The villa of the oligarch Mazepin in Sardinia was arrested

Dmitry and Nikita Mazepin own a $105 million villa in Sardinia through a corporate venture, according to the Italian Financial Guard. This asset is frozen.
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In Italy, a residential property complex owned by the former co-owner of Uralchem, Dmitry Mazepin, and his son, former Formula 1 driver Nikita, who fell under Western sanctions, has been seized, according to the Corriere della Sera newspaper and the Rai television and radio company.

This measure was initiated by the Italian Financial Guard, the villa is located in the city of Portisco in the province of Sassari in northern Sardinia, its cost is estimated at $ 105 million. The financial police considered that the residential complex belongs to a foreign company, which is owned by the Mazepins through their "foreign corporate enterprise".

The corresponding decision was made by the Italian department after an investigation into the identification of economic assets that belong to persons from the sanctions list.

European countries introduced sanctions against Dmitry and Nikita Mazepin on March 9. The list included Russian entrepreneurs and their relatives who “provide support and benefit from the government of the Russian Federation or provide it with a significant source of income.” Later, the European Union clarified that restrictive measures against these individuals were introduced after a meeting of businessmen with Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 24.

The Kremlin called this move "banditry at the international level" and "the collapse of private property and private business." “As for the practice of meetings, of course, these are entrepreneurs who do business, make investments, create jobs, develop technologies on the territory of our country. Of course, the dialogue with the authorities will continue, including with the president,” commented Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Russian president.