it, explaining that they could not reach an agreement.

"Real International Debate"

Oxxxymiron went out into the circle for the chanting of the crowd "Oxy" and "Come on, Myron", Dizaster appeared under "Livin 'on a prayer" Bon Jovi, shook hands with the audience and confessed his love for Russia. During the technical hitch before the start of the battle, both artists joked, smiled and behaved with each other very friendly. "In ***** politics, we have a real international debate. The largest show in the history of hip-hop, "- shouted the presenter and gave the floor to rappers.

The first to start Dizaster, who devoted a round of stereotypes about Russia, puncham about the arms race and the space program. "At first I was surprised that you were all here, but then I realized the obvious: you are all Communists, therefore, most likely, live in the same house", - Dizaster read about a large number of Russians among the audience.

"I was warned that if I try to go against the Russians, I will lose. Are you joking? Look at me? I like Hillary Clinton, "continued the rapper. "We can use the rap-battles to conduct diplomatic negotiations with these hooligans," he joked, finishing the round with a phrase about 7000 nuclear warheads in Russia ("What are you going to do with them?") And a space conquest program in which, according to him In words, Russia is hopelessly behind.

"Tell me, the American, what is the strength?" - began the first round of Oxxxymiron, who after the panchee about his success turned to the topic of Arab origin Dizaster. "How does it feel to keep a flag covered in the blood of your people," Oxxxymiron read, hinting at US military campaigns in the Middle East.

"You want to see my country on fire, all that awaits you is organized crime", Oxxxymiron read with an exaggerated Russian accent, adding that he did not like neither the Russian government nor the US attempts to "normalize the world." "I will turn Mount Rushmore into a mother Russia," Oxxxymiron concluded.

In response, Dizaster again devoted punchy to stereotypes about Russia and joked that Oximiron did not come here because it was "not the best position to be in" (The words "to be put in").

"The shit that you say on the battles, we're talking in real life," said Oksimiron, who dedicated the second round to a story about Arab culture, ending with the panchem "if you do not respect your culture, why should I do it." In this round the Russian rapper told about the poet Samuel Marshak and remembered Stalin and Lenin.

Part of the third round Dizaster read in Russian, and he consisted entirely of insults. As a result, the crowd, consisting mainly of Russian speakers, began to whistle several times. Dizaster also compared Oxxxymiron to the Linkin Park lead by Chester Bennington, after which he apologized, because joking about the subject was "too early."

In the final round, Oxxxymiron pointed out to Dizaster that he does not deal with music, and among his dozen tracks there are only three songs, the rest are records of battles. After that, Oskymon promised that he would come to the Dizaster show "like a shooter from Las Vegas", which caused discontent among the crowd.

The last verse Oxxxymiron devoted "preaching", as he himself called it. "I stand here to say something more important ... This does not look like the beginning of a great friendship, but the words have the potential to heal these slowly dying Arab-Israeli, Russian-American relations," Oxxxymiron read. "I saw this in Russia and in Ukraine, as two fraternal nations clashed under the tune of the people upstairs," he continued.

"I think the battle-rap can be something more than just rhymes and pancakes," Oxxxymiron concluded.